CDX Node Best  Practices for  EMTS
                    Industry Nodes
                    Activity Limits
                    Industry submitters should limit their Solicit and Submit calls to 75 per minute
                    and no more than 1500 per hour. This applies to both the staging and production

                    Subsequent GetStatus and Download requests should not be made until after at least
                    10 minutes have past following a Solicit or Submit call. For transactions that return a
                    status of Pending, additional GetStatus calls should be made at subsequent 30 minute
                    intervals. The total number of GetStatus calls in an hour for a submitter should not
                    exceed 1500.

                    Submissions should be structured with both the short term and hourly limits in mind.
                    Industry submitters exceeding thresholds enumerated above are subject to account
                    deactivation without notice. Contact the Central Data Exchange (CDX) Node Sup-
                    port Help Desk for disabled accounts or other node related issues.
                    Network Authentication and Authorization Server (NAAS)
                    All transactions should leverage a single NAAS token. Submitters should obtain and
                    use that token for their submission batches (e.g. obtain a token, use the same token
                    for up to 75 Submit/Solicit calls in a minute). The NAAS token remains valid for 20
                    minutes before expiring.
                    Account Management
                    CDX will make every effort to communicate issues with limits and disabled accounts
                    as quickly as possible. To facilitate communication, it is important to maintain up to
                    date account information. Node administrators must work with the CDX Node Sup-
                    port Help Desk to update contact information in the NAAS metadata and maintain
United States
Environmental Protection
   February 2011

a valid user and domain name for their account, i.e. "" Node administrators must
also approve their users and follow all other requirements from the CDX Node Administrator's
Guide, which will be made available at:
Requirements for New Nodes
Approval for new nodes must first be obtained from Office of Transportation and Air Quality,
Prior to receiving production submission access, submitters must simulate a production load of
Solicit, Submit, and subsequent GetStatus calls in the CDX test environment. The transaction
submission pattern must be reviewed and approved by EPA before production node access is
granted. Detailed guidance will be included in CDX Industry Node On-Boarding Procedures,
This guidance document will be made available on the EMTS website at:
Contact Information
CDX Node Support: or 888-890-1995 (select option 2). The Node
Support Help Desk manages issues relating to NAAS Authentication and Nodes. It is staffed between the
hours o/8:OOAM and 6.-OOPM (EST).

CDX Helpdesk: or 1-888-890-1995. The CDX Helpdesk supports CDX Login
and general CDX support issues.

EMTS Support: or 800-385-6164. EMTS Support manages questions
and issues about the EMTS web application. It is staffed between the hours of 9:OOAM and 5:OOPM (EST).