Evaluation of E15 Health  and
                    Emissions Information
                       Fuel and fuel additive manufacturers have not registered E15 with
                       EPA yet. Registration is required prior to sale. Additional steps
                    must also be taken, as outlined below.

                    The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)/Growth Energy
                    Submission and EPA's Evaluation

                      r"  RFA/Growth Energy submitted to EPA information and analysis for satisfying
                          the emissions and health effects testing requirements for registration of E15,

                      ^  To satisfy the health effects testing requirement, RF A/Growth Energy
                          submitted an analysis that the results of testing previously conducted for
                          E10 registration are reasonably comparable to the results that E15 testing
                          would yield,

                      ^  EPA is today releasing its evaluation of the RF A/Growth Energy submissions.
                          In its Evaluation Document, EPA concludes that the emissions and health
                          effects information requirements for an El5 registration application would be
                          satisfied by the RF A/Growth Energy submissions,
                               On three previous occasions, EPA has found that health effects test-
                                ing of a new F/FA is not required because previous testing provided
                                information that is reasonably comparable to the information that
                                testing of the new F/FA would produce,

                      r"  The registration regulations allow for the developers of the health and emis-
                          sions information to require reimbursement. However, on February 3, 2012,
                          RFA and Growth Energy sent EPA a letter stating that F/FA manufacturers
                          may rely on the RF A/Growth Energy submission free'of'charge in registering
United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
                     February 2012

             Next Steps in Registering El5

                r"  Every El5 manufacturer must submit to EPA a registration application for El5,
                         In light of today's action, F/FA manufacturers who wish to register El5 are
                          expected to use the RFA/Growth Energy submission to satisfy a major require-
                          ment of their registration application,

                ^  To register El5, a manufacturer must also submit basic information including product
                   and manufacturer identification, specific compositional data and total annual production

                ^  EPA will act on El5 registration applications as they are received. The Agency generally
                   acts on fuel registrations within 2 to 4 weeks of receipt.
Additional Steps in Bringing E15 to Market

   ^   Meeting Clean Air Act registration requirements, although a prerequisite to introducing
       E15 into the marketplace, by itself does not mean E15 can immediately be sold,

   ^   E15 was granted conditional waivers by EPA to be introduced into commerce. The
       misfueling mitigation conditions of the waiver must be met before E15 may be intro-
       duced into commerce. (Misfueling mitigation measures assure that E15 is only used in
       approved vehicles.) Specifically, F/FA manufacturers who wish to register El5 must
       obtain EPA approval of, and implement a misfueling mitigation plan and a survey plan,
       before selling El5,

   ^  Industry stakeholders are also preparing an El5 public education campaign to provide
       consumers with additional information about the proper use of El5 and to help them
       avoid misfueling. EPA is participating in that effort,

   ^   Other federal, state and local requirements and practical concerns must also be addressed.
       For example, dispenser and tank compatibility with El5 must be considered by marketers
       of E15. (EPA has issued guidance on tank compatibility.) Since a number of states restrict
       the sale of some gasoline-ethanol blends, state law changes may be needed before E15
       may be sold in those states.
For More Information

You can access the Evaluation Document and related materials on EPA's Office of Transportation
and Air Quality (OTAQ) Web site at:

          www.epa.gov/otaq/regs/fuels/additive/e 15

             For more information, please contact EPA's Fuels Program at:

                      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                      Office of Transportation and Air Quality (6405J)
                      1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
                      Washington, DC 20460
                      E-mail: epafuelsprograms@epa.gov