The benefits of sharing our solutions to
global issues cannot be overstated, and the
pooling  of  our  collective  wisdom
strengthens us all.
 - Merni Fitzgerald, former Chair of the NorthernVirginia Regional
   Commission and participant in an exchange with Stuttgart, Germany
Sample Resources from the Gateway
The online library gathers together the major international Web
sites concerning environmental best practices. The following are a
few examples of the resources found in the Gateway:
       International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
   (ICLEI) Information Clearinghouse
   An international  association of local governments that
   implement sustainable development in their regions. The site
   provides policy guidance, training and technical assistance, a
   database of case studies and consultancy services.
       Canada's Water Efficiency Experiences Database
   A searchable database developed by the Canadian Water and
   Wastewater Association and Environment Canada that contains
   over 170 conservation projects from across Canada.
       European Union LIFE Database
   A searchable database of the over 2,000 innovative pilot projects
   funded by the EU  financial instrument for the environment
   since 1992; includes case studies, reports, and research.
       United Nations Best Practices Database
   A searchable database with over 1600 practices from 140 coun-
   tries demonstrating practical ways in which diverse sectors work
   together to improve governance; eradicate poverty; provide
   housing, land and basic services; protect the environment; and
   support economic development.
 The car-share program allows participants to drive company-
 owned cars whenever they wish at a low cost. With 4,000 mem-
 bers, Berlin hosts one of Germany's most popular  car-sharing
 programs. Users call to reserve, then walk to one of 40 stations
 around town to retrieve the car. (Courtesy of Mark Gibb/NVRC)
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We hope these resources prove useful to you, and we are continually
expanding the range of topics and resources provided on the site.
Please assist us in this endeavor and contact us if you have questions,
comments, concerns, or innovations and experiences to share.
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        National Center for Environmental Innovation
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                                                                Gateway to...
                                                                                                                 Global Online Library of Environmental Best Practices


                     Gate  way   to...
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Center for
Environmental Innovation (NCEI) promotes new ways to achieve
better environmental results. A critical component of the innovation
process involves researching  the lessons learned  of previous
innovators. Through the online Gateway to International
Environmental Innovations, NCEI introduces the first global library
of its kind, featuring programs,  guidelines, databases,  case studies,
publications, and institutional and government Web sites. The
Gateway gathers international  best practices both in traditional
environmental issue areas, such as
water and air,  as well as in cross-
cutting  approaches,  such   as
environmental management systems
and smart growth. Furthermore, the
site highlights research and exchange
opportunities   that     allow
professionals  to  study  these
initiatives first hand.
We hope the  Gateway proves
inspirational   and  useful  for
government bodies, businesses, and
nongovernmental organizations
alike as they seek out their own
innovative solutions to challenging
environmental problems.
Redevelopment trans-
formed this old indus-
trial site  into a public
recreation facility  in
Zollverein, Germany.
The Gateway provides links to the following resources:
        Key Resources for International Learning
   These are ten to fifteen major international online resources
   on environmental innovation, from journals and  databases
   to institutional and intergovernmental Web sites.
        Innovation in Environmental Issue Areas
   The United States and many other countries have traditionally
   addressed environmental issues by topic area. Information
   on international innovations specific to each thematic area is
   grouped accordingly:
         Air and Climate Change
         Chemicals and Toxic Substances
        Innovative Multi-Media Approaches
   Many environmental challenges span multiple fields and must
   be addressed through cross-cutting approaches, such as:
          Environmental Management Systems
          Industrial Ecology, Eco-Efficiency and Cleaner
          Sustainable Transportation and Mobility Management
          Urban Management, Sustainable Development and
          Smart Growth
                                                                                          Ponds  and  fountains gather
                                                                                          stormwater in  the  district of
                                                                                          Marne de Vallee, just outside of
                                                                                          Paris, France.
                              International Partnership
                          NCEI gathered reports from states,
                          regions and local governments that,
                          in their desire to solve environmental
                          challenges, had sought out innovation
                          through international exchange. This
                          page is a compilation of their
                          experiences,  and  the methodology,
                          lessons learned and intiatives taken
                          as aresult of the exchange.
                              Opportunities for Individual and
                          Group Exchanges
                          This section lists fellowship  and
    funding opportunities for short- and long-term research abroad
    for professionals and students.
        International Program Evaluation
    This page provides links to program evaluation organizations
    and resources from around the world that assist innovators in
    asessing pilots and programs.
Cover Photos Top left: storm water collection field for an apartment and park-
ing lot complex, Augustenborg, Denmark; Top right: bike lanes separated from
main traffic, Copenhagen, Denmark; Bottom left: green roof on a gas station,
Eckenforde, Germany; Bottom right: an artistic storm water collection drainage
pool, Emscher, Germany.