United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Solid Waste
And Emergency Response
(5401 G)
EPA 510-F-02-010
June 2002
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 Underground Storage

 Tanks  And Brown fields  Sites
                                                     SOUTH CAROLINA/Greenville
 EPA's US Tfields Initiative funds states and tribes to conduct pilot projects in brownfields communities to assess and clean up petroleum
 contamination from federally-regulated underground storage tanks (USTs) at idle or abandoned commercial properties. Petroleum
 contamination has generally been excluded from funding under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and
 Liability Act (CERCLA) and has not, therefore, been covered under EPA's Brownfields Program. In 2002, EPA's Office of Underground
 Storage Tanks (OUST) competitively selected 40 state and tribal USTfields Pilots. In each pilot, the state will work with a local
 community or the tribe will work with its EPA Region to address identified sites.  Each pilot is awarded up to $100,000 of Leaking
 Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Trust funds to assess and clean up petroleum-contaminated sites; as a result, the sites will be ready
 for future reuse.

 The State of South Carolina will work with the City of
 Greenville to perform site assessments and conduct
 corrective action at six properties west of downtown
 Greenville  with  known  or suspected  petroleum
 contamination from underground storage tanks. The West
 Greenville/Reedy River Corridor, which includes over 3,000
 acres along the Reedy River, is in the center of the City of
 Greenville's Brownfields Assessment Pilot study area. The
 city is developing  a revitalization plan for the West
 Greenville neighborhood and, in partnership with Greenville
 County and Clemson University, is developing  a master
 plan fora 16-mile stretch of Reedy River. All of the targeted
 contaminated properties  for this pilot are  located at the
 intersection of four city streets nicknamed by the residents
 as "Greasy Corner."


 Using  USTfields Pilot funds, the State of South Carolina
 will work with the City of Greenville and other entities to
 assess and clean up  petroleum contamination at
 underground storage tank sites. Funds will be used for
 ground-penetrating radar studies to locate tanks and for
 environmental assessment, cleanup, and monitoring
 activities. The city will actively promote redevelopment of
 the properties, consistent with the master plan for the area,
 after the assessments and any  needed cleanups are
                                                      EPA Region 4
                                                       Greenville, SC
                            Applicant Name: State of South Carolina

                            Local Partner: City of Greenville

                            Date of Selection: June 2002

                            Profile: South Carolina will work with the City of
                            Greenville to assess and clean up petroleum
                            contamination to help the city revitalize its West
                            Greenville neighborhood.

                                                  EPA Region 4

                                                  Dana Hayworth
                                                  (404) 562-9481
                                             South Carolina Dept. of
                                             Health and Environmental
                                             Mark Berenbrok
                                             (803) 898-4350
                                                  For further information, go to
                                  EPA USTfields INITIATIVE
EPA has not yet negotiated the Cooperative Agreements with states and tribes to fund these pilots; therefore, activities are subject to change.