S            "'.J
 "President Bush has charged EPA with  accelerating the pace  of
environmental protection while maintaining our nation's economic
competitiveness, and I am committed to meeting this challenge. "
                                                    — Administrator Stephen L. Johnson
                      As we work to implement our Strategic Plan, EPA will
                      accelerate the pace of environmental protection by
                      taking actions that produce environmental results and
                      are accountable to the public, and by embracing the tools
                      of innovation and collaboration — all the while, ensuring
                      that the best available science remains at the center of
                      our decision making.

                      Cleaner Air and A ffordable Energy

                      •  Provide certainty for consumers  and protect the environ-
                        ment by seeking passage of Clear Skies legislation
                      •  Expand the use of biof uels and promote diesel emissions
                        reductions through retrofit and other technologies
                      •  Promote clean air and energy security through voluntary
                        conservation programs, such as Energy Star and
                        SmartWay Transport
                      •  Make timely permitting decisions and foster techno-
                        logical innovations to support the clean development of
                        domestic energy resources (oil, gas, nuclear, coal, wind,
                        and solar)
                     Clean and Safe Water

                     •   Develop innovative, market-based, and sustainable
                         solutions for water infrastructure financing and manage-
                     •   Advance regional collaborations for the Chesapeake
                         Bay, the Great Lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico
                     •   Restore and protect America's wetlands and water-
                     •   Improve water monitoring networks

                     Healthy Communities and Ecosystems

                     •   Continue to reduce incidences of childhood lead
                     •   Restore contaminated properties, including brownfields,
                         to environmental and economic vitality
                     •   Encourage voluntary "good Samaritan" efforts to clean
                         up abandoned mine sites
                     •   Promote stewardship through increased resource
                         conservation, including waste minimization and
                                                    Principles to Accelerate the Pace
                                                    of Environmental Protection
                                                     Results and Accountable
                                                     EPA remains committed to being a good steward of
                                                     our environment and a good steward of our tax dol-
                                                     lars. To provide the American people with environ-
                                                     mental results, the Agency must operate efficiently
                                                     and effectively through the use of transparent
                                                     management tools and measures. EPA will continue
                                                     to vigorously enforce our nation's environmental laws
                                                     through effective  compliance assistance and a strong
                                                     enforcement program.
                                                     Innovation and Collaborat:
                                                     Meeting today's environmental challenges require
                                                     new approaches. Together with our state, local,
                                                     tribal, and private-sector partners, EPA will identify
                                                     and foster approaches, such as Cooperative Conser-
                                                     vation, that promote environmental stewardship and
                                                     produce results through innovation and collaboration.
                                                     Best A variable Science
                                                     EPA will continue to use the best available scientific
                                                     information as the basis for its decision making.
                                                     EPA will strengthen the Integrated Risk Information
                                                     System (IRIS) to provide world-class data, and will
                                                     continue to ensure that its workforce has the tools
                                                     and skills needed for new areas of scientific inquiry,
                                                     such as genomics, nanotechnology, and computa-
                                                     tional toxicology.
                                                  The Global Environment

                                                  •   Promote energy security, cuts in air pollution, and the
                                                     reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions through
                                                     the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and
                                                     the Methane-to-Markets Partnership
                                                  •   Seek passage of legislation to implement the Persistent
                                                     Organic Pollutants (POPs) treaty
                                                  •   Advance international collaboration on environmental
                                                  A  Stronger EPA
                                                  •  Implement the President's Management Agenda
                                                  •  Work to ensure a diverse, talented, and highly-skilled
                                                  •  Contribute to America's homeland security, including
                                                     response to natural disasters, through prevention,
                                                     preparedness, and research