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         July 2010
         Welcome  New Partners!
   Industry's commitment to SmartWay continues to grow!  Since March.
   SmartWay has welcomed more than 250 new partners, including large
   and mid-size truck carriers, logistics management companies, commer-
cial and retail shippers, dealer service centers, and nonprofit organizations,
among others.
Today, including our most recent partners, nearly 2700 organizations are
working through SmartWay to reduce emissions and improve the efficiency
of their transportation operations.  Our thanks and support go out to our new
and existing partners, and we extend an invitation to all organizations seek-
ing to reduce the environmental footprint of their transportation activities
to partner with EPA SmartWay.  For more information, send us an e-mail at
smartway_transport(giepa.gov or call 734-214-4767.
Following is a list of partners that have joined SmartWay since March 12:
East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition
Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc.
Payback Eco

k 101 Transport, Inc.
4-Way Transportation Inc.
a. Smith Trucking Co. Inc.
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Alceda Express
Allen Pancost Trucking Inc.
Altendorf Trucking
Amanda Express
America Midwest Transportation
American National Logistics
American Pacific Forwarders, Inc.
Anderson Transportation Co. fnc.
Arens fnc.
Armstrong Transportation &
  Trailers LLC
ASB Transport fnc.
Auto Carriers Express, fnc.
B.T Trucking
BAH Express fnc.
Baldwin Transfer Company, fnc.
  Belt Transfer Company
  Best Services Group
  Bestmark Express, fnc.
  Big John Express
  Big L Trucking
  Black and Gold Trucking
  BlueLinx Corporation
  Bradley Creek Transportation
  Bramel Logistics LLC
  Brandon Transportation
  Bullet Freight Systems, fnc.
  C and D Logistics
  C&A Transportation fnc.
  Caledonia Haulers LLC
  Carter Transportation, fnc.
  Cecil H. Holler Poultry Farm
  Certified Freight Logistics, fnc.
  Chandler Trucking fnc.
  Childers Trucking, fnc.
  Circle L Trucking
  Clark Transfer, fnc.
  Coe Transfer fnc.
  Connors Transfer Limited
  Crosby Trucking Service fnc.
  Cross Creek Trucking
  CSfoffowa, Ltd.
  Custom Transport Ltd.
                                        Welcome New Partners!
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                                        The Buzz
    "Clean DieseMO"
     October 19-20, 2010
 Washington Convention Center
      Washington, DC
The U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency's National Clean Diesel
Campaign, in partnership with the
Diesel Technology Forum, an active
SmartWay affiliate, are coordinating
a two-day conference, "Clean
Diesel 10." Clean Diesel 10 will
recognize the progress that has been
made to reduce diesel emissions
over the past decade ~ and working
together with a diverse group of
stakeholders, chart a course for
continued improvement in coming

Please visit the Clean Diesel 10
web site for more information and
to learn how you can participate

   www.cleandiesel 10 .com
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 SmartAAfeiy" e-update

