SmartWay   Program
                  SmartWay Saves Oil
                   Since 2004, SmartWay partners have saved 55 million barrels of oil. This is equivalent to taking
                    over 3 million cars off the road for an entire year.

                   Fewer dollars going overseas for foreign oil means more dollars to invest at home; having fewer
                    imports also reduces our national trade deficit.

                  SmartWay Saves Money and Supports US Business Interests
                   SmartWay is helping US businesses to slash their fuel costs, saving $6.5 billion dollars to date.
                    These savings support America's trucking industry and the customers they serve.

                   Truck, trailer and equipment suppliers to the US trucking industry also rely upon SmartWay to help
                    them demonstrate to customers the benefits of cleaner, more fuel-efficient products.

                  SmartWay Protects US Jobs and the Economy
                   SmartWay is one of ATA's six strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of the US trucking
                    industry.  According to ATA, 1 out of every 13 people (nearly 9 million people) working in the US
                    private sector is employed in a trucking-related job; trucking annually generates $660 billion in
                    revenues, or about 5 percent of the US Gross Domestic Product.

                   A strong trucking industry is essential to our nation's competiveness and to US jobs.  SmartWay
                    contributes to the health of this vital sector, protecting US jobs and the economy.

                  Thousands of US Businesses and Organizations Need SmartWay
                   Over 2,900 US corporations including virtually all  of the nation's largest truck carriers, all  the class
                    1  rail companies, and many of the top Fortune 500 companies rely upon SmartWay's supply chain
                    accounting tools and methods.

                   Small businesses rely upon SmartWay for technical expertise and assistance. SmartWay has
                    provided financing to help truck owners, especially small - and medium-sized businesses upgrade
                    to cleaner, more efficient trucks.

                   The US government, through GSA, is relying  upon SmartWay to implement EO 13514, which
                    directs the federal government to green its supply chain.

                   Environmental, state, and community groups  rely upon SmartWay's clean air achievements
                    (23.6 MMT CO2, 478,000 tons NOX, and 22,000 tons PM reduced so far) helping protect the health
                    and well-being of citizens, especially in low-income communities near ports, truck stops, and

                   The United Nations, the World Bank, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, as well as
                    the governments of China, Mexico and Canada, have projects and programs that rely upon
                    SmartWay's technical assistance, methods and tools.

                   US ports rely on SmartWay's Port Drayage Truck program to help reduce pollution and address
                    environmental justice concerns in and around major US ports.
     Current as of 8/6/I2