Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Freight Carriers

Contract Freighters, Inc.
Contract Freighters, Inc. (CFI), a Missouri-based for-hire carrier, now
part of the Con-Way organization, is the recipient of a SmartWay
Excellence Award for the second consecutive year. Building on its
commitment to innovation, CFI has equipped its entire fleet of
tractors with some of the most fuel saving technologies available in
today's truck market. All of CFI's trucks are outfitted with single-wide
tires, saving over 19,000 tons of C02 each year. CFI has installed
auxiliary power units on the majority of its trucks and employs driver
teams to further reduce idling time. CFI's total upgrades have
resulted in a savings of over 73 thousand tons of C02 since joining
SmartWay.  CFI also has actively promoted SmartWay and its goals
extensively by issuing more than a dozen press releases describing
SmartWay and conducting presentations about participating in the
program at numerous industry conferences and workshops.
CSX Transportation
CSX is an international transportation company offering rail,
container-shipping, intermodal, trucking and contract logistics. Over
50 % of CSX's current fleet is equipped with one or more fuel saving
technologies. CSX met or exceeded each of their Action Plan targets
for 2006/2007, and the company has developed an innovative
horsepower reduction kit that produces significant fuel savings and
lower emissions. This kit is currently installed on a significant
number of the locomotives in its fleet, with more planned in coming
                          Freighters, Inc.
John Christner Trucking LLC
A temperature-controlled truckload carrier based in Oklahoma, John
Christner Trucking (JCT) has taken every opportunity to upgrade and
improve its fleet of trucks. JCT has invested in a broad range of fuel-
saving technologies and policies including auxiliary power units,
engine shutdown technologies, aerodynamic equipment, automatic
tire inflation (ATI) devices, engine speed management, advanced
lubricants. JCT also is increasing their use of intermodal shipping.
Because of these technology investments, JCT has improved fuel
efficiency by 9% and saved over 23 thousand tons of C02 since joining
SmartWay in 2004. The company is now working with manufacturers
to test three types of ATI to help ensure that drivers can be easily
notified of tire pressure.
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                                         SmartWay   Transport Partnership
        Transport Partnership                Excellence Award Winners 2007
Knight Transportation, Inc.                                          JL^K |SJT(^T THT
                                                                 ilk. TRANSPORTATION
In just one year, Phoenix, Arizona-based private truck carrier Knight
Transportation has improved its environmental performance
significantly using a combination of idling control, aerodynamics,
auto tire inflation, weight reduction, trailer strategies, speed
management, and low rolling resistance tires. Since joining the
Partnership, Knight's efforts have saved 229 thousand tons of C02.
In addition to significantly improving its own operations, top
executives with Knight Transportation have actively  promoted
SmartWay and the Partnership's goals to other companies in the
freight industry at events like the National Private Truck Council
Conference and the National Agricultural & Food Transporters
Langford, Inc.
Minnesota-based Langford, Inc., a small carrier with a large voice
when it comes to promoting the merits of SmartWay to other
companies, is receiving a SmartWay Excellence Award for the
second year in a row. Langford has installed auxiliary power units
(APUs) on all company and owner-operator equipment,  replaced
conventional tires with single-wide tires, and governs and monitors its
truck speeds. Langford is also integrating bio-diesel into their fleet.
As a result of these efforts, Langford has saved 291 tons of C02 since
joining the  Partnership and has improved its average fuel efficiency
from 6.30 miles per gallon to 6.70 miles per gallon. Langford's
President, Greg Langford, promoted SmartWay extensively during his
tenure as President of the Minnesota Trucking Association, helping
to sign 17 other Minnesota-based freight shippers, carriers, and
logistics companies on as SmartWay partners.
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       Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Michigan-based retailer and private fleet Meijer has reduced idling
hours by 85% in one year by electronically limiting idle time with an
automatic engine shut off after four minutes of idling. Meijer utilizes
single-wide tires on their tractors and trailers, governs road speeds to
63 miles per hour, and has installed aerodynamic mirrors, roof
fairings, cab extenders and side fairings to streamline the tractor
profile. Meijer is currently testing trailers with side skirts to reduce
wind drag under its trailers. Meijer's upgrades have saved 6,400 tons
of C02 since joining the Partnership.  To increase participation in
SmartWay, Meijer has also sent messages to its contract carriers and
consolidators, promoting and encouraging them to join SmartWay.