  Welcome  New Partners!
Carriers continued
D & M Express, Inc.
D & J 'XPress LLC
Dart International
DDC Express
De Jong Enterprises Inc.
Denney Transport Ltd.
Diamond Transportation LLC
Direct Service Transport, Inc.
Dixie Tank Lines of Central Florida
DSS Express, Inc.
Duncan and Son Lines, Inc.
Dynamic Transit Co.
Dynamic Transportation Company, Inc.
Eclipse Logistics
Ecte Trucking
Estrella Freight Service
Express Family of Companies
Fast Track Transportation
First Tee Transport, LLC
Flizoyd Transportation LLC
Formule Transit Incorporated
Friend Freightways Inc.
Frontier Leasing Inc.
Gates Corporation
Gene Hoenig, Inc.
Giran Corporation
Gramlings, Inc.
Gray Transportation, Inc.
Gregory Logistics
GSA International, LTD
Guiney Delivery Service, Inc.
Gypsum Express, Inc.
Hagen Logistics
Heiter Truck Line, Inc.
Henry's Moving Services
Hiel Trucking, Inc.
Hogland Transfer Company, Inc.
Holland Enterprises, Inc.
HP Distribution LLP
Hurricane Express
Independent Container Line (ICL)
Independent Dispatch, Inc.
Inman Trucking, Inc.
Interstate Cold Storage
  Distribution Services Inc.
J & B Services, Inc.
J & M Delivery Service
Jays World Express
JBS Carriers, Inc.
Jimmy's Trucking Inc.
JJ Express
JM Bozeman Enterprises, Inc.
JTL Carriers, LLC
K-Sea Operating Partnership, L. P.
K J Neal Trucking, Inc.
Karriers Inc.
Kelly Trucking
L & D Welch Enterprises, LLC
Las Vegas LA Express
Lava Enterprises, Inc.
Light Speed Logistics Inc.
LightHouse Transportation Services, LLC
Lillibridge Transportation, Inc.
Liverman Trucking Co., Inc.
LodeStar Transport Services, LLC
Logistics One Transport, Inc.
Logistics Services Inc.
Madden Ltd.
Mahurin DuVall Lines, Inc.
Manitoulin Transport
Mariner Distribution, Inc.
Mario's Delivery
Martinez Express
Martinez Trucking
Mast Trucking
Mata Delivers
MedTrans, LLC
Midnite Express Inc.
Miles Transport of Iowa, LLC
Monroe Transportation Services, Inc.
Montgomery Trucking Company
Morrison Trucking
Morrow Trucking Company
Mr. Bull's Inc.
Muskoka Transport Limited
Nello Pistoresi & Son
Oberg Freight Co.
Osborn & Son Trucking Co., Inc.
Overland Logistics, Inc.
Pablo's Trucking
Pacific Western Transportation, Inc.
Paragon Development Systems
Parra Trucking
Pasquale Trucking Co., Inc
Perm's Best Inc.
Phantom Freightlines Ltd
PLD Transport Inc.
Preferred Cartage Services, Inc.
Pro Logistics
Quality Custom Transporters, LLC
Quality Transport Company
R & J Trucking, Inc.
R&R Transportation, Inc.
RDS Transport Inc.
Red Line Inc.
Redding Lumber Transport, Inc.
Rezende Express LLC
RJB of Big Stone, Inc.
Roadway Transport Corp
Robert S. Warburton
  dba Robert S Warburton Trucking
Robinson and Sons Trucking, Inc.
RTQ Inc.
S & P Trucking
Saint Olga Transportation
Sand Mountain Express
Semo Express LLC
Service One Transportation
Sharkey Transportation, Inc.
Shippers C&D
SLT Express Way Inc.
Solar Transport
Sortino's Transportation, Inc.
Specified Commodity Carriers
SSI Express
Straight Shot Express
T & F Express, Inc.
T. Marzetti Company
TD Express Inc.
Team Campbell Logistics
Tennant Truck Lines, Inc.

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  Welcome New Partners!
Texas Freight Services, Inc.
Time Definite Services, Inc.
Top Gun Air Express
Trans Gulf Transportation, Inc.
Transport National LLC
Triumph Transport, Inc.
VSS Carriers, Inc.
W.N. Morehouse Truckline, Inc.
Waletich Transportation
Waste Management
WDS Enterprises, Inc.
Weaver Transportation Company
Western Provisions, Inc.
WT Transportation Services
YTA, Inc. dba FreightBuzz

