ENERGY STAR®, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
program, helps us all save money and protect our environment
through energy-efficient products and practices. For more
information, visit www.energystar.gov.
  Look for the ENERGY STAR and Find Savings in Your Commercial  Kitchen

There are eight types of commercial food service (CFS) equipment that can earn EPA's ENERGY STAR. Qualified
equipment models contribute to a cleaner environment by using less energy and less water than conventional
CFS models. Since most commercial kitchen equipment lasts eight years or more, maximize your savings
potential by choosing ENERGY STAR when replacing your appliances.

Compared to conventional CFS equipment, ENERGY STAR qualified equipment could
save you the following over their lifetimes:
                                                                              Also saves water
                                                 $5,850 to
                           ,000 (freezers)
                                                        $950 (electric)
                                                        $4,400 (gas)
                                               $1,800 (electric)
                                                 $3,400 (gas)
       Learn more at:
                               United States
                               Environmental Protection


        Install ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent
        lamps (CFLs) in your walk-in refrigerators and kitchen
        ventilation hoods (and throughout your restaurant where appropriate).

        Install a high-efficiency pre-rinse spray
        valve in your dishroom and save hundreds of
        dollars a year! For more information, visit:
        Fix water leaks immediately— especially hot
        water leaks: wasted water, sewer, and water heating
        costs can add up to hundreds of dollars a year.

        Perform walk-in refrigerator maintenance:
        check and replace door gaskets; clean evaporator and
        condenser coils; check refrigerant charge.

        Replace worn-out cooking and
        refrigeration equipment with ENERGY STAR
        qualified models!

 •   Lighting - Install ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures and CFLs in
     your dining area and reduce energy consumption and heat output by
     75% per bulb without sacrificing aesthetics.

 •   Televisions — Turn your TVs green, even the big screens, by
     selecting ENERGY STAR qualified televisions.

•    Audio/Video (A/V) Products — Outfit the rest of your restaurant's
     entertainment system with ENERGY STAR qualified A/V products,
     which include DVD and Blu-Ray disc players, receivers, amplifiers,
     and speakers.

 •   Office equipment — Purchase ENERGY STAR qualified computers
     and monitors, enable power management and expect to save
     $10-85 per year.

 •   Heating and Cooling - To save additional money in your restaurant,
     look for the ENERGY STAR for bathroom (ventilating) fans as well as
     heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVACj units.
         Ventilating fans: save $75 per year when run continuously
         HVAC: save $330 per year or $4,000 over the equipment's

For additional information, please visit the ENERGY STAR Web site at:
 The annual cost to operate a single gas
   (or electric) fryer is often more than
   the annual gas (or electric) bill of an
           average  U.S. house!
        Show Me the Money!
 Many utilities offer monetary incentives
   to offset the added purchase cost of
 ENERGY STAR qualified CFS equipment.
  Find out if there are incentives in your
             area by visiting:
Blue states have utilities that offer incentives for
        energy-efficient CFS equipment

  Join hundreds of other restaurants anc
  work with ENERGY STAR to take part
    in the energy efficiency revolution:
  ENERGY STAR would like to thank the PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) for their as-
  sistance with this fact sheet and for the use of their equipment images. The PG&E FSTC program
  is funded by CA ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUCj
  Energy Efficiency Program. Learn more at: www.fishnick.com.
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