Community Engagement Input
                                  On Next Steps
                              Libby Asbestos Superfund Site
                                                                      May 2011
EPA Wants To Hear From You

Now that we have draft toxicity values for
Libby Amphibole asbestos we can begin
discussions about how the new information
might change our cleanup approach.

There are a number of ways the community
can participate with EPA in the process of
identifying next steps and alternatives for the
continued cleanup of the Libby and Troy
Superfund Site. This fact sheet identifies some
possible options for community engagement.

Final cancer and non-cancer toxicity values for
Libby Amphibole asbestos (LA) won't be
available until some time in 2012. While the
toxicity values move through the Integrated
Risk Information System (IRIS) process, EPA
wants to engage you in a discussion on:

  How you want to provide input
  What alternatives we might consider for
   cleanup and institutional controls

Possible Options For Next Steps

We've provided the following list of examples
to start a discussion on ways the community
would like to be involved.  Once next steps are
identified after considering community input,
we can then begin discussing how the cleanup
proceeds and what alternatives you would like
EPA to consider.

Community Meeting Options:

  Monthly brainstorming sessions to identify
  Brainstorming sessions held during a
   Technical Assistance Grant or Community
   Advisory Group meeting
  Community conference that includes
   brainstorming breakout sessions
  Community interviews

Community Comment Options:

  Informal comment periods providing
   community members with the opportunity
   to submit written comments to EPA for
  Drop-in comment cards that are submitted
   to the Information Center's in Libby and

The above are just a few possible options. You
may have other ideas. Next steps could
include one, two or a  combination of the
above and/or other options the community

Where To Submit Your Ideas

If you have ideas on how EPA can include the
community in identifying and discussing possi-
ble changes to our cleanup approach, please
submit them in one of the following ways:

  Drop by the EPA Information Center and
   fill out a comment card 
      In Libby  108  E. 9th Street
      In Troy  303 N. Third Street
      Libby Faulk, CIC
      US EPA (8OC-PAI)
      1595 Wynkoop St.
      Denver, CO 80202