The Bridge to Cleaner Air
Stare and local agenciea throughout ihe country are look-
ing tor smtqpcs to relieve tralFtc vonprtt ion. improve m
qi.ulur- and provide communinc* with a safe and cfikxnr
transportation system.
ThinsparaBon cortfofWHy- .1 Cksin Air Act requirement.
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by (he U-S. Environniciiral Pruuvnnn Atcrvtv (EPA) jiui
U.S. Department at Tniruporurion
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improvenieni programs. JJH! higliwjy .inj transit projects
iiirnlt-d or approval liv ilu' I I )ij;liv
Administration (FHW.-M jrul ilif I' Transit
Adminiscntion (FTA), It is requlrni hi ilui do not
meet, or previously luvt  1101 inei. ,iir kjiKility sundards far
OJOne, owbon nwiOidde, | ..... lirnhu. IHKUT. m niin^en
Hiitxidc. Conformity prBviilf!, iui opportunity to address
jir quality and tramponarion goals for the new S-hour
ozone and fine pariiLiiljif nuiu-i il'\v,]S) air quality
             A conformity determination minuici cnii»»om that will
             result from an areas irdm|»ofuiion syaem, and demon-
             Mr. no irur llw»!.r cniisiKJid, Me witlitti lilt limn* outfitted
             in the note's air quality implementation pUn, Cotifbrtnirr
             ddcrmmanoRS atio ensure ilut f urupirutinn and air
             qiiiliiv abrades are cuiuultiii^ with one another, and rhar
             Oimponnisn cottttol ntca&ures in an apfwoved tuie jit
             quality implementanon plin m bring implrmentrd in a
             rimdr fashion.

 What Are the Benefits of Transponation Conformity?
As a bridge between the iif quatirv
and irjmporution planning processes.,
rr.imjKifurioii ionliirnim  i* .«t
dement of the Gen Air Ait
li encourage cooperation among vari-
ous gov«Ttmenijl siuties and can lead
IO  implaneniJtion of new Jind innovj-
rive traHpomuoo pts>icvi> jfJ -lit
pollution control meiMirn as well 41
               planning dLtfj jnd
moiJcbnf.. Projects and comnJ
moMre* JIT xJAted beciwie rhev cm
reduce pollution lknm the cviMmc rkci
or prneni polluikm from bon^
oencd in the tim pLk.c.
         Trarap0nati0» and
Air Qualify Agcti
        coosulotion on
dan confonruiy bnnpj uvplhrt
professional} md oflkiali from the
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two highly spcoahicd and
 '/nmtportarioa I*rajertt am/ Air
           Canrml Me
poUurion control mejsurcs as a touh
of ihe twed ro (Jeniunsn-ate conJbnniiv-
5rtun growth. tMiuir-fricndlv irans-
pottitinn projects, comrtiutct
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          ad buaei for publk irjrtsif
mietm. dhscl rctmUr prwgr^nii. and
intt idling reduction projecn ire
cT-uiipio of bow some jnas have met
their cowformiry thjlknges,

Improved Tools and Analysts
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demographic, economic, land
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dene beitet MI poUuriaa projections
hawv resulicd in better air qtufiqr and
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are ttied for other locil pUnn ing
Some U.S. cities Iwe i
    and innovative projects sttS air

          How Are Communities  Using
           Transportation Conform icy?

Several cities have added new projects and measures ro meet (heir
,tir i|i,i.tliiv .mil (fiimporttiion goals lor ihe 1-hour otane
air quality standard, EPA encourages communities ro consider
rhcsc and other innovarivc projects and measures when developing
conformity dererniinatinns and state air quality implementation
I-I  as :.••! liif new H-hour <«one and PM-, s, standards,
• Beaumont/Port Arthur, lexas, provided rruck stop electrifica-
  tion ro reduce vehicle idling.
• Houston, Texas, implemented a heavy-duty diesel retrofit and
  replacement program,
• Houston and Dallas, Texas; and iliv District of Columbia.
  implcmencod progmnu 10 reduce single oa-iip.mi v iliivin^
  by commuters.
• Arlauts, (ieofg^a, used r,he conforniiry process ro assist agencies
  in iiddressing signifiaini growth in vehicle miles rraveted. To rec-
  oncile biir qusliry iand transportation needs, stare antl local offi-
  cials rccvaluated rransponation planning goals and added new
  transit and land use iniriarives. In addition, the governor created
  a regional planning nutlnvriiy 10 iiitegnne trjusponatioit ami ,iir
  quality concerns.
• Charlotre, North Clarolina, addressed increased vehicle miles
  traveled  anil resultingSUlSfons iiu-rt-Jiifs with (hecrejiiiiti i;'l a
  long-Deed transit ind land use plan. Voters passed  a $50 million
  local tax referendum to fund the new plan.

\V lltir
  \V lltir Agencies Are Involved in die Conformity Process?
      inil interagency consultation process involving metropolitan planning
 IT&'                 stiue and local transportation and ;iii
              ' 'iI ITA is required ip/


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