EPA Approval of E15 Misfueling
                    Mitigation Plans
                        EPA has approved the first plans for satisfying the misfueling
                        mitigation conditions of the E15 partial waivers. With EPA's
                    approval of a number of companies' misfueling mitigation plans, EPA
                    has acted on each of the Clean Air Act steps required to bring El5 to
                    market. Additional steps may also need to be taken, as outlined below.
                    Misfueling Mitigation Plan Approvals
                    The El5 partial waivers include conditions requiring each fuel and fuel additive
                    manufacturer subject to the waivers to submit to EPA a misfueling mitigation plan
                    (MMP). MMPs must include, but are not limited to:
                         Measures for labeling E15 fuel pump dispensers
                         Tracking ethanol content and other information on product transfer
                         Participating in a compliance survey

                    The El5 Misfueling Mitigation Rule establishes largely parallel federal requirements,
                    and MMPs build on and help facilitate compliance with those

                    On March 15, 2012, EPA concluded that the Model MMP submitted by the
                    Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) would  generally be sufficient to satisfy the
                    partial waivers' MMP requirement. Since then, EPA has received requests from a
                    number of companies for approval to use the RFA Model MMP. In a recent email,
                    EPA asked those companies for information about potential use of blender pumps for
                    dispensing E15. Along with several companies, RFA responded and submitted an
                    addendum to their Retailer Handbook (referenced in their Model MMP) that
                    describes several configurations of pumps and suggests strategies for providing appro-


priate ethanol concentrations and

clear labeling for E15,

United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
                        June 2012

             After evaluating and approving specific El5 dispensing methods described in the RFA
             addendum, EPA approved companies' request to use the RFA Model Plan as supplemented by
             the addendum. As El5 enters the market, EPA plans to work with stakeholders to monitor the
             effectiveness of E15 misfueling mitigation measures. If it becomes evident that additional mea-
             sures may be needed, EPA will notify companies with approved MMPs and seek their input and
             that of other stakeholders in determining what, if any, additional measures should be required.
             Additional Steps in Bringing  E15 to Market
             With the MMP approvals, EPA has acted on each of the Clean Air Act steps required to bring
             E15 to market (see timeline below). Some companies have now met all Clean Air Act
             requirements related to E15 and may lawfully introduce E15 into the marketplace. However,
             other federal, state and local requirements and practical concerns must also be addressed. For
             example, dispenser and tank compatibility with E15 must be considered by marketers of E15,
             (EPA has issued guidance and a proposed rule on tank compatibility.) Since a number of states
             restrict the sale of some gasoline-ethanol blends, state law changes may also be needed before
             E15 may be sold in those states. Industry stakeholders are also preparing an E15 public education
             campaign to provide consumers with additional information about the proper use of El5 and to
             help them avoid misfueling. EPA is participating in that effort.
Timeline of EPA's El 5 Clean Air Act Actions:
       March 6, 2009 - Growth Energy and 54 ethanol manufacturers submitted a waiver
       application to the Clean Air Act for the introduction into commerce of gasoline'Cthanol
       blends containing more than 10 vol% and up to 15 vol% ethanol content (El5 Waiver
       October 13, 2010 - EPA took two actions:
          *  It partially approved Growth Energy's E15 Waiver Request to allow E15 to be
             introduced into commerce for use in Model Year (MY) 2007 and newer cars,
             light-duty trucks, and SUVs,
          *  EPA also proposed a regulatory program to promote the successful introduction
             of E15 into commerce by reducing the potential for the misfueling of vehicles,
             engines and equipment that are prohibited from using El5,
       January 26, 2011 - EPA partially approved the E15 Waiver Request to be introduced
       into commerce for use in MY 2001 and newer cars, light-duty trucks, and SUVs,
       June 23, 2011 - EPA issued a final rule establishing the regulatory program rule to help
       inform consumers about the appropriate use of El5 and reduce the potential for the
       misfueling of vehicles, engines and equipment that are prohibited from using E15,
       February 17, 2012 - EPA released an evaluation of information submitted by  the Renew-
       able Fuels Association and Growth Energy for satisfying the emissions and health effects
       data requirements for registration of El5 as required by the Clean Air Act,

                  March 15, 2012 - EPA informed the RFA that its Model E15 MMP would generally be
                   sufficient to satisfy the E15 partial waivers' requirement for an MMP,

                  April 2, 2012 - EPA approved the first applications for registering ethanol for use in
                   making El5,

                  May 24, 2012 - EPA approved the RFG Survey Association's E15 Compliance Survey
                   Plan for 2012.

                  May 31, 2012 - EPA approves first MMP submissions to satisfy the E15 partial waivers'
                   MMP requirement,

             For More Information
             You can access the list of companies with approved El5 MMPs and related materials on EPA's
             Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) Web site at:

                      www.epa.gov/otaq/regs/fuels/additive/e 15

             For more information, please contact EPA's Fuels Program at:

                      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                      Ofice of Transportation and Air Quality (6405J)
                      1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
                      Washington, DC 20460
                      E-mail: epafuelsprograms@epa.gov