Administrator's    500-Day   Plan
  Increase the velocity of environmental progress by implementing "a better way'
  Principles of "a better way'
     National standards, neighborhood solutions
     Reward results, not programs
     Collaboration, not polarization
     Lead with science and technology
     Markets before mandates
     Solutions transcend political boundaries
     Assure compliance, enforce the law
     Science for facts, process for priorities
     Consider benefits and costs
     Change a head, change a nation
Clean the air
 >  Significantly improve the nation's health by working with states to
    implement our new more protective air quality standards for ozone and
    fine particles
 >  Reduce emissions of NOx and S02 from coal-fired power plants by
    approximately 70% by finalizing the Clean Air Interstate Rule
 >  Decrease mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants by 70% by
    finalizing the Clean Air Mercury Rule
 >  Cut diesel emissions by replacing or retrofitting school buses with state-
    of-the-art emission controls through the Clean School Bus USA initiative

Protect and restore the water
 >  Create improved water-monitoring networks to keep water clean, safe
    and secure
 >  Ensure an overall increase of wetlands each year
 >  Restore watersheds and coastal waters

Recycle and renew polluted land
 >  Restore urban communities by redeveloping abandoned brownfield sites
    in each state

Make compliance our enforcement objective
 >  Apply consistent and certain enforcement to motivate compliance
 >  Make enforcement decisions using multiple factors, including available
    resources and desired environmental benefits

Implement Executive Order issued by President
Bush on the Great Lakes
 >  Lead the G reat Lakes Task Force
 >  Work with states, local governments, federal agencies, tribal nations,
    Canadian governments and other important stakeholders to create a
    regional collaboration of national significance in the Great Lakes region
                      500 days with a 5,000-day horizon
                "The President has charged me to take action to ensure our air is

                 cleaner, our water is purer, and our land is better protected, all

                  while affirming our economic competitiveness. This charge

                defines his passion, the mission of the Environmental Protection

                      Agency and my stewardship as Administrator."

                                             - Mike Leavitt
      Develop EPA's collaborative networks for
      environmental problem-solving
       >   Inventory, analyze, replicate and teach about successful collaborative

      Protect America's Homeland
       >   Implement the President's Homeland Security Directives to enhance
          decontamination capabilities in the event of a biological attack, and to
          support first responders in a nationally significant terrorist event

      Protect the culture of rural America with innovative
      approaches to environmental protection
       >   Assure that endangered species are protected from pesticides, while
          making certain that farmers and communities have the pest control tools
          they need

      Advance the President's legislative priorities for EPA
       >   Pass Clear Skies legislation
       >   Elevate EPA to permanent cabinet-level status
       >   Ratify the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Treaty
       >   Ratify the Marine Pollution (MARPOL) Treaty Annex to reduce air
          pollution from ships

      Capitalize on the stature and convening  powers of
      the United States to improve the global environment
       >   Develop relationships with environmental ministers from the international
       >   Initiate collaborative opportunities with other nations
       >   Champion the Global Earth Observation System of Systems and foster
          partnerships, like Climate Leaders, to address climate change

      Manage resources wisely
       >   Value and reward EPA's diverse and talented workforce
       >   Implementthe President's Management Agenda
              Manage human capital strategically
              Improve financial management
              Integrate budget and performance
              Expand e-government
              Implement competitive sourcing
    *This plan will be reviewed and updated every 200 days