Dealer/Service Centers
Utility Trailer Sales Company of Arizona

Logistics Companies
1 Trade Logistics
Intelligent Logistics, LLC
JAX Logistics
King's Transport, Inc.
Legacy Logistics
Load Delivered Logistics
Logistics Plus Inc.
MBM Global Logistics
MegaCorp Logistics
Midwestern Transit Service Inc.
OHL North America Transportation
Planet Freight, Inc
PowerOne Logistics LLC
Preprint Logistics
Project Transport
R2 Logistics Inc
Re: Transportation Inc.
RM Trucking, Inc.
Roadway Transport Corp.
Total Quality Logistics
Traffic Tech Inc.
Trans Global Logistics, LLC
Tribe Transport, Inc.
Tri-State Delivery, Inc.
Ultra Logistics Inc.
Visual Pak Companies
Air Care-Go, Inc.
Air Freight Plus Inc.
  dba AFPlus Global Logistics
American Carriers of MN, Inc.
Apex Logistics Group
Berkshire Transportation
Best Logistics, Inc.
Bexar Transportation, LLC
C&S Transportation Services, LLC
Case Stack
CB Transportation
CorTrans Logistics LLC
CTS Global Logistics (Georgia), Inc.
Delane's Truck Brokerage, Inc.
Diverse Logistics and Transportation, Inc.
Future Logistics, Inc.
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
Artistic Tile
Ball Metal Beverage
  Container Corporation
Basic American Foods
Beall's Inc.
Exopack LLC
Fleetwood Fixtures
Greif,  Inc.
Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC
Jofco Inc.
LG Electronics Canada, Inc.
Mannington Mills, Inc.
Nordstrom, Inc.
Odyssey Logistics
  & Technology Corporation
Paragon Development Systems
Pep Boys Auto
Progressive Converting, Inc.
Rite Aid Corporation
Tempur-Pedic North America
Arm Vehicle Service Group
  A Dover Company
Winston International Manufacturing
Meritor Transportation Group
                     A complete and updated list of all current SmartWay Partners
                               is available on the EPA SmartWay website at:

SmartWay e-update

                                                                                                   July 2010
Everything You  Ever  Wanted to  Know  About   .   .   .

                                                       SmartWay-Verified  Tires

ERA'S SmartWay technology group develops test protocols, reviews strategies and verifies the performance of vehicles,
technologies and equipment that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gases and other air pollutants from the
transport of freight.  Currently SmartWay has established criteria for verifying three sets of technologies, including idle
reduction units, aerodynamic equipment and tires.   This article outlines the verification program for tires.

What is a SmartWay-verified Tire?

SmartWay-verified tires meet rolling resistance targets established by SmartWay, to save trucking fleets fuel. SmartWay-verified tires
can be used in federal grant projects and are required on Smart Way-certified tractors and trailers. To understand why rolling resistance
affects fuel use and why SmartWay-verified tires can save fuel, it helps to know what rolling resistance is.

                                                     Basics of Tire Rolling Resistance

                                                     Rolling resistance is just what it sounds like -"resistance" making
                                                     it harder for a tire to roll down the road. Today's pneumatic truck
                                                     tires are round and flexible. Roads are mostly hard and flat. A
                                                     round, flexible tire rolling across a flat, hard surface flexes and
                                                     deforms  as its round shape meets the flat surface. As the tire
                                                     changes shape, molecules inside the tire rub against each other,
                                                     generating heat.  This transformation of mechanical energy into
                                                     heat, which is lost, is the most significant factor in tire rolling
                                                     resistance, since it reduces the energy available to move the truck.
                                                     Other factors include frictional losses between the tire's surface
                                                     and the road surface, and aerodynamic losses from air being
                                                     compressed and deflected by the tire instead of flowing smoothly
                                                     across it.

                                                     All else being equal, the less flexing and deforming a tire
                                                     undergoes as it rolls down the road, the lower its rolling resistance
                                                     and thus  the more energy-efficient the tire. Factors that affect
                                                     rolling resistance include how the tire is constructed, tire size, tire
                                                     compounds and other materials, whether the tire's air inflation
                                                     pressure  is appropriate for its load and temperature, tread pattern
                                                     and depth, and road surface.
Rolling resistance is measured on a specialized road wheel in a
controlled laboratory setting. Target values for SmartWay-verified
tires are based on laboratory tests and modelling simulations.
Photo courtesy ofSmithers Scientific's Ravenna Laboratory
 How SmartWay  Developed Rolling Resistance Targets for SmartWay-verified Tires

In 2007, SmartWay established maximum rolling resistance values for SmartWay-verified tires. To establish its verification criteria,
SmartWay obtained rolling resistance data for new tires produced by the three top-selling manufacturers to the class 8 line haul OEM
truck market.  The data represented rolling resistance values of each manufacturer's best-selling tire for each axle position, using a
widely-accepted tire rolling resistance test method, SAE 1269. For each tire model, SmartWay had test data provided by at least two
different testing sources.  In the aggregate, the results showed average rolling resistance values of 6.8 kg/ton for steer tires, 8.6 kg/
ton for drive tires, and 6.1 kg/ton for trailer tires. Based on the findings of this "market-weighted" approach and discussions with tire
experts, SmartWay used these results as representative baseline values for typical new class 8 tractor-trailer line haul OE tires.

