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  Winthrop, Minnesota

  Steve Gleisner
  General Manager
  SmartWay Transport
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  (507) 647-5417

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                                   BARTELS Truckline,  Inc.

                                        Shipping within a 550 mile radius of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the majority
                                        of product that Bartels' Truckline Incorporated carries is food related.
                                        Bartels' employs a variety of emission reduction strategies.
                                  Approximately half of the tractors and a quarter of the trailers have single-wide
                                  tires.  Bartels' Truckline is estimated to save 16,055 gallons of fuel in 2007,
                                  saving approximately $47,000 by using single-wide tires. All of their over-the-
                                  road trucks utilize APUs. Gleisner cites the APUs as the most cost effective
                                  strategy due  to the amount of money saved in fuel.  In 2007, it is estimated that
                                  Bartel's will save 20,530 gallons of fuel from utilizing APUs, saving
                                  approximately $60,000 in the cost of fuel. The company also has a no idling
                                  policy and weekly measures their fuel economy.  Bartels' also uses an incentive
                                  program for the drivers to keep idling to a minimum. If a driver has under 20%
                                  idling for the quarter, the driver receives a gift. In addition, the top three idling
                                  reducing drivers receive various gift packages. The company's fuel efficiency
                                  has increased from 5.6 mpg to 6.37 mpg and the fleet-wide idling average is
                                  22.5% of total engine use.

                                  "Environmental concerns are  coming to the forefront of the industry," states
                                  Steve  Gleisner, General Manager for Bartels', "The SmartWay program  is a big
                                  part of the environmental switch in the industry.  Economics is also a big part."
                                  Commenting  on the reason why Bartels'joined SmartWay, Gleisner states that
                                  "it makes economic sense. We are interested in the many strategies to improve
                                  fuel economy, which also impacts the environment." Gleisner cites SmartWay's
                                  strong point as the fuel efficiency and emission reduction information the
                                  program provides.
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