United States             Air and Radiation         EPA420-F-98-041
                   Environmental Protection                          October 1998

                   Office of Mobile Sources
v>EPA       Resource
                  Office of Mobile Sources
                  on the World Wide Web
                   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Mobile
                   Sources (OMS) maintains a site on the Internet's World Wide Web to
                   provide up-to-date information on the federal government's efforts to
                   meet the mobile source provisions of the Clean Air Act.
                  What Is the OMS Web Site?

                  The OMS Web Site is the official Internet World Wide Web (WWW)
                  location for information from EPA's Office of Mobile Sources. OMS is
                  responsible for controlling emissions from motor vehicles, farm and
                  construction equipment, marine engines, aircraft, locomotives, and other
                  mobile sources of air pollution. OMS also conducts research on the
                  effects of different fuels on pollution from these engines.
                  How Can One Access the OMS Web Site?

                  The OMS Home Page can be accessed directly by typing the Uniform
                  Resource Locator (URL) http://www.epa.gov/oms. The OMS Web Site
                  can also be accessed from the EPA's Internet Home Page at http://
                  www.epa.gov by selecting "Offices, Labs and Regions," then selecting
                  "Air and Radiation," and then selecting the "Automobiles" graphic.
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What Kind of Information Is Available at the QMS Web Site?
The OMS Web Site contains a wide variety of information:
1 Consumer and educational docu-
 ments such as fact sheets, presen-
 tations, and quizzes.

1 Information about emissions from
 cars and light trucks including
 regulations, certification, fuel
 economy, and inspection/mainte-

1 Heavy-duty highway engines
 (trucks and buses) information
 including regulations, bus retrofit/
 rebuild, certification, and test

1 Information on nonroad engines
 and vehicles like lawn mowers,
 boats, tractors, aircraft,  etc. that
 covers regulations, modeling,
 consumer information and certifi-

1 Transportation control measures,
 market incentive-based  programs,
 and voluntary measures.
• Gasoline, diesel, fuel additives, alternative fuels, and other fuel issues.

• Air toxic emissions.

• Motor vehicle and nonroad emission modeling software and databases (e.g.,
MOBILES, PARTS, emission factors, and inventory information).

• Test Procedures and Laboratory Methods
(fuel analysis, emission testing, equipment calibration, maintenance, etc.).
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 International Issues (harmonization of standards, etc.).

• Regulations (chronological OMS Federal Register citations).

•Requests for Proposals: contracts and grants.

• OMS employment opportunities.

Another feature of the OMS Web Site is the "What's New" page which contains links and
descriptions of documents added to the web site during the last three months.
Who Would Be Interested
in the OMS Web Site?
The information contained in the
OMS Web Site would be of interest
to the general public, environmental
groups and public interest organiza-
tions, business and industry, and
federal, state and local government
officials. As well as technical docu-
ments,  there are non-technical
documents written for the average
Why Was the OMS Web
Site Developed?
OMS began providing electronic
access to many documents in 1993
via the Technology Transfer Net-
work (TTN) Bulletin Board system
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The OMS Web site was developed in August 1995 to replace the OMS area of TTN and
meet the needs of an increasing number of people who look to the World Wide Web to
find information quickly in electronic form.

      OMS Web Manager: omspublicweb@epa.gov

      The OMS listserver is an automated mechanism for receiving announcements on
      new documents, regulations, etc. that have been posted on the OMS web site. To
      subscribe, send a message to: listserver@unixmail.rtpnc.epa.gov.

      In the body of the message, type "subscribe oms-announce (yourfirstname

      U.S. EPA
      Office of Mobile Sources
      2000  Traverwood Drive
      Ann Arbor, MI 48105

      To leave a voicemail message requesting information, call (734) 214-4333.
      Messages are checked daily and routed to the correct contact in OMS.