After reviewing technical information and conducting vehicle simulation modeling, SmartWay estimated that reducing tire rolling
resistance by approximately 15% could reduce fuel use by about 3% for a typically loaded class 8 tractor-trailer line haul truck. The
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                                                                                                          July 2010
  modeling assumed an over-axle weight distribution of 15% over the steer axle, and 42.5% each over the drive and trailer
  axles. This distribution is equivalent to the federal over-axle weight limits for an 80,000 GVWR 5-axle tractor-trailer: 12,000
  pounds over the steer axle, 34,000 pounds over the tandem drive axles (17,000 pounds per axle) and 34,000 pounds over the
  tandem trailer axles (17,000 pounds per axle). Our estimate and assumptions were corroborated as being reasonable by various
  industry sources with whom SmartWay consulted.

  Initial Rolling Resistance Targets for SmartWay-verified Tires

  SmartWay then established tire rolling resistance targets that were 15% lower than the baseline values for typical tires
  described above, in order to achieve 3% fuel savings.  These targets were: 5.8 kg/ton for the steer tire, 7.3 kg/ton for the drive
  tire, and 5.2 kg/ton for the trailer tire.  SmartWay obtained additional tire rolling resistance data for tires that are marketed
  as low rolling resistance or fuel-efficient and compared the rolling resistance values to SmartWay's initial target values. For
  each axle position, one or more of the low rolling resistance tires already on the market met Smart Way's initial targets. This
  demonstrated that the SmartWay tire rolling resistance targets were technically feasible. SmartWay also established a total
  vehicle rolling resistance target of 6.2 kg/ton, using the same over-axle weight distributions as used in our vehicle simulation

  Tire Verification Process

  For the first several years of the SmartWay tire verification program, SmartWay allowed tire manufacturers to demonstrate that
  they met the targets using several different methods, including averaging tire rolling resistance values across a complete set of
  tires - steer, drive and trailer - to meet the total vehicle rolling resistance target, as long as at least one of the tires also met the
  target for its individual axle position. Since averaging tire rolling resistances is conceptually similar to testing tires on a truck.
  SmartWay also allowed manufacturers to test tires on a vehicle on a track test. To be verified, the truck with the candidate tires
  needed to demonstrate a 3% or greater fuel savings, compared to a vehicle equipped with typical tires.
  2010 Changes for SmartWay-verified Tires
  From 2007 on, SmartWay continued to acquire rolling resistance data for class 8 line haul truck tires, including for many tire
  models and manufacturers not covered in our initial study.  Earlier this year, SmartWay analyzed the distribution of rolling
  resistance values for the tires it had verified. Based upon this analysis and input from tire manufacturers, SmartWay proposed
  to revise its target values. The revised target values, which go into effect this year, are 6.6 kg/ton for the steer tire, 7.0 kg/ton
  for the drive tire, and 5.5 kg/ton for the trailer tire.  The change represents primarily a rebalancing of tire rolling resistance
  among tire axle positions. Total vehicle rolling resistance increases only slightly, from 6.2 kg/ton to 6.3 kg/ton.

