Actual Size
         Bed Bug Identification
t Eggs are tiny, white, and glued to surfaces.
t Oval shaped, flattened with six legs.
t Nymphs are light colored, from 1/16".
t Adults are rusty red, apple seed sized, 1/4-3/8".
t Do not jump or fly, but are good runners.
t Tend to congregate together.

          Signs of Bed Bugs
t Small black droppings, blood stains or shed
     skins on bottom ted sheet.
t Red, itchy rashes from bites.
    For more information on bed bugs and
 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) go to:

Early detection and prompt
 response can  avoid  larger
   Where to Look
  Behind bed head boards.
  Along mattress seams.
  In bed box springs.
  Along room base boards.
  In or under other furniture.
          Additional Facts
  Adults can survive months without feeding.
  Never proven to transmit human disease.
  Active and feed mostly at night.
  They may be spread via used furniture,
      especially mattresses.
  Bite "sensitivity" varies from severe to no
   I Have Bed Bugs, Now What?
   Capture it in a clear zip bag for proper ID.
   Educate yourself & your children on controls
   Do not panic & throw out furniture or items.
   Install mattress encasements & interceptors
   Practice Integrated Pest Management.
   Consult a pest management professional.
   Use only EPA registered pesticides for bed