Supplemental Assistance
                          Wayne  County,  Ml

EPA awarded Wayne County supplemental assistance
for its Brownfields Assessment Demonstration Pilot. This
is the second time Wayne County has been awarded
supplemental assistance.   The county (population 2.1
million) includes the City of Detroit, which is a federally
designated Empowerment Zone. Automobile and steel
manufacturing are the area's major industries. It is
estimated that at least one-third (15.5 square miles) of the
county's industrial area is covered with brownfields.
Closed plants, illegal dumps, and closed landfills are
scattered throughout the county. These sites attract illegal
occupants, lower property values, and encourage further
abandonment in these areas.

Under the original EPA Pilot  and using previous
supplemental funding, the county initiated Phase I
assessments at 23 sites, Phase II assessments at 10 sites,
and baseline  environmental assessments at four sites.
Seven sites have started cleanup activities and another
sevenhave started redevelopment activities. At least 17 of
the selected bro wnfield sites are either in the Empowerment
Zone, other economically distressedareas, orpredominantly
minority areas of Wayne County. The supplemental
assistance will be used to expand the county' s successful
brownfields assessment andreclamation program into the
most severely contaminated areas of Wayne County.


The primary goals of the county's brownfields program
are to return vacant and underused properties to economic
or public use, leverage other governmental funding sources,
create jobs, and enhance the county tax base. Supplemental
assistance will be used to assess sites recommended by
the  various county municipalities based on the  sites'
developmentpotential andcommunity benefits. In addition,
the county will continue assessment and redevelopment
support at four sites at which initial assessment were
conducted underthe original Pilot or previous supplemental
Date of Announcement:
May 2002

Amount: $150,000

Profile: This Pilot will target up
to six new sites in the most
severely contaminated areas of
Wayne Countyfor assessment.
    Wayne County, Michigan

   Wayne County Brownfield
Regional Brownfields Team
U.S. EPA Region 5
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      Forfurtherinformation,includingspecific Pilot contacts,
    additional Pilot information, brownfields news and events, and
    publications and links, visit the EPA Brownfields web site at:

Activities planned as part of this Pilot include:

 Selecting new brownfields based on criteria such as
  development potential, community impact,  site
  desirability/accessibility, and market value from among
  those submitted by municipalities;

 Conducting Phase I assessments on up to six sites;

 Conducting  Phase II  assessments,  baseline
  environmental assessments, and due care planning on
  four to six sites;

 Completing  assessment support for four previously
  selected sites; and

 Continuing outreach to private developers, municipalities,
  local groups, community organizations and development

activities described in this fact sheet are subject to change.
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