Meijer is educating its customers about freight emissions and the
company's commitment through a new video that is shown on
monitors  at every cash register in their superstores.

Metropolitan Trucking, Inc.
Metropolitan Trucking, a full service truckload carrier based in New
Jersey, has made significant improvements to its operations,
increasing its fuel efficiency from 5.9 miles per gallon in 2005 to 6.5
miles per  gallon in 2006, reflecting a 10% improvement. The company
adopted an aggressive anti-idling campaign, has  been replacing
direct-fueled heaters with auxiliary power units for improved fuel
efficiency, and is using single-wide tires and automatic tire inflation.
Metropolitan has also developed training tools and economic
incentives for its drivers, aiming to encourage further fuel efficiency
                        Higher Standards
                                    ^f Lower Prices
Orlicks, Inc.
Orlicks, Inc., an Alberta, Canada-based trucking fleet, has employed
extensive use of anti-idling strategies such as engine shutdown and
driver tag teams, along with other fuel-saving strategies such as
lower driving speeds and significant use of intermodal transport,
improving their fuel efficiency from 6.0 miles per gallon to 7.0 miles
per gallon. The company has also been a strong advocate for
SmartWay inside the company, and throughout the Canadian trucking
industry, promoting SmartWay on its website, conducting internal
driver meetings to educate employees about the program, and
presenting SmartWay to members of the Alberta Motor Trucking
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        Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc.,
Arkansas-based truckload carrier P.A.M. Transportation
demonstrated C02 savings of 59 thousand tons, an improvement of
36% since joining SmartWay. To achieve such significant
improvement in such a short time, P.A.M. implemented strategies
such as idling reduction strategies, automatic tire inflation, weight
reduction, advanced lubricant technologies, intermodal transport, a
Qualcomm installation for all of its trailers, and extensive use of
double drivers.
Quad/Graphics, Inc.
As a two-time winner of the SmartWay Excellence Award, Wisconsin-
based Quad/Graphics stands out as a progressive and committed
shipper that operates its own trucking fleet. In 2007, Quad/Graphics
completed installation  of auxiliary power units (APUs) on all of the
trucks in its fleet. Further efforts to promote fuel efficiency include
a driver incentive program to reward fuel savings from speed control
and idle reduction, and  financial assistance for owner/operators that
want to purchase APUs. These strategies combined have resulted in a
savings of 2,357 tons of C02-an improvement of 25% since joining the
Partnership. Quad/Graphics has consistently promoted SmartWay
through its website and print business publications, and at EPA
regional, state  and local air quality and diesel truck events.
Roehl Transport, Inc.
Wisconsin-based Roehl Transport, a two-time SmartWay Excellence
Award winner, has further improved its status as a significant
environmental performer by saving 7 thousand tons of C02 since
joining the Partnership using strategies such as idling control, single-
wide tires, weight reduction, and speed management. The company
continues to actively promote SmartWay through its trade show
booths, corporate newsletters, and CDs that update employees and
customers on what is happening within the company.
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       Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Schneider National, Inc.
Recipient of a SmartWay Excellence Award for two straight years,
Wisconsin-based Schneider is one of the largest freight carriers
operating in the US and it continues to maintain a position at the
forefront of technical and operational innovation in the trucking
industry. Schneider uses a wide variety of technologies and
operational practices including idling reduction, single-wide tires,
automatic tire inflation and advanced aerodynamics. Since joining
SmartWay, Schneider has saved 211 thousand tons of C02-a 15
percent improvement. In addition to its routine efficiency and
widespread application of advanced technology, Schneider has helped
strengthen the SmartWay program by promoting its benefits to
fellow industry members.
                                 \  NATIONAL,
Swift Transportation Co., Inc.
Swift Transportation, based in Arizona, maintains one of the largest
truckload fleets in the United States and is one of the most advanced
trucking fleets delivering goods and materials throughout North
America.  Swift implements nearly every SmartWay strategy available
and has some of the best equipped trucks on the road in the United
States. The company conducts extensive fuel efficiency test
programs, and constantly strives to increase its efficiency, with a
resulting savings of nearly 485 thousand tons of C02, a further
reduction of 34 percent since joining SmartWay.  The Swift fleet
features comprehensive aerodynamic equipment and is subject to
progressive operational practices, such as engine shut-down and
speed management. In 2007, the company purchased 1,500 USEPA
Certified SmartWay tractors.