  Another change for 2010 is that earlier this year, SmartWay eliminated the averaging and vehicle test track options for
  SmartWay tire verification. Although these options provided flexibility for tire manufacturers, in practice there isn't a good
  way to know whether tires that are verified as a set are used together.  SmartWay is working with the tire industry to develop
  a "grandfathering" process for tires that can no longer meet the individual axle position targets. Another change in the works
  this year is to transition the verification test method from SAE 1269 to a new ISO tire rolling resistance test method, 28580.
  This  change is primarily intended to eliminate differences in test results due to differences among test labs.  Because of slight
  differences between the SAE and the ISO test methods, we will need to develop correlation factors to  ensure equivalency
  among the test methods. Other questions we are evaluating this year include how many tests to conduct on any given tire;
  which tire size should be the representative test tire; the range of tire sizes that any test can cover; and how frequently to
  "reverify" a tire.
  Looking Ahead
  When SmartWay analyzed its data, we found that even among the most fuel efficient tires, there is a range of rolling resistance
  performance, with some tires ahead of others. For example, one steer tire is more than 20% below the new target, and a few
  drive and trailer tires are more than 10% below the new targets. Since the aim of SmartWay is to accelerate market penetration
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                                                                                                           July 2010
of the best available technologies, Smart Way intends to lower all its rolling resistance targets over time. These changes would
encourage all tire manufacturers to catch up to today's lowest rolling resistance tires, providing even more fuel savings for trucking
fleets that rely upon SmartWay-verified tires.

SmartWay is also exploring options to verify retread tires.  We are working with retread and OE tire manufacturers to generate
sufficient data to establish criteria for retread tire verification. Some of the factors we're evaluating include how much impact the
"fuel efficiency" or condition of a casing has on rolling resistance; how one could identify and match specific casings to specific
retreads; and what impact the retread process has on retreaded tire rolling resistance. Since medium duty truck tires are typically
retread more times than heavy duty truck tires, looking closer at retread tires could have implications for medium duty truck tires in
the future.

Where Can I  Find More Information on  SmartWay-verified Tires?

Most major commercial truck tire manufacturers offer one or more SmartWay-verified tire models for the class 8 line haul tractor
trailer market. SmartWay maintains a list of all Smart Way-verified tires on its web site, at:
http ://www. epa. gov/smartwaY/transport/what-smartwaY/verified-technolo gies. htm
   International  News
      SmartWay Co-hosts Study Tour with China
martWay continues to work with the World Bank and Chinese
officials on a project to improve air quality and freight transporta-
tion efficiency in Guangzhou China.
         EPA, CAI-Asia Center, and Cascade Sierra Solutions recently
         conducted a series of workshops on U.S. freight sustainability
         initiatives for officials from China s Guangdong Province.
Guangzhou is one of the largest cities in China and
the capital of Guangdong Province. It is located in
southern China, and is a key transportation hub and
trading port, situated on the Pearl River with access to
the South China Sea.

Following last year's successful Green Truck Pilot
project, EPA worked with CAI-Asia Center and Cas-
cade Sierra Solutions to develop and host a two-week
study tour for Guangdong Provincial authorities to
leam about freight sustainability in the US. Officials
from the Transport, Environmental, Financial and other
Bureaus came in early June to Chicago, San Fran-
cisco, Sacramento, Seattle and Tacoma to leam first
hand about how business and industry collaborate to
improve goods movement efficiency in the US. The
tour began with a full day SmartWay workshop and
was followed by site visits to SmartWay Partner opera-
tions such as CH Robinson, Interstate Distributors,
Con-Way and Menlo, as well as ports visits and other
informational sessions. To learn more about the Green
Truck project, please see the 10-minute film in English
and Chinese. You can watch or download the video at:

                    Smartway Account Management..News You Can Use
SmartWay  Finance  Program:  A  Road Map
For independent truck owners, small fleets and other diesel operators that want to apply for a low-interest SmartWay
loan or other incentive available to upgrade their equipment, the application process may seem daunting. This
article will give a little guidance and point you in the right direction to get started!

By way of background, Congress appropriates funds for diesel clean up to EPA through the Diesel Emissions
Reduction Act or "DERA". Funds also have been made available to EPA through American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act. EPA typically solicits requests for proposals under DERA once a year.

Although owner-operators and trucking companies may not directly apply for EPA funding, they can receive a sub-
award, sub-grant, or loan from organizations that do qualify and have received funding to establish clean diesel
programs. For more information, read on and follow the links that interest you most!

