United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Solid Waste
And Emergency Response
EPA 510-F-02-013
June 2002
 Underground Storage

 Tanks And Brownfields  Sites

                                                                 MISSOURI/St.  Louis
 EPA's USTfields Initiative funds states and tribes to conduct pilot projects in brownfields communities to assess and clean up petroleum
 contamination from federally-regulated underground storage tanks (USTs) at idle or abandoned commercial properties.  Petroleum
 contamination has generally been excluded from funding under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and
 Liability Act (CERCLA) and has not,  therefore, been covered under EPA's Brownfields Program. In 2002, EPA's Office of Underground
 Storage Tanks (OUST) competitively selected 40 state and tribal USTfields Pilots.  In each pilot, the state will work with a local
 community or the tribe will work with its EPA Region to address identified sites.  Each pilot is awarded up to $100,000  of Leaking
 Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Trust funds to assess and clean up petroleum-contaminated sites; as a result, the sites will be ready
 for future reuse.

 The State of Missouri will work with the City of St. Louis as
 its partnering  local area.  The city is a Brownfields
 Assessment Demonstration Pilot and Brownfields
 Showcase Community. As part of its Brownfields cleanup
 plans, the city has identified 6 - 9 abandoned gas stations
 with underground  storage tanks in two of its northern
 neighborhoods.  These neighborhoods are  part of a
 Federal Empowerment Zone and a larger comprehensive
 revitalization plan.  Abandoned gas stations within the
 neighborhood are  not  only eyesores to the surrounding
 communities but also  pose potential threats to human
 health and the environment from petroleum contamination.

 Using USTfields Pilot funds, augmented by the Missouri
 Petroleum Insurance Fund, the state will work with the city
 to assess and clean up abandoned gas stations in the two
 targeted neighborhoods. This cleanup work will provide
 health and environmental benefits, as well as mitigate
 illegal dumping and criminal activities occurring at these
 sites. Local non-profit community development corporations
 will be involved in the redevelopment of this area. After
 the sites are  cleaned up, they will be  reused to create
 opportunities for economic improvements.
                                                                            EPA Region 7
                                                        St. Louis, MO
                            Applicant Name: State of Missouri

                            Local Partner: City of St. Louis

                            Date of Selection: June 2002

                            Profile: Missouri will work with the City of St. Louis
                            to assess and  clean up several abandoned gas
                            stations to help create opportunities for economic

                                                  EPA Region 7

                                                  Janet Hallier
                                                  (913) 551-7532
                                             Missouri Department of
                                             Natural  Resources
                                             Betty Keehart
                                             (573)  751-3176
                                                  For further information, go to
                                  EPA USTfields  INITIATIVE

EPA has not yet negotiated the Cooperative Agreements with states and tribes to fund these pilots; therefore, activities are subject to change.