                            AN ISO 9002 CERTIFIED COMPANY
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       Transport Partnership
SmartWay  Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Smithfield Transportation Co., Inc.
Virginia-based food supplier Smithfield Transportation is a two-time
SmartWay Excellence Award winner. Smithfield has upgraded its
fleet to include trucks with better aerodynamics, including a single
integrated cab/air dam design, automatic transmissions, and single-
wide tires on all tractors. The entire fleet maintains a maximum speed
of 65 miles per hour. Additionally, as part of its commitment to reduce
or eliminate idling, each replacement truck in the fleet is outfitted
with an auxiliary power unit. Since joining the Partnership,
Smithfield's fleet has increased its fuel efficiency from 6.0 miles per
gallon to 7.0 miles per gallon and the company has saved over 5,000
tons of C02 since joining the Partnership.  The company engages its
employees to achieve SmartWay's goals by sponsoring engine
manufacturers to train its drivers on new technologies and features,
and maintaining and posting a month-to-month listing, by truck, of
drivers that had acceptable versus unacceptable idle times.
Trans-Am Trucking, Inc.
Kansas-based refrigerated truckload carrier TransAm Trucking, Inc.
has made significant strides toward greater efficiency within the
Partnership. Over the past year, the company has reduced its C02
emissions by 13 thousand tons by adding 300 auxiliary power units
(APUs) to its fleet, using advanced lubricants, and employing weight
reduction strategies.
Bentonville, Arkansas-based Wal-Mart, a two-time SmartWay
Excellence Award recipient, has made significant investments in
improving its environmental performance by adding direct fueled
heaters, auxiliary power units, improved aerodynamics, auto tire
inflation, bio diesel, and low rolling resistance tires to its fleet.  Wal-
Mart's efforts have saved over 106 thousand tons of C02-an 18%
improvement since joining SmartWay.
                           ALWAYS LOW PRICES.
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     Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
IBM increased their SmartWay carrier participation by 25% this year,
and incorporated SmartWay into their contract bidding process for
U.S. and global transportation. IBM promoted its participation in
SmartWay through a dedicated web page that links directly to
SmartWay web site, as well as serving as SmartWay guest speakers
at industry events. IBM reports its SmartWay participation in its
Environment and Well-Being Progress Report, and Corporate
Responsibility Report. IBM is currently reviewing all dock locations
globally to ensure consistent truck idling practices, fork-lift power
sources, and scheduling practices. In addition, IBM is working with
SmartWay in interfacing with environmental agencies in Latin
America, particularly Mexico- expanding SmartWay-type programs
across North America.
JCPenney, a Texas-based retail shipper, increased the number of
SmartWay Carriers they use by over 20% in 2007. Since joining the
program, JCPenney has increased the number of SmartWay carriers
they use from 28 to 46.  To promote the Partnership among its
drivers, JCPenney distributed a quarterly survey to its delivery
drivers. The surveys cover a broad range of operational topics, such
as how to improve the company's loading/unloading procedures, and
other practices that can lower energy use and help the environment.
Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company, LLC
Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company, LLC is the logistics
arm of parent company Johnson & Johnson, one of the world's largest
manufacturers of health care products. Since 2006, the company has
increased its use of SmartWay Carriers from 19 to 35. The company
invited SmartWay to present at its annual Carrier Recognition Day,
and has extensively publicized and marketed SmartWay to its
carriers and internal staff.  The company describes SmartWay in its
advertising, on its website, as well as internal signage.
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     Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Kimberly-Clark is a leading global health and hygiene company based
in Tennessee. Kimberly-Clark has actively recruited SmartWay
carriers and has more than doubled their use of SmartWay carriers
since joining the program. It has also instituted an idle reduction
program at its distribution centers, as well as promoting idle
reduction throughout its operations. Kimberly-Clark has also
implemented an aggressive educational plan for its employees about
the SmartWay program. Kimberly-Clark is actively engaged in
improving its carriers' operations, and supports outreach and
educational efforts that focus on SmartWay and it energy and
environmental goals.
