u n ited States                                     Office of Transportation and Air Quality
Environmental Protection                                             EPA-420-B-13-008
                                                                   January 2013
                 Option B Quality Assurance Plan Proposed Requirements.

 All components specified in this paragraph (b) require quarterly monitoring.

    (1) Feedstock-related components.
       (i) Feedstocks are renewable biomass as defined in 80.1401.
       (ii) If applicable, separated food waste or separated yard waste plan under
           80.1426(f)(5)(ii) is accepted and up to date.
       (iii) If applicable, separated municipal solid waste plan under 80.1426(f)(5)(ii) is
           approved and current.
       (iv) Feedstocks are being separated according to a separation plan, if applicable under
       (v) Crop and crop residue feedstocks meet land use restrictions, or alternatively the
           aggregate compliance provisions of 80.1454(g).
       (vi) Feedstock is consistent with production process and D code being used as permitted
           under Table 1 to Section 80.1426 or a petition approved through section 80.1416, and
           is consistent with information recorded in EMTS.
       (vii) Feedstock is not renewable fuel for which RINs were previously generated.
       (viii) If applicable,  accuracy of feedstock energy (FE) calculation factors related to
           feedstocks, including average moisture content m and feedstock energy content E.

    (2) Production process-related  components.

       (i) Production process is consistent with that reported in EMTS.
       (ii) Production process is consistent with D code being used as permitted under Table 1  to
           80.1426 or a petition approved through 80.1416.
       (iii) Mass and energy balances are appropriate for type and size of facility.
       (iv) If applicable, process-related factors used in feedstock energy (FE) calculation are
           accurate, in particular the converted fraction CF.

    (3) RIN generation -related components.

       (i) Renewable fuel was intended and sold for qualifying uses as transportation fuel,
       heating oil, or jet fuel.
       (ii) Certificates of analysis  verifying fuel type and quality, as applicable.
       (iii) Renewable fuel type matches the D code being used.
       (iv) If applicable, renewable content R is accurate pursuant to 80.1426(f)(9).
       (v) Equivalence value EV is accurate and appropriate.
       (vi) Volume production capacity matches RFS registration.
       (vii) Verify that appropriate RIN generation calculations are  being followed under
           80.1426(f)(3), (4), or (5), as applicable

(4) RIN separation-related components.

   (i) If applicable, verify that RIN separation is appropriate under 80.1429(b)(4).
   (ii) Verify that fuel that is exported was not used to generate RINs, or alternatively that
       were generated but retired.
   (iii) Verify that annual attestation report is accurate.