Learning  Network   for Active Aging
Bridging:  Research  "=> Practice ^Healthy Communities
     More than a list of resources, The Learning Network for Active Aging aims to be a forum where those interested in active
     living, healthy aging and smart communities may both access and provide information. Truly innovative e-collaboration!
  What is the Learning Network for Active Aging?
  DESIGNED by YOU- Active for Life  and the National Blueprint in collaboration with the EPA Aging
  Initiative is creating an internet based forum with interactive resources and technical assistance to foster
  healthy communities for active aging with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and technical
  assistance from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Aging Research Network.

  Why is the Learning Network for Active Aging needed?
  INFORMATION- there is a vast array on the topics of healthy living, active aging and environmentally
  enhanced communities. The Learning Network for Active Aging is a coordinated forum to connect those
  who have the information and those who need the information in order to take advantage of lessons learned,
  to foster dissemination of ideas and  experiences, and to build recognition in the broader community.

  Who will be a part of the Learning Network for Active Aging?
  YOU, organizations, practitioners, community leaders, community based
  health and wellness professionals, community organizations, physical
  activity, healthy living & aging programs, environmental community
  recognition enthusiasts, researchers, academicians...

  How can I use the Learning Network for Active Aging?
  IMAGINE the possibilities, build on learnings already available, simplify
  access to information, reduce duplication of efforts, locate effective research-based information, resources
  and tools, highlight best practices, identify and share effective programs, find support, recognize
  environments that support healthy living, describe challenges  and barriers, link new and experienced
  professionals, disseminate research translation, focus on sustainability, plan future programs, develop policy,
  share YOUR experience and accomplishments, emphasize YOUR program's learnings

  What would YOU like to access and share with the Learning Network for Active  Aging?
  Contact information: Cathy Liles icliles@srph.tamhsc.edu
                         NATIONAL BLUEPRINT:
                       [increasing Physical Activity Among Adults Aged 50 and.Oldei