Brownfields 2000  Revolving Loan Fund Pilot
    9& %    Fact Sheet
               Oakland, CA
EPA Brownfields Initiative

EPA's Brownfields Program empowers states.
communities, and other stakeholders to work together to
prevent, assess, safely clean up, and sustainably reuse
brownfields. A brownfield site is real property, the
expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be
complicated by the presence or potential presence of a
hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. On
January 11, 2002, President George W. Bush signed into
law the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields
Revitalization Act. Under the  Brownfields Law, EPA
provides financial assistance to eligible applicants
through four competitive grant programs: assessment
grants, revolving loan fund grants, cleanup grants, and
job training grants. Additionally, funding support is
provided to state and tribal response programs through a
separate mechanism.


Oakland's BCRLF will target the Oakland Industrial
Corridor Area, an 8,000-acre area that houses over 80
percent of Oakland's manufacturing firms and workforce.
Over the past two decades, numerous plant closures and
relocations have occurred in the area. In the Coliseum
Redevelopment Project area, in particular, over 600 acres
of land are underutilized and over 700 sites have
potentially hazardous materials present. Many of these
former industrial sites range from two to ten acres in size.
                   Pilot Snapshot

                   Date of Announcement: 05/01/2000
                   Amount: $500,000
                   Profile: Oakland Industrial Corridor Area


                   For further information, including specific grant
                   contacts, additional grant information, brownfields
                   news and events, and publications and links, visit the
                   EPA Brownfields Web site
                   (http ://www

                   EPA Region 9 Brownfields Team
                   EPA Region 9 Brownfields Web site

                   Grant Recipient: City of Oakland,CA

                 Oakland's BCRLF goals include the following:

                      Clean up and initiate the reuse of large vacant
                       and underutilized brownfields
                      Provide short-term cleanup jobs through the
                       City's partnership with the Oakland Private
                       Industry Council;
                      Provide a fair process for community input and
                       self-determination; and
                      Allow the Oakland Redevelopment Agency to
                       work with property owners to clean up large
                       acreages and develop a comprehensive reuse
                       plan for the area.

                                                  Fund Structure and Operations

                                                  The City of Oakland will serve as lead agency and fund
                                                  manager through its Community and Economic
                                                  Development Agency. The site manager will be the
                                                  City's Public Works Agency. Average loan size is
                                                  expected to be $150,000. All loan recipients will be
  United States
  Protection Agency
  Washington, DC 20450
Solid Waste
and Emergency
Response (5105T)
        May 00

                                                  required to utilize training programs for remediation
                                                  workers and local training and placement services that
                                                  target low income residents.

                                                  The City's Community and Economic Development
                                                  Agency will draw upon City personnel for
                                                  environmental, economic development, strategic
                                                  planning, and legal services for the BCRLF. The
                                                  Oakland Redevelopment Agency also will provide
                                                  $100,000 to the BCRLF. The BCRLF will be used in
                                                  conjunction with other City-managed loan programs
                                                  including the US Department of Housing and Urban
                                                  Development Section 108 loan guaranty authority, the
                                                  Small Business Administration, and the Enhanced
                                                  Enterprise Community (EEC) programs. The City plans
                                                  to publish an environmental resource toolbox that will
                                                  list all resources available to property owners,
                                                  developers, and local public agencies to facilitate the
                                                  reuse of brownfields.

                                                  Use of BCRLF Pilot funds must be in accordance with
                                                  CERCLA, and all CERCLA restrictions on use of
                                                  funding also apply to BCRLF funds.

                                                  The information presented in this fact sheet comes from
                                                  the grant proposal; EPA cannot attest to the accuracy of
                                                  this information. The cooperative agreement for the
                                                  grant has not yet been negotiated. Therefore, activities
                                                  described in this fact sheet are subject to change.
United States
Protection Agency
Washington, DC 20450
Solid Waste
and Emergency
Response (5105T)
        May 00