A Guide to Completing Your Clean
            Alternative Fuels Conversion
            Notification Package

            Instructions for Submitting Clean
            Alternative Fuels Conversion
            Demonstration Information to EPA
United States
Environmental Protection

      A Guide to Completing Your Clean
         Alternative Fuels Conversion
              Notification Package

       Instructions for Submitting Clean
         Alternative Fuels Conversion
      Demonstration Information to EPA
                    Compliance Division
               Office of Transportation and Air Quality
               U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
United States
Environmental Protection
August 2012

        Instructions for Submitting Clean Alternative Fuels Conversion
                        Demonstration Information to EPA

   1. Converters submitting data must have a manufacturer's code established
      with Verify

   EPA receives data and documents from original engine manufacturers and conversion
   manufacturers through its Verify data system.  Any manufacturer or converter wishing to submit
   data or documents must have a valid manufacturer code, which can be obtained by following the
   instructions at http://www.epa.gov/otaq/verify/mfr-code.htm. Please follow all instructions
   completely. Any problems or questions regarding Verify should be directed to the Verify Help
   Desk at 1-888-890-1995 or verifyhelp@csc.com.
   2. First time Verify users need to follow the Verify setup instructions

   After obtaining a Verify manufacturer code, data submitters will need to set up user account(s) by
   following the instructions at http://www.epa.gov/OMS/verify/setup.htm.  A user account is
   mandatory in order to submit data or documents. Any problems with setting up a user account
   should be directed to the Verify Help Desk at 1-888-890-1995 or verifyhelp@csc.com.
   3. Select demonstration category and corresponding process

   The table below shows how converters should proceed based on their type of conversion:
n Category
Useful Life3
Any Large
Light Duty
fuels/cafe -form-ld-iav.xls
fuels/cafe -form-ld-oul.xls
Contact Mike Sabourin at

Heavy Duty
Contact Steven DeBord at
fuels/cafe -form-hd-oul.xls
Contact Steven DeBord at

'See 40 CFR section 85.510
2 See 40 CFR section 85.515
3 See 40 CFR section 85.520
4 See 40 CFR section 86.1838 for Light Duty or 40 CFR 86.098-14 for Heavy Duty

Depending on the demonstration category and applicability, the references in the preceding table
link to regulations and information regarding certification, or to the appropriate clean alternative
fuel conversion data submission form or EPA contact.

NOTE: Conversion manufacturers seeking a certificate of conformity should review the
certification information or follow up with the appropriate contact as indicated in the table.  The
rest of these instructions apply only to conversion manufacturers who are submitting an
intermediate age or outside useful life notification package.  Instructions for completing the
notification package forms are included in each downloadable data submission form.

4. Embed related documents required by regulations

Please refer to regulations pertaining to alternative fuel conversions (40 CFR Part 85 subpart F) to
determine which supporting documents you must attach to the data  submission form. Note that
EPA will consider any forms submitted without the proper supporting documents to be
incomplete. Instructions on how to embed documents in the data submission form are included
within the form itself.

Note: Converters who consider any of the information on the forms and/or any of the supporting
documentation to be confidential business information (CBI) must prepare and submit both a CBI
version and a non-CBI version of the Verify submission. Converters should direct questions
regarding what EPA considers to be CBI to the appropriate contact listed in the table above before
entering submissions into Verify.

5. Log in to Verify and submit the completed data submission form to the Verify
   Document Module

After the data submission form is complete and all the necessary supporting documents are
embedded in the form, log in to Verify at http://cdx.epa.gov/epa home.asp.  Follow the
instructions to log in. Once in the "MyCDX" page, click on the link titled "VERIFY: Upload
Compliance Documents." The screen shot  below with additional instructions superimposed
provides more details about how to enter the required information:

Upload EPA Compliance Documents From Manufacturer Workstation
 CDX > Upload EPA Compliance Documents
                                                                              . Manufacturer: EFA - EPA |Lc-:
  1. Required fields are marked with* and cannot be left blank.
EPA Manufacturer Code '
Document Path and File Name
Path and File Name of Same Document in Alternate
(CTRL + Click to select multiple values)
Compliance Document Type '
General Document Type
General Document Type, if "Other"
Compliance Docuni.
Complianc -•:
Confldenflality Status "
Document Applicability '
Engine Family >' Test Group '
oneimultiple specific model
Model Year
(CTRL + Click to select multiple values)
|[ Browse.
[ Browse.

All Industries
All Terrain Vehicle
Alternative Fuel Converter (LDV/LDT/HDV Chassis Certified)
Complete Heavy-Duty Highway Vehicle
Alternative Fuel Conversion Data Submission Form
IFor Com
Fuel Con

One Engine Family or Test Group

?liance Document Type, Select "Alternative 1
version Data Subrnission Form"

group, then the Engine FamilyrTest

Yes No
2012 v Enter tne calendar year liere, in place of model year.

Document Date *
Abstract '
Keyworct(s) *
(CTRL + Click to select multiple values)
Are you the document owner?
Document Owner Name '
Document Owner Phone
Document Owner E-Mail '
[ sdect ] | Date of submission should be entered for Document Date 1
Air cooled
Alternative Fuel
If the submission applies to kits for intermediate
age vehicles/engines, enter "Intermediate age"
here. If the kits are for vehicles/engines out side
of useful life, enter "Outside useful life" here.

| Select "Alternative Fuel Converter" for Keyword |

OYes ONo


Review &Subm

Be sure to follow instructions in the screen above, otherwise, your submission may not be
properly stored in our system.

After this page is correctly filled out, proceed to submit the document. After submitting the
document, if Verify accepted the submission, you will get a message in your CDX inbox stating so.
Your CDX inbox can be accessed through the left navigation bar through the "Inbox" link. If you
have CBI in your submission you must prepare a non-CBI version of your submission, and repeat
this process again so that both the CBI version and the non-CBI version of your form are
submitted.  Non-CBI submissions are indicated by selecting the "FOIA" radio button.

Completing the Notification Process
After receiving an email message that your data submission form and its embedded documents
were successfully uploaded to Verify, your compliance notification will be in EPA's system.  EPA
will periodically process complete submissions. EPA will contact you if your test vehicle or engine
has been selected for confirmatory testing. Incomplete submissions or submissions that are
selected for confirmatory testing may take longer to process. EPA will periodically update its list
of conversion systems that are appropriate for installation on intermediate age and outside useful
life vehicle test groups/engine families and evaporative/refueling families.  The list can be found
at:  http://www.epa.gov/otaq/consumer/fuels/altfuels/altfuels.htm. The exemption from the
tampering prohibition may be void ab initio if the conversion manufacturer fails to  meet all of the
requirements for the program. This is the case even if a submission has been made and the
conversion system has been publicly posted.