United States              tPA 735-F--95-006
tnvtronmental Protection    OctoBer 19B6

Prevention, Pesticides,
and Toxic Substances (7506C)


                                                  «Step* to Prot«et YburMll tt®m PMrtidAw
At work, pesticides can be on
            in soil

         otJ iho ij


                                                 • St»p§ to Protect YowMlf trow PwtiddM
               drift from
i  *

                                                    • Stop* to Protect Yourself from
6        to protect yourself
if §

                                            • Steps to Protect Youmtf from Pesticides
Follow directions and
obey signs.  Stay out of
restricted areas.

                                             * Steps to Protect Tour««II from Pesticides
C2> Wash your hands and face
           you eat, drink,
    chew gum or tobacco.
2"  "v  9 ** *•


                                                  «Step* to Proitct YourMlf from PMtttetdM
      your        before you
use the
 .            r\  7 » a>
               ~  ~ '"

                                             • Stapi to ProtMt YoimuMf from PMttetdM
Wear work clothes that
protect your body from
                   hat or scarf
long-sleeved shirt

                                    shoes and socks


                                         «Stops to Protect Yourself Irom Pesticide*
     work, shower or
     your body with soap
          and shampoo
your      Then put on

                                            • Stops to Protaci VnirMlf train
Wash your work clothes
separately from other
clothes before wearing
them again.


                                                   »Sttps to Protect ¥s»urs««: front PMtictdn
(S>  If a pesticide is spilled or
     sprayed on you, wash it off
     right away with clean
        *  *             su

Shower or wash yourself with
soap     water, shampoo your
hair, and put on clean clothes
as soon as possible.
                                              > Steps to Protect Yourseif from Pesticides

                                                     »Steps to Protect Yonn«if Iran Pesticides
Within 5 days more training
in                  will be
       to you.
              £. an

For more information, contact the Slate l-cati
Agency in your area or (he EPA Regional Ofike
nearest you,

 iJ 1 4*1 w *i n ?« c s o W*BJ mi ,
Region 1 (MA, CT, RI, NH, VT. ME)
  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Region I
  Pesticides and Toxic Substances Branch (APT)
  I t.ongrtsj* M,
  Boston, MA 022(13              {61"7) f>6V32"3

Region 2 (NY N.J. PR. VI)
  U.S. Fnvironmcnul Protection Agency, Kegion 2
  PCKticitles and Toxic Substances Branch
  2«W Wnodbridge Ave , Building #10
  EdKoa. NJ
Ecgion 5 (PA, MO, VA, VTV DE»
  I' S HnvtFonmvntal Proieoion Agency, Region 3
  Toxic's and Pesticides Branch (3AT-W)
  «•*! ("hestnut Building
  Philadelphia, PA 1910"          (215) 597-8598
Region H ((.A. NC. SO, AI , MS, KY, HI., TN)
  I' S BiwtrtMiincntiiS Protection <\g*"nry. Kcgitm 'I
  ^>e,'.t^cid^^ and 'Ibvc Substances Branch
  (l AP'I-MO)
  5^'i> < uuriiand Si. N E
  Atlanta. CJA .30365              ( i()-0 3-i'7-'>2lll
Region 5 (IL. MI, MN, IN, Oil, WI)
  I'.S Environmental Protiction Agency, Region S
  Pesticides anil Toxic Substance* Branrfi (5SPT)
  7-7 Wj.itteon Blvd.
  C hicago, 1 L b«WM              (312) 8S(v600h

Region 6 (TX, OK, AK, 1A, NM)
  I .h. tinvtnmmentaJ Protection Agency. Region 6
  Pesticide1*, and Toxics Branch  (6T-P)
  144S RoSh Avc.
  Dallas,, TX 7S202-2~33          (21 -i) 6SS-7235

Region 7 (MO, KS, IA. NB)
  I'.S. limimnmental Protection Agency, Hcgion ~*
  Toxics and Pcsik-idcs Branch  (TOPE)
  726 Minnesota Art-
  Kansas City, KJJ Mtlflt           (913) 551-^020
                EPA Regional O_ffiee$ cemtftiaeel cm

EPA Regional Offices/continued.
Region 8 (CO, MT, NIX SD, I IT, WY>
  I'.S. Environmental Protection \gency, Region 8
  Toxic Substances Branch (8AKT-TS)
  One Denver Place, Suite 500
  "5 Hawthorne Si
  San Francis.cu. CA 9-ild'S       (-1 IS| "1 i-
Kegion 1O CftA, OK. I», AK)
  li S £iwironnit'ntiil Priitcctuin Agency, Region It)
  F'cMKifk-s. and TOMC Suhstanti-s Branch I
  1 201) Sixth Avc
  Seattle. WAVK 101              (21)6) S5