Resource List  for Educators
For more background information on climate change please visit:
- EPA's Climate Change website
- NOAA's Climate Change website
- State Department's Climate Change website
- U.S. Global Change Research Program
- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change website
- NASA's Global Warming website
- NASA's Climate Change—Eyes on the Earth website
- NOAA's National Climatic Data Center

For additional classroom activities on climate  change please visit:
- EPA's educational resources on climate change
- Cool School Challenge Classroom Toolkit
- Climate Change, Wildlife, and Wildlands Toolkit
- Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Climate  Guide
- Earth Day Network's Teacher Resources on Climate
- Will Steger Foundation Climate Change Curriculum
- National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools
- National Wildlife Federation's Climate Classroom—Environmental Education to Inspire

National Science Education Standards: Science Content Standards for Classroom Activities
                Disappearing Snow

Disciplines: Science (Grades 5-8)
•   Unifying Concepts and Processes
       -Systems, order and organization
       -Evidence, models and explanation
       -Change, constancy and measurement
•   Physical Science
       -Transfer of energy
•   Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
       -Populations, resources, and environments
       -Natural hazards
       -Risks and benefits
      Thinking about Carbon CO2 and What Makes the Earth Sick?

      Disciplines: Science (Grades 5-8)
      •  Earth and Space Science
             -Structure of the earth system
             -Earth's history
             -Earth in the solar system
      •  Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
             -Personal health
             -Populations, resources and environments
             -Natural hazards
             -Risks and benefits
             -Science and technology in society
The front of this poster shows the winners of the first Region 5 Climate Change Art Challenge for middle school students. One
winner was selected from each of EPA Region 5's six states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The
winning artists, Annamaria Mastrodomenico, Chicago, IL; Jenna Phillips, Bloomington, IN; Anna Brooks, Bloomfield Hills, MI,
Maggie Panetta, Rochester, MN; Hannah Donovan, Cincinnati, OH; and Claire Monzel, Milwaukee, WI were among 450 sixth-,
seventh-, and eighth-grade students who submitted a drawing or painting that responded to the question "What is Climate

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