WE Could Use Your Skills and Talents
  While YOU Gain Experience AND
         Work-Life Balance
    Paid vacation, holiday, and sick leave
J Flexible work schedules
   (e.g., alternating or concurrent with
   coursework, telework arrangements

J Hiring for permanent, temporary, and
   summer positions
 J Career development opportunities
    Shadowing and mentorship

 y Health insurance eligibility/coverage
    (permanent hires or SCEP program only)

   Gain valuable professional work
   experience while still in school!
                                         EPA Ranked One of the Top
                                         Ten Federal Workplaces for
                                        Source: "Best Places to Work", Partnership for Public Service
                                        and American University's Institute for the Study of Public Policy

                                         Join the Office of the Chief Financial
                                                    Officer Team!

                                        Recent recruits have said:

                                        "Public service and protecting the
                                        environment are high callings, this is THE
                                        most attractive part of my job at EPA"

                                        "The general nature of the work lends itself
                                        to an appreciation for Agency-wide work
                                        and goals"
                                        Office of the Chief Financial Officer
                                        1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, 2710A
                                              Washington, DC 20460

                                         E-Mail:  cherre.price@epa.gov
                                                Tel. 202-564-6049
                                                Publication No. #190F09001
                                                                                   Envision a Career with the
                                                                                                 Agency (EPA)
                                                                                          Off ice of the
                                                                                     Chief Financial Officer

 EPA Mission:
 To protect human
 health and the
     Office of the Chief Financial  Officer  (OCFO)
     What OCFO Offers
 OCFO Mission:
 OCFO provides leadership in
financial performance-based
 management to achieve a
 cleaner, healthier environment.
 EPA Background:

 Since 1970, EPA has been working for a cleaner,
 healthier environment for the American people.

 EPA employs 17,000 people across the country, including
 our headquarters offices in Washington, DC, 10 regional
 offices, and more than a dozen labs. Our staff are highly
 educated and technically trained; more than half are
 engineers, scientists, and policy analysts.  In addition, a
 large number of employees are legal, public affairs,
 financial, information management, and computer
 specialists. EPA is led  by the Administrator, who is
 appointed by the President of the United States.

 What EPA Does:
 EPA leads the nation's environmental science,
 research, education,  and assessment efforts.  We:

 *  Protect and improve the air so it is healthy to

 *  Reduce greenhouse gas intensity.

 *  Ensure drinking water is safe.

 *  Preserve and restore the land.

 *  Protect, sustain, or restore the health of people,
    communities, and ecosystems.
Students Career Experience Program
(SCEP) provides graduate and undergradu-
ate students an opportunity to apply college
studies to related assignments at a Federal
Agency, (see office for qualification details).

Opportunities at all levels of OCFO (entry-
level, senior staff, and management).

A birds-eye view of EPA's most important
programs due to the cross-cutting nature of
our work.

Opportunities in policy, budgeting, strategic
planning, accounting, and IT.  Current OCFO
staff include program analysts, financial
analysts, management analysts, scientists,
accountants, IT specialists,  and others!

OCFO has approximately 400 people in
locations in DC, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, and
Research Triangle Park, NC.

Flexible schedules with benefits.
  What OCFO Values:
  Personal integrity and accountability,     High
  -quality customer service,           Open
  and clear communication,            A
  skilled, diverse, and flexible workforce,
  Productive partnerships and networks
  OCFO Offices:

Office of Budget
The Office of Budget is responsible for managing
EPA's annual budget process from submission to

Office of Technology Solutions
OETI assists the EPA, the American public, and the
private sector in their search for innovative
approaches to financial environment projects and
activities through IT planning, standards setting, and
development and deployment of EPA financial
management systems.

Office of Financial Management

The Office of Financial Management provides policy,
systems, training, reports, and oversight essentials
for the financial operations of EPA.

Office of Financial Services
The Office of Financial Services fulfills critical
consolidated financial payment and support services
for EPA through four Financial Centers and a
Systems Staff.

Office of Planning, Analysis & Accountability
The Office of Planning, Analysis and Accountability
serves as EPA's lead for performance measurement,
planning, and accountability efforts.

Office of Resource & Information Management
The Office of Resource & Information Management serves
as the principal staff to the Chief Financial Officer.