Financing Opportunities
Low  interest loans and similar financing options
The SmartWay Finance Program uses EPA grant funds to establish innovative finance programs for buyers of
eligible diesel vehicles and equipment. For truck owners, a range of financing options, including low-interest
loans,  extended payback periods, lease-to-own and similar programs are available through four organizations, listed
below. Loans available through these groups can be used toward the purchase of newer used trucks and/or emission
reduction technologies that will help you lower your fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Low interest trucking and equipment loans are available through:
    Houston Galveston
    Area Council
    Lending Services
    Cascade Sierra
    Drivers Association
       For details on financing options, equipment qualifications
              and contacts at these organizations, visit:

           Check out other programs also listed at this site!
In addition to trucking loans, SmartWay has created a finance programs for school buses (National Association for
Pupil Transportation), and one for nonroad applications (Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government).
Information on these finance programs can be found at the same link in the box above.

Truck Equipment Rebates

Cascade Sierra Solutions also administers a rebate program for installing SmartWay verified technology upgrades
on diesel trucks titled in six New England states, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts.
Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  Rebate amounts from $100 to $1,000 per equipment item, and multiple items per
truck, are allowed. The program was developed to make it easy for independent owner-operators and small fleets to
apply and upgrade their trucks. Visit www.cascadesierrasolutions.org.

Commercial Loans

In addition to the low interest loans available through non profit groups, SmartWay maintains the SmartWay
Finance Center, an online website that provides access to commercial loans for the purchase of fuel savings and
emissions reducing vehicles and technologies. This web site works by bringing interested buyers and lenders

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Smartway Account Management..News You Can Use
        together in one place. The interested truck or truck equipment buyer submits an application for an approved vehicle or
        technology, and interested lenders submit loan or lease offers to the applicant. The applicant decides which lenders he/she
        wants to work with, and both applicant and lender discuss the specific terms and conditions of each loan or lease. Please
        note: These are private lenders. EPA may not endorse the products or services of commercial companies. The financial
        institutions and their loan programs listed are not government loans. If you obtain a loan from any of the financial institu-
        tions, you are subject to their terms and conditions. See www.smartwayfinancecenter.coni

        Other Funding Opportunities

        Some states offer financial incentives to help the trucking industry purchase energy savings and/or emission control
        technologies.  See www.epa.gov/smartway/transport/what-smartway/financing-fundingoptions.htm

        The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association's (OOIDA) Landline publication provides a list of diesel grant
        opportunities at www.spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=t4qwtWmFuZ3CJnJvl6A7rO&output=html

        The Department of Energy has a database of federal and state laws and incentives related to alternative fuels and vehicles.
        air quality, fuel efficiency, and other transportation related topics.  See www.afdc.energy. gov/afdc/laws.
        Clean  Diesel Grants
        EPA lists clean diesel projects that have been funded through the SmartWay and National Clean Diesel Campaign grant
        competitions at www.epa.gov/otaq/diesel/projects.htm.  To find programs established with the grant funding, please visit
        the recipient's web site or visit the appropriate Clean Diesel Collaborative web site (see below) and search under "Fund-
        ing" if available. To see the Collaborative or Region for your state, please visit www.epa. gov/epahome/regions.htm.
        Regional Collaboratives'.
           Northeast Diesel Collaborative (Regions 1,2): www.northeastdiesel.org/
           Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative (Region 3): www.dieselmidatlantic.org/diesel/index.htm
           Southeast Diesel Collaborative  (Region 4): www.southeastdiesel.org/
           Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative (Region 5): www.epa. gov/midwestcleandiesel/
           Blue Skyways Collaborative (Regions 6, 7): www.blueskyways.org/
           Rocky Mountain Clean Diesel Collaborative (Region 8): www.epa. gov/regionS/air/rmcdc.html
           West Coast Collaborative (Regions 9, 10): www.westcoastcollaborative.org/

   States Target  Clean Transportation  Initiatives
California Awards $200 Million
Targeting four of the state's busiest trade corridors, the Cali-
fornia Air Resources Board recently awarded $200 million
to clean up air pollution and protect community health. The
money will be used to reduce emissions from heavy-duty die-
sel trucks, locomotive and rail yards, ship berths, cargo equip-
ment and commercial harbor craft such as tugboats and crew
and supply vessels. Trade corridors to receive funding are:

   - Los Angeles/Inland Empire ($110 million)

   - Central Valley ($55.5 million)

