Plan EJ  2014:  At-A-Glance

In January 2010, Administrator Lisa P. Jackson made Expanding the
Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice
an Agency priority.  This priority was incorporated into the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Strategic Plan for 2011-2015.  To
implement this priority, EPA launched Plan EJ 2014 as the Agency's
roadmap for integrating environmental justice into its programs, policies,
and activities.

                          Plan EJ 2014, which is meant to mark the 20th
                          anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 12898 on
                          environmental justice, is EPA's overarching strategy for
                          advancing environmental justice. It seeks to:

                          1.     Protect the environment and health in
                                overburdened communities.
                          2.     Empower communities to take action to improve
                                their health and environment.
                          3.     Establish partnerships with local, state, tribal, and
                                federal governments and organizations to achieve
                                healthy and sustainable communities.
                          Plan EJ 2014 has three major sections: Cross-Agency Focus
                          Areas, Tools Development Areas, and Program Initiatives.
                          Input from communities and all stakeholders helped to
                          inform the development of Plan EJ 2014 and will continue
                          to inform implementation of its initiatives. EPA will issue
                          annual reports documenting the progress toward meeting
                          the commitments outlined in Plan EJ 2014. The annual
                          reports will be made available to the public through
                           For more information on Plan EJ 2014 and how to get involved
                          please go to:
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 Three Major Sections in Plan EJ 2014
 1. Cross-Agency Focus Areas
 EPA has identified five Cross-Agency Focus Areas:
 1.     Incorporating Environmental Justice into
 2.     Considering Environmental Justice in Permitting.
 3.     Advancing Environmental Justice through
        Compliance and Enforcement.
 4.     Supporting Community-Based Action Programs.
 5.     Fostering Administration-Wide Action on
        Environmental Justice.
 2. Tools Development Areas
 Tools Development will focus on developing the methods,
 mechanisms, and systems that support environmental
 justice analysis, technical assistance, and community
 work. Plan EJ 2014 has identified four areas for tools
 6.    Science.
 7.    Law.
 8.    Information.
 9.    Resources.
 3. Program Initiatives
 EPA will designate one initiative per appropriate program
 for inclusion in Plan EJ 2014. Existing EPA initiatives can
 be tailored to better integrate environmental justice and
 produce greater benefits for overburdened communities.

 What Happens in 2014?
 In 2014, EPA will make an assessment of its progress in
 achieving the goals of Plan EJ 2014. Based on this
 assessment, EPA will produce a report on the
 accomplishments, lessons learned, challenges, and next
 steps for continuing the Agency's efforts to make
 environmental justice an integral part of every decision.
 For more information on Plan EJ 2014 and how to get involved
please go to: