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                     November 1998
                       Brownfields   Showcase
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                                                                  Quick Reference Fact Sheet
Brownfields are abandoned, idled or underused industrial and commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is
complicated by real or perceived contamination. In May 1997, Vice President Gore announced a Brownfields National Partnership
to bring together the resources of more than 15 federal agencies to address local cleanup and reuse issues in a more
coordinated manner. This multi-agency partnership has pledged support to 16 "Brownfields Showcase Communities"—models
demonstrating the benefits of collaborative activity on brownfields.  The designated Brownfields Showcase Communities are
distributed across the country and vary by size, resources, and community type. A wide range of support will be leveraged,
depending on the particular needs of each Showcase Community.
                     Community Profile

The Brownfields National Partnership has selected
the State of Rhode Island/Providence  as  a
Brownfields Showcase Community. Rhode Island's
Woonasquatucket River Greenway project is an ur-
ban revitalization effort to restore greenspace and
stimulate economic investment along the river. Two
sites located within the Greenway project are tar-
geted by the EPA Brownfields Pilot, which is man-
aged by the Rhode Is-
land Department of
Environmental Man-
agement (RIDEM).
The first, the six-acre
Riverside Mills  site,
lies at the heart of one
of the most distressed
neighborhoods  in
Providence,  where
35% of families live in
poverty. In 1989,afire
destroyed all but one
office building on the property. The site has also
been plagued by illegal dumping.

The second site, the nine-acre Lincoln Lace and Braid
property, is adjacent to residential neighborhoods and
                                            the 18-acre Merino Park, which closed ten years ago.
                                            Nearly 50% of neighboring residents are impoverished.
                                            Contamination on this property has spread to the river,
                                            and cleanup of the site is  necessary to ensure that no
                                            further toxins are released into the water.

                                            Restoring these two sites is also essential to the eco-
                                            nomic recovery of their adjacent neighborhoods.

                                            CURRENT ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS
                      Sfafe of Rhode Island/
                        In 1996, RIDEM re-
                        ceived  a  $200,000
                        Brownfields Pilot grant
                        from EPA to identify
                        brownfields in the rede-
                        velopment area, and to
                        conduct assessments at
                        selected sites. Approxi-
                        mately $7.3 million has
                        been leveraged for the
                        design and development
                        of the project, which
has a total estimate of $10 million. Highlights of the
Greenway Project's redevelopment efforts include:

• Matching the EPA Pilot grant with $210,000 in state
Rhode Island's Greenway Project
plans to restore greenspace and
stimulate economic reinvestment
along the Woonasquatucket River
Corridor. $4.3 million has been
leveraged from the City of
Providence and the state for this
project, which will create a 4.4-mile
greenway and bike path along the

 Identifying 15 brownfields sites within the Greenway
 Project area;

 Completing environmental assessments at both the
 Riverside Mills and Lincoln Lace and Braid sites;

 Completing a cleanup evaluation report for the
 Riverside Mills site (cleanup costs are estimated at
 $1.4 million), and drafting a second report for the
 Lincoln Lace and  Braid property (cleanup costs
 are estimated at $ 1  million);

 Receiving a $3 million commitment from the City of
 Providence for the Greenway Project;

 Removing all of the  solid waste found  on the
 Riverside Mills site, and demolishing and removing
 all of the abandoned structures on the Lincoln Lace
 and Braid property;

 Securing  $1.3  million from the Rhode Island
 Department of Transportation to design  and
 construct a bicycle path that will traverse both site s
 and link the project area to Waterplace Park;

 Receiving  a  $3  million commitment from
 Providence's mayor and city council, for park and
 greenspace improvements; and

 Conducting outreach efforts  to  schools  and
 community centers, enabling more than 300 students
 to  tour the entire  Woonasquatucket  River
 Watershed area.

          Rhode Island plans to use the Showcase Communi-
          ties project to support the state's plan to return the
          Riverside Mills and Lincoln Lace and Braid sites to
          beneficial use, revitalize distressed areas along the
          river, and restore pride and well-being to disadvan-
          taged neighborhoods.  The cleanup and redevelop-
          ment of these two priority sites will likely lead to ad-
          ditional cleanup and redevelopment, while generating
          interest from private developers that will lead to new
          employment  opportunities.  The Greenway Project
          plans to  create a 28,000 square-foot parcel  on the
          Riverside Mills site, as well as a 43,000 square-foot
          parcel for commercial and/or light industrial devel-
          opment.  This site could eventually create up to 100
          new jobs. Ultimately, this ecosystem-based project
          will restore wetlands and greenspaces, and create a
          new, 4.4-mile greenway along the Woonasquatucket

                 Rhode Island Department of
                 Environmental Management
Department of Planning and
City of Providence
Regional Brownfields Team
U.S. EPA- Region 1
                           For more information on the Brownfields Showcase Communities,
                                    visit the EPA Brownfields web site at:
Brownfields Showcase Community
November 1998
                             State of Rhode Island/Providence
                                         EPA 500-F-98-263