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ENERGY STAR  benchmarking provides foundation for energy savings and LEED-EB certification.

Project Scope
Servidyne performed energy and sustainability audits at 25 commercial office buildings for a global institutional
investment manager to lay the basis for energy improvements and pursuit of recognition. ENERGY STAR
Portfolio Manager was used at the onset of each audit to identify high-performing assets that could readily earn
the ENERGY STAR and achieve LEED certification, improving market position. Benchmarking also pinpointed
buildings with opportunities for energy savings. Servidyne identified savings measures in the audits, including
low- and no-cost adjustments and capital retrofit projects, and recommended specific measures to ownership.

Project Summary
The property teams at two particular commercial office buildings - 100 West Road in Baltimore, and Maitland
Promenade I in Orlando - immediately began to capture savings opportunities identified in audits.

The Baltimore building quickly and inexpensively corrected system control issues discovered during the audit,
reducing energy use by 25% and increasing its ENERGY STAR rating by 28 points - from 46 to 74. The
ownership of the Orlando building invested in recommended retrofits including control system upgrades,
variable frequency drives, and demand-controlled ventilation, resulting in a 15% reduction in energy use and 18
point ENERGY STAR rating increase - from 69 to 87. The Orlando building earned the ENERGY STAR for
superior energy performance, and both buildings are currently pursuing LEED certification.

      Energy Savings
       These measures helped the Baltimore building to save 23 kBtu/ft2 and $53,000 annually, and the
       Orlando building to save 13 kBtu/ft2 and $58,000 each year.
       The Baltimore building pursued low- and no-cost system control adjustments totaling less than $10,000.
       The Orlando building  invested $82,000 in upgrades and retrofits.
      Financial Return
       Both buildings achieved near immediate payback on investments - with less than 3  months simple
       payback for the Baltimore building, and approximately 1.4 years for the Orlando building.
      Other Benefits
       To promote energy awareness and best practices,  each property distributes tenant newsletters that
       describe their energy and sustainability goals and accomplishments.

Monitoring & Verifying Energy Savings
Energy usage and costs are tracked on an ongoing basis in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to ensure that
savings achieved are maintained, and to work towards continuous energy performance improvement.

Distinguishing Value
Servidyne's use of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to benchmark customer buildings helps property teams to
not only better understand how their building is performing over-time, as compared to others in a portfolio, and
relative to similar buildings nationwide, but also to identify where additional improvement opportunities lay -
saving energy,  money, and the environment.
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