Lowe's Companies Inc.
In 2007 Lowe's, a North Carolina-base home improvement goods
retailer, increased its use of SmartWay carriers to 62,-a huge
increase from only 4 when Lowe's first joined SmartWay in 2004.
Lowe's also incorporates the SmartWay logo and program
information in its communications with its carriers to promote and
encourage participation in the Partnership.  Lowe's increased its
intermodal shipping by over 4000 shipments in 2007. Other
measures adopted as a result of its involvement in SmartWay include
increasing drop and hook use from 43% in 2004 to 83% in 2006, and
increasing their use of full trailers, reducing approximately 36,000
truck loads and reducing highway mileage by over 25 million miles
per year.
Michelin North America, Inc.
Shipper partner Michelin North America, Inc., has been a high-profile
public promoter for SmartWay. Over a quarter of Michelin's freight
carriers are now SmartWay partners, largely due to Michelin's
promotion of the program. Michelin also markets the Partnership to
customers in print advertisements, on its website, and in a variety of
other company literature. The company continues to explore ways to
help fleets improve their environmental performance through use of
more fuel efficient tires.
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     Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Office Depot, Inc.
Florida-based partner, Office Depot, was the first SmartWay shipper
to attempt to calculate its entire transportation emissions footprint,
including the emissions from all of its contract carriers, and plans to
annually track and improve this emissions footprint. Office Depot is
also addressing the emissions from its own fleet by replacing larger
box vans with more efficient delivery vehicles. To promote
awareness of the benefits of SmartWay, Office Depot developed a
case study highlighting its experiences as both a shipper and carrier,
and promotes its participation to shareholders in the company's
annual Sustainability Report.
                         Office DEPOT
Sharp Electronics Corporation
Sharp Electronics Corporation, an international leader in appliance
and consumer electronics is a two-time SmartWay Excellence Award
winner. Sharp ships 99% of its freight with SmartWay carriers and is
working closely with SmartWay to help establish a border program
with Mexico.  In 2007, Sharp adopted an aggressive publicity
campaign focused on the benefits of SmartWay. The campaign
includes a prominent SmartWay section on its corporate website, and
widespread use of the SmartWay logo on the company's business
cards, letterhead and in email correspondence. Internally the
company also features SmartWay on its intranet site and trains its
employees on how to adopt SmartWay practices.

STERIS Corporation
STERIS Corporation has been a strong supporter of SmartWay and
has actively sought to encourage other companies to join the
program. To increase participation in the SmartWay Transport
Partnership, STERIS sent letters to all of the National Association of
Environmental Manager's membership, and to all their carriers
encouraging them to join SmartWay. As a result, STERIS Corporation
has increased their percentage of freight shipped with SmartWay
carriers from 64% to 72%. STERIS sponsored a Transporter Day event
with their carriers to educate them on the merits of sustainable
transportation and to recognize their leading carriers. Driver
comfort stations have been installed to support STERIS' no idle
policy at their loading facilities. STERIS  has integrated SmartWay
principles at their corporate headquarters by doing a SmartWay
display for their annual Environmental and Safety Day to educate
their employees and the community.
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  Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Logistics Companies
Alliance Shippers
Alliance Shippers, Inc. is an independently-owned global logistics
and transportation services company with offices in more than
50 locations throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Alliance
transports the majority of its loads -- more than 85% -- using
SmartWay Transport Carriers. Alliance also has increased their
use of intermodal transport to move goods, relying on rail
carriers to transport more than 80% of its shipments.
Ohio-based Exel, one of the largest logistics companies in the
industry, is now using 45 SmartWay Carriers to move its
shipments. The company uses SmartWay membership as a
selection criterion and has established regular communications
with its carrier base to inform them that SmartWay partners will
be given preference. Exel actively supports and promotes the
Partnership industry-wide.
Limited Brands Logistics
Limited Brands Logistics, based in Ohio, provides global logistics
management and leadership in support of the supply chains used
by Limited Brands and New York & Company. The company ships
over 72% of freight with SmartWay Transport Carriers. The
company has implemented a corporate "no idling" policy for all of
their carriers. Limited has inserted a SmartWay Partner bonus in
their carrier selection 'scorecard' stressing the importance of
SmartWay participation to their potential carriers. The company
has also increased intermodal shipments as part of its SmartWay
action plan, resulting in emissions reductions of 34,000 tons of
                         Limited brands
National Logistics Management Inc.
