Changes to Content and Availability of
                                  EMTS Documents
What are EMTS documents?

      Documents are generated in EMTS to aid in your organization's internal recordkeeping
       and reporting.

Why were the changes introduced?

      Documents have grown in size as information has been added to them.
      Number of available documents has increased with each EMTS release.
      Frequency of document availability has increased to meet the needs of EMTS users.
      EMTS retained each document that was generated.
      System  performance and database size are affected by the above and are unsustainable.

What are the changes?

   Version 1.4 - Released June 29, 2011

      Created a new daily document - Transaction Status document - that contains
       transaction activity for a single day (i.e., yesterday's activity). For each organization it
       displays transactions submitted  by that organization and transactions specifying that
       organization as the trading partner from the prior day. It also displays transactions that
       changed status on the previous day (e.g., if a pending trade was  accepted yesterday, it
       will be displayed on the today's  report). The document is produced once per day during
       the overnight document generation process.

      Automatically unsubscribe organizations that fail to download documents for which
       they have subscribed after 22 days of inactivity. An email notification will be sent to
       users before and after the system performs this action. Users may re-subscribe to
       documents at any time.

      Modified the Monthly Transaction History document to display transactions based on
       Transaction Status Date rather than Submission Status Date. This change ensures that
       transaction status changes occurring after the end of the month will be included in the
       Monthly Transaction History document.
United States                                            EPA-420-B-11-030
Environmental Protection
Agency                                                    August 2011

     Required subscription to the Monthly Transaction History document for organizations
      that wish to maintain a historic record of transactions in EMTS documents. Then, for
      certain documents, purge all "3 per day," "daily," and "weekly" documents once the
      "monthly" Transaction History document becomes available. EMTS will retain Monthly
      Transaction History documents for a period of one year so that a complete set of
      documents exists for the most recent compliance year and a set for the current
      compliance year.

   Version 1.5 - Tentatively scheduled for release in December 2011

     Fully replace 3 per day, daily and weekly Transaction History documents with
      Transaction Status documents. EMTS will no longer produce "3 per day," "daily" and
      "weekly" Transaction History documents. The Monthly Transaction History document
      will still be available.

     Match the amount of data pro vided in a document to the frequency of generation fo r
      that document. This change applies to the Completed Trade, Expired Trade, and
      Canceled Trade documents.  For example, a "daily" Completed Trades document would
      contain one day's worth of data (e.g., yesterday's data). All "3 per day" documents
      would contain all trades completed that day up until the time when the document is


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