United States                                   Office of Transportation and Air Quality
                                                                             January 2013
                Proposed Requirements for Informal Pre-Registration for
                      EPA Quality Assurance Plan Bridge Program

To be submitted as general documentation for Pre-Registration:

   (1) The information specified under  80.76, if such information has not already been
       provided under the provisions of this part.

   (2) Documentation of professional qualifications as described in 80.1450(b)(2)(i)(A) and
       80.1450(b)(2)(i)(B) for the PE responsible for auditing the facility.

   (3) Documentation of professional liability insurance of a minimum amount equal to 2% of
       the RINs the auditor verifies in a year to cover replacement of any invalid verified RINs
       due to auditor error, omission, or negligence.

   (4) Any quality assurance plans
          a.  A general QAP A and/or QAP B
          b.  D-Code specific QAPs for each RIN type to be audited,  including breakdown by
             individual pathways

   (5) An affidavit stating that an independent third-party auditor is independent of any
       renewable fuel producer or foreign renewable fuel producer.

   (6) An affidavit stating that an independent third-party auditor will  provide, upon EPA
       request, records of all RINs that have been verified under QAP  A or QAP B.

   (7) Assertion that RIN replacement instrument will be in place 90 days after the issuance of
       the NPRM, for all QAP A RINS

   (8) The name and contact information for each person employed (or under contract) by the
       independent third-party auditor to  conduct audits or verify RINs, as well as the name and
       contact information for the Professional Engineer performing the review.

To be submitted individually for each company to be audited, as received:

   (9) Renewable fuel production facility information
            Name, address, and company and facility identification numbers of all renewable
             fuel production facilities that the independent third-party auditor intends  to audit
            An affidavit from each renewable fuel producer or foreign renewable fuel
             producer stating its intent to have the independent third-party auditor conduct a
             quality assurance audit of any of the renewable fuel producer's or foreign
             renewable fuel producer's facilities.