   - Bay Area and San Diego/Border regions ($31 million)

 Projects include truck grants to help independent truck owners
 and others comply with California's state trucking laws. Califor-
 nia estimates the newly funded projects will reduce emissions
 by over 29,000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 600 tons of particu-
 late matter. For more information go to www.arb.ca.gov.
     New York Seeks to Advance Emerging
     Transportation Technologies
     The New York State Energy Research and Development Author-
     ity (NYSERDA) is seeking proposals to support the develop-
     ment, demonstration and commercialization of innovative
     transportation products, systems and services. Among projects
     of interest to NYSERDA are upgrades to heavy-duty/commer-
     cial vehicles, such as emissions reduction, regenerative energy
     systems, reduction in parasitic and auxiliary system loads, opera-
     tional efficiencies and similar improvements.  Other broad areas
     of interest include advanced vehicle components, electrified
     transportation and transportation infrastructure improvements.
     Three million dollars in funding is available and proposals are
     due August 19. Projects must benefit the state of New York
     and cofounding is a prerequisite for consideration.  For more
     information go to www.nyserda.org.

                                                                                             July 2010
   |VThp  Buzz  about SmartWay Transport  Partnership
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SmartWay Partnership
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      ATRI Cites Greenhouse Gas Calculation Concerns.
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      The future of Fuel Economy.
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      Charged boots, solar coal, truckers and foodies.
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      Trucking Association Support Efforts to Reduce Idling.
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      Are There 'Green'Transportation Providers?
         FoodProcessing.com. July 9, 2010.
SmartWay Partners
     Western Express orders 900 EPA 2010 Freightliner Cascadias.
        DirectDEF.com. June 1, 2010.
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SmarflAfciy" e-update

                                                                                                 July 2010

|VThp  Buzz  about SmartWay Transport  Partnership

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            KONE Launches "10 for 2010" Eco-efficiency Challenge.
               MarketWatch.com. June 1, 2010.
               http://www.marketwatch.com/story/kone-launches- 1 0-for-20 1 0-eco-efficiency-challenge-201 0-06-0 1 ?reflink=MW_news_

            CSX Obtains LEED Green Building Certification.
               DigitalJournal.com. June 2, 2010. http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/47561

            ABE Listed by Inbound Logistics as a Green 50 Supply Chain Partner.
               PR Newswire.com. June 4, 2010.

            Koch Logistics' Supply Chain Connections are Smarter for the Planet.
               Healthosp.com. June 9, 2010. http://healthosp.com/archive/jalna35150567o3a/archives407711

            Old Dominion Named.
               Layover.com. June 11, 2010. http://www.layover.com/news/article/old-dominion-named-16263.html

            Georgia-Pacific Operations Recognized for Environmental Excellence.
               PR Newswire. June 22, 2010. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/georgia-pacific-operations-recognized-

            Exhibitgroup/Giltspur Joins U.S. EPASmartWay.
               Lifestyletom.com. June 23, 2010. http://lifestyletom.com/path/raol0925687933ros/roin59012565703

            Excel Honored for Achievement in Energy Efficiency and Demand Response.
               Supply & Demand Chain.com. June 24, 2010.

            UWC has improved its SmartWay Score.
               UWCtrucking.blogspot.com. June 24, 2010.

            DHL Global Mail on GoGreen Initiatives.
               Multichannel Merchant. June 30, 2010.
           Owens Corning Recognizes Union Pacific Railroad for Service Excellence.
               MarketWatch.com. July 1, 2010.
               20 10-07-0 1 ?reflink=MW_news_stmp

           Green Mountain Energy Company and smart center Houston Dealerships Partner to Give Away smart car
               PRWeb.com. July 1, 2010.
               http://www.prweb.com/releases/20 10/07/prweb42 12874.htm

           Koch Logistics' Supply Chain Connections are Smarter for the Planet.
               Lifestyletom.com. July 2, 2010.

