Small   Business  Network
CLIMATE LEADERS is an EPA industry-government partnership that works
with companies to develop comprehensive climate change strategies.
As a small business, your company can take direct action on climate by reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By
doing so, your company will also lower its energy bills, improve fuel efficiency in its fleets, and become a more competitive
supplier by having a credible sustainability program.
Opportunities to Reduce

GHG Emissions

CLIMATE LEADERS provides small businesses with
guidance on developing an inventory of company-wide
GHG emissions, otherwise known as the company's
"carbon footprint." The program offers the following
•  Guide to developing a GHG inventory.
•  Simplified GHG Calculator and Inventory Management
   Plan to help small businesses calculate and track their
•  Training Webinars on how to use the CLIMATE
   LEADERS tools, how to reduce emissions from
   electricity and fuel, and how to approach purchasing
   offsets and green power.
•  Online technical assistance to help small businesses
   with specific questions as they develop their GHG
                          Small Business Network:

                          Demonstrating Leadership
                          The CLIMATE LEADERS Small Business Network
                          represents small businesses that are taking steps
                          to reduce their GHG emissions. Companies join the
                          Network as Members, where they develop a company-
                          wide GHG inventory and set a goal to reduce their total
                          emissions by at least five percent in five years or set a
                          goal to achieve and sustain carbon neutrality for at least
                          three years.

                          EPA provides public recognition to small businesses
                          that achieve their goals and provides companies with an
                          additional award for achieving more aggressive goals.
                          EPA also shares case studies and testimonials from
                          Network Members with the public to take GHG emissions
                          management into the mainstream of small
                          business practices.
             For further information and to join the Small Business Network,
U.S. Envirnrrm«ntal Protection Agency
   United Stales
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