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                                               Quick Reference Fact Sheet
 Brownfields are abandoned, idled or underused industrial and commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is
 complicated by real or perceived contamination. In May 1997, Vice President Gore announced a Brownfields National Partnership
 to bring together the resources of more than 15 federal agencies to address local cleanup and reuse issues in a more coordinated
 manner.  In 1998, this multi-agency partnership designated 16 "Brownfields Showcase Communities"ómodels demonstrating
 the benefits of collaborative activity on brownfields. In October 2000, the partnership selected 12 additional "Brownfields
 Showcase Communities" to continue the success of the initiative. The Brownfields Showcase Communities are distributed
 across the country and vary by size, resources, and community type. A wide range of support will be leveraged, depending on
 the particular needs of each Showcase Community.

The Brownfields National Partnership has selected
Jackson, Mississippi, as a Brownfields Showcase
Community. The town (population 196,637) will
target brownfields that are part of the federally
designated Enterprise Community (EC) Strategic
Planning Zone located adjacent to Jackson's central
business district. The redevelopment of the anchor
area, the Parish Street District Fiistoric District (the
country's oldest, pre-civil rights African-American
community), is complicated by the existence of real
or perceived contaminated sites. Many sites are key
to the development of
the district. Cur-
rently Jackson is
                         61 percent live below the poverty line, with households
                         earning less than $8,000 annually. The city is working
                         to clean up and redevelop brownfields sites and
                         undertake other long-term sustainable redevelopment


                         The town has identified more than 100 sites as
                         potential brownfields sites. Currently, redevelopment
                         activities are underway at three sites. Additional sites
                         are expected to be targeted to attract public and
                         private investors.
Community Profile
experiencing a
dwindling population
and tax base, with
industrial areas either
being abandoned or
minimally used.
Lack of reinvestment
and development
further threaten to
undermine its fragile economy. Ninety-seven
percent of residents living within the targeted
brownfields areas are minorities, and approximately
Jackson, Mississippi
                        Jackson has formed
                        partnerships with federal,
                        state, and local entities to
                        address brownfields
                        issues. Their partnership
                        activities target three
                        areas: the Five Points
                        area; the Mid-town
                        community, which is part
                        of the EC and includes
                        the Parish Street Piistoric
District; and the South Parish Street area.  One project
within the Mid-town community area includes a
"brightfields" redevelopment project, which incorpo-
The City of Jackson will supplement
its rich historic value by
redeveloping a 16-square-mile area
to revitalize a section of the city to
its former days of grandeur.
Jackson is expecting the cleanup
and redevelopment process to
alleviate unhealthy environmental
conditions and to spur economic
growth in surrounding communities.

rates solar and/or renewable energy technologies
into the reuse of industrial properties. Another
project in this community is the planned restoration
of the historic King Edward Hotel, which is across
the street from a brownfield being redeveloped at an
estimated cost of $13 million, as a rail transporta-
tion center. Redevelopment of the hotel includes an
estimated $40 million restoration effort and a
$500,000 cleanup. Upon completion, the hotel
project is estimated to generate 160 jobs and
$250,000 in taxes. The state provided $6 million to
the Parish Street Historic District for business
development.  Additionally, Fannie Mae contributed
$6 million and Jackson Redevelopment Venture,
LLC, committed to invest $75 million towards the
project. In addition, the city set aside $200,000 for
the cleanup and redevelopment of the Samson's Dry
Cleaning facility also located in the Parish Street
Historic District.

A few of the partners involved include Parish Street
Historic District Neighborhood Foundation, Jackson
City Council, Jackson Metro Housing Partnership,
Inc., Jackson Medical Mall Foundation, Mississippi
Manufacturers Association, Jackson State Univer-
sity Department of Urban Planning, Metro Jackson
Chamber of Commerce, the Mississippi Department
of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers-Vicksburg District, and State of Missis-
sippi Department of Economic and Community


As a Showcase Community, Jackson's objective is to
revamp brownfield sites in historic neighborhoods
and adjacent areas. The project strategy will include
selecting and assessing sites, identifying redevelop-
ment barriers, developing a comprehensive redevel-
opment plan for the 100 sites, ensuring community
involvement, and coordinating cleanup activities.
Jackson will continue to work with its cooperative
partners, EPA, and the state's Department of Environ-
mental Quality and leverage additional resources and
assistance from private and public investors.  The
project will demonstrate how coordinated federal,
state, and local efforts can spur revitalization in
communities of great need while preserving their
historical identity.

                           City of Jackson              U.S. EPA-Region 4
                           Office of Economic Development (404) 562-8661
                           Department of Planning
                           and Development

                            For more information on the Brownfields Showcase Communities,
                                    visit the EPA Brownfields Web site at:
Brownfields Showcase Communities
October 2000
                               Jackson, Mississippi
                                 EPA 500-F-00-221