           Ryder  Recognized as One of the 50 Greenest Supply Chain  Partners.
               MarketWatch.com. July 8, 2010.
               08?reflink=MW  news stmp
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                                                                                           July 2010

   |VThp  Buzz  about SmartWay  Transport  Partnership

         Visit the links below to see media stories that feature Smart Way Transport Partnership

     Best Buy Joins EPA Appliance Disposal Program.
        Environmental Leader.com. July 9, 2010.
        http://www.environmentalleader.com/2010/07/07/best-buy -to-collect- lb-pounds-of-e-waste/
     United Road Receives EPA SmartWay Green Certification.
        Lifestyletom.com. July 9, 2010.

SmartWay Cars
     Mazda3 North America May Sales Rocket Upwards 53.8%.
        ReadMedia.com. June 23, 2010.
SmartWay Tractor  & Trailers
     Kenworth Receives Large Order for New Aerodynamic T700 From Stevens Transport
        MarketWatch.com. June 23, 2010.
SmartWay Verified  Technologies
     Thermo King's electric APU system receives SmartWay verification.
        i-g-m-phone.com. June 1, 2010.

     Carrier Transicold Dealer Network Offers AeroFlex Fairings.
        JapanAutoPages.com. June 1, 2010. http://www.japanautopages.com/blog/carrier-transicold-dealer-network-offers-aero-

     SmartWay grants fuel saving nod to two Continental tires.
        Search-Autoparts.com. June 1, 2010.
        ArticleStandard/Article/detail/67 1772?contextCategoryId=4 1884

     Conti Gets Two More SmartWay Radials.
        Tire Review.com. June 1, 2010. http://www.tirereview.com/ Article/74201/conti_gets_two_more_smartway_radials.aspx

     Bridgestone rolls out wide-base trailer tire.
        FleetOwner. June 3, 2010. http://fleetowner.com/equipment/news/bridgestone-wide-base-trailer-0603/

     BBTS New Wide Base Trailer Radial for Low Rolling Resistance.
        Truckinglnfo.com. June 7, 2010. http://www.truckinginfo.com/news/news-print.asp?news_id=70612

     New Bandag wide base radial compliant with EPA and CARB.
        Search-Autoparts.com. June 8, 2010. http://motorage.search-autoparts.com/motorage/Industry+News/New-Bandag-wide-

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                                                                                             July 2010

|VThp Buzz  about  SmartWay Transport  Partnership

       Visit the links below to see media stories that feature Smart Way Transport Partnership

   Yokahama Gives Zenvironment Tires to Contest Winner.
      Tire Review.com. June 10, 2010. http://www.tirereview.com/Article/74452/yokohama_gives_zenvironment_tires_to_con-

   Double Coin drive tire joins SmartWay list.
      MTD Modern Tire Dealer. June 15, 2010. http://www.moderntiredealer.com/News/Story/2010/06/Double-Coin-drive-tire-

   Second Double Coin Tire Makes SmartWay List.
      Tire Review.com. June 16, 2010. http://www.tirereview.com/Article/74663/second_double_coin_tire_makes_smartway_

   Wide-Base Trailer Tire.
      Today's Trucking.com. June 16, 2010. http://www.todaystrncking.com/products.cfm7intDocJJN24164

   Double Coin's Drive Position Tire Verified by SmartWay.
      Truckinglnfo.com. June 16, 2010. http://www.truckinginfo.com/news/news-print.asp?news_id=70720

   SmartWay verified tires & TPMS.
      Fleet Equipment. June 22, 2010. http://www.fleetequipmentmag.com/Item/74859/smartway_verified_tires	tpms.aspx

   Yokohama announces commercial tire giveaway winner.
      Fleet Equipment. June 22, 2010. http://www.fleetequipmentmag.com/Products/74890/yokohama_announces_commer-

   SmartWay Verifies ATS'Aerodynamic System.
      Truckinglnfo.com. June 29, 2010.
      http ://www.truckinginfo. com/news/news-print. asp?news_id=70861

   Continental unveils HSR2 Eco Plus truck tire.
      MTD Modern Tire Dealer.com. July 1, 2010.

   New Regional SmartWay Tire from Conti.
      TireReview.com. July 6, 2010.

   SmartWay verifies ATS  aerodynamic trailer technology.
      CCJDigital.com. July 7, 2010.
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