EPA's Federal Employee
      Relocation Center
   Employee Permanent
Change of Station Services
         About FERC

The FERC is a highly cost-competitive,
efficient, customer service driven
relocation resource center capable of
managing domestic and international
relocations for civilian Federal

We partner with Federal agencies
through Interagency Agreements to
manage permanent change of station
moves in the Federal  government.
We streamline the process from start
to finish, standardize  the provision of
services, and reduce paperwork all
    We are committed to:
Providing federal employees
with quality relocation services
Providing agencies with cost-
efficient services
Helping you maximize your
agency's operational efficiency
                                    Toll Free Phone: 1-800-887-2067
                                          Fax: 1-513-487-2561
Employee Relocation
     Center (FERC)
                                             Offering a
                                         One-Stop-Shop for
                                         Federal Employees
                                      E-mail: relocatefeds@epa.gov
                                      Web: www.relocatefeds.gov

  The  EPA  Federal  Employee Relocation Center (FERC) -  Permanent Change of Station
      Services Offered

EPA's Federal Employee Relocation
Center provides a one-stop-shop
for all your employee relocation
needs. Our services include:

*  Employee relocation planning and
*  Entitlement and pre-move
*  Electronic creation of travel
   authorization and vouchers
*  Home-sale and home-buying
*  Shipment and storage of household
*  Electronic expense management and
*  Records management
*  Relocation Income Tax Allowance
   (RITA) calculations and issuance of
*  Managed customer service help desk

For the Agency:
*  Relocation program cost savings
*  Opportunity cost savings; redirect FTE
*  Eliminate costly relocation training
*  Speed and accuracy of information
*  Single point of contact for hiring and hu-
   man resource officials
*  Cost consultation with hiring officials

For the Employee:
*  Comprehensive entitlement briefings
*  Single point of contact for all relocation
*  Centralized shipping and storage of
   household goods
*  Comprehensive Home Sale Program
*  Centralized real estate management
        Relocation Process

1.  The Agency Human Resources or
   Program Office liaison contacts FERC.
2.  FERC assigns a relocation specialist and
   begins coordination with the employee,
   human resources, and the hiring official.
3.  The relocation specialist advises the
   employee, creates an electronic Travel
   Authorization and sends it to
   appropriate personnel for review and
4.  The relocation specialist coordinates
   house-hunting trips, real estate  home
   sale and  purchase, temporary quarters,
   household goods shipping & storage,
   en route travel, and miscellaneous
5.  Employee and relocation specialist
   complete voucher preparation and
   submission, RITA (taxes), W-2s and
   relocation closeout.