Michigan-based National Logistics Management, Inc. has
increased the number of SmartWay Carriers it uses by 40%. The
company continues to promote SmartWay by sending letters to
all of its carriers encouraging them to join SmartWay and
providing internal company training about policies and practices
the company has adopted as a result of its participation in the
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  Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007

4 State Trucks
4 State Trucks, Inc., a leader in the Heavy Duty Truck Aftermarket
Industry, has been an exceptional advocate for the SmartWay program.
4 State Trucks has established a SmartWay Center right in the middle
of their 35,000 square foot truck parts and equipment store located in
Joplin, Missouri. This SmartWay Center is a one stop shop for truckers
who want to buy fuel saving technologies found in the SmartWay
Upgrade Kit. 4 State Trucks, the business behind the crew of truck
designers and custom fabricators known as the Chrome Shop Mafia on
Country Music Television's popular "Trick My Truck" program, has
consistently promoted SmartWay through website and print business
publications. 4 State Trucks and the Chrome Shop Mafia have directly
helped SmartWay reach thousands of Owner Operators who had
previously not heard of SmartWay.
American Trucking Associations
American Trucking Associations (ATA) serves and represents the
interests of the trucking industry. ATA has done an outstanding job in
promoting the goals of the SmartWay Transport Partnership program
to their members and as a  result, 25 State Trucking Associations have
joined the Partnership. ATA has issued press releases and written
numerous articles describing the SmartWay Transport Partnership
program and encouraging their members to participate. In addition,
ATA hosted the first SmartWay Excellence Awards at the American
Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition in 2006.
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  Transport Partnership
SmartWay   Transport Partnership
     Excellence Award Winners 2007
Cascade Sierra Solutions
As a two-time winner of the SmartWay Excellence Award, Cascade
Sierra Solutions (CSS) is one of the most innovative non-profit
organizations dedicated to saving fuel and reducing emissions from
heavy-duty diesel engines. The CSS outreach centers promote EPA's
SmartWay Technology upgrade kits, and help truckers acquire fuel
saving technologies including the ability of offer financial assistance.
CSS operates in the States of Washington, Oregon and California with a
primary focus on the Interstate 5 corridor. The CSS website is a wealth
of information for the truck driver. It readily identifies and promotes
the use of improved technology that will save fuel and reduce emissions
from heavy trucks. CSS staff travels throughout the country
conducting workshops that discuss the benefits of fuel saving
technology, helping truckers upgrade their trucks and reduce harmful
North Central Texas Council of Governments
The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is a
voluntary association of, by and for local governments, established to
assist local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating
for mutual benefit, and coordinating for sound regional development.
Air quality is an important issue in the Dallas Fort Worth area and as a
result, NCTCOG has featured SmartWay in various informative
documents that are designed to educate the general public about air
quality related projects and  programs being implemented  in the North
Central Texas region. NCTCOG is one of the few SmartWay Affiliates to
directly market SmartWay through print educational and business
publications, building momentum for the purchase and use of fuel
saving technologies in the North Central Texas area. NCTCOG has
developed numerous workshops targeted toward the trucking industry
and have secured discounts on fuel saving technology from local
                                   North Central Texas
                                   Council of Governments
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  Transport Partnership
SmartWay  Transport Partnership
    Excellence Award Winners 2007
Superior Financial Group
Superior Financial Group (SFG) was founded in 2005 and continues to
support small businesses throughout the country.  It is their service
and expertise in offering innovative financing programs to small
trucking businesses that earned them a SmartWay Award. Superior
has done an outstanding job promoting the SmartWay Innovative
Finance program. Superior Financial has gone the extra mile by
establishing a special code for applicants interested in receiving
financing for the  SmartWay Upgrade Kit streamlining the loan process
for applicants. Superior has participated in several large truck shows in
an effort to promote the financing available for SmartWay Upgrade
Kits.  Superior Financial has been able to offer loans to approximately
100 small owner operators so that they may upgrade their trucks with
fuel saving technology.
                           FINANCIAL GROUP
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