National Clean  Diesel Campaign
                        Cleaire LongMile Filter Notice
This notice is primarily intended for fleet owners of the Cleaire LongMile diesel particulate
matter filter system used outside the state of California. Owners in California must follow the
California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements as listed in CARS's regulatory Advisory
listed below.

The LongMile, which contained a metal filter element, was initially verified by CARB for
certain 1993-2006 model year on-highway engines. On September 20, 2012 Cleaire voluntarily
suspended sales and installation of the Cleaire LongMile filter system.

As a follow up, on December 7, 2012 Cleaire received verification from CARB for a new
product the Longmile-S which employs a ceramic silicon carbide filter element. The
LongMile-S is verified for certain 1993-2010 model year on-highway engines.

Cleaire is voluntarily recalling all the LongMile filter systems at its own expense and free of
charge to owners. During this recall, Cleaire is offering to replace the LongMile metal filter
element with the newly verified LongMile-S ceramic filter element.  In addition, the product
warranty period will be set to start new at the time of installation. The LongMile-S system has a
slightly different exhaust temperature criteria; therefore,  certain installations may not be
applicable for the LongMile-S system. In this situation, Cleaire will make available several
options to the fleet owner.

Cleaire is in the process of contacting all owners.  For further information or questions please
contact your Cleaire Authorized Dealer or Cleaire directly: Steve Rohrer at (510) 433-8861 or

EPA will provide additional information on the recall as  updates become available.

For more information about CARB's Regulatory Advisory, please see:
 n,FPA Snmenfai Protection                  Office of Transportation and Air Quality
 ^/dlT^Agency                             EPA-420-B-12-0673
                                               December 2012