Rate  Your Energy Performance

Use the US EPA's energy performance rating system within Portfolio
Manager to rate the energy performance of your retail facilities on a
scale of 1-100. Rate all of your facilities and update the data regularly
to take control of your energy costs. See top of page two for eligibility
and data needed.

  Store size of at least 5,000 square feet
  Operated a minimum of 30 hours per week
  Occupied for the last 12 months by at least 1 worker,
  with at least 1 cash register
  Stores must be free standing or located in strip centers
  Stores located in enclosed malls are not eligible,
  with the exception of mall anchors

  Total gross floor area should include all supporting functions such as
  kitchens and break rooms used by staff, storage areas, administrative
  areas, elevators, stairwells, atria, etc. Retail segments typically eligible
  for benchmarking include: Department Store, Discount Store,
  Supercenter, Warehouse Club, Drug Store, Dollar Store, Home Center/
  Hardware, and Apparel/Hard Line Specialty. Retail segments typically
  not eligible for benchmarking include Electronics Stores.

Use your rating to set improvement goals and create an
action plan. If your building's energy performance rating was:

1-49    After reducing the load on your building with
        aggressive low-cost operational changes, you may
        need to invest in capital equipment to further
        enhance performance and increase the bottom line
50-74   Significant opportunities to reap savings. Simple,
        low-cost operations and maintenance practices,
        combined with equipment upgrades, could yield
        significant savings
75-100  Gain recognition for your achievements and
        continue implementing best practices.
Enter at least 12 consecutive months of energy data, with
no gaps or overlaps between meter entries
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    United States
    Environmental Protection

    March 2008
                                      Building address including zip code
                                      Year built
                                      Gross floor area
                                      Operating hours per week
                                      Number workers on main shift
                                      Number of personal computers
                                     i Number of cash registers
                                      Number of walk-in refrigeration/freezer units
                                      Number of open and closed refrigeration/freezer cases
                                      Percent of building  heated and cooled
                                      At least twelve consecutive months of energy use and cost
                                      data for all fuel types

                                       • Control account access and editing rights.
                                        On the right side of the "Facility
                                        Summary" page, go to "Sharing Data"
                                        (see ^on page one). Click ADD to delegate access
                                        to your property to other users. Click TRANSFER to
                                        assign another user the role of "Building Data
                                        Administrator" for your property.
                                       • Group facilities within an account. Organize properties
                                        into  groups (e.g., by region, by facility type). From the
                                        "My Portfolio" page, click CREATE GROUP
                                       • Generate a Statement of Energy Performance. Use this
                                        resource as a management report and transactional
                                        document. Above the "Facility Performance"  section
                                        of the "Facility Summary" page, click GENERATE A
                                        STATEMENT OF ENERGY PERFORMANCE
                                        (see _|on page one)
                                        Track ratings and eligibility for the ENERGY STAR. From
                                        the "Facility Summary" page, under the "General
                                        Information" section (see^on page one), check
                                        "Eligibility for the ENERGY STAR" and click APPLY
                                        if applicable
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                                                              Track Water Meters.
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                                                              "Facility Summary"
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                                                              "Water Meters"
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