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                   Communications  Resources
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Fact Sheets

On-Board Diagnostics
Outreach Materials
< www. epa. gov/otaq/obd. htm >
EPA developed a folder, brochure,
posters, and a series of fact sheets
that describe OBD and how it
works; the connection between
OBD and vehicle emissions; how
OBD informs drivers, inspectors,
and repair technicians of emissions-
related problems; the many benefits
of OBD; and who to contact for
more information.

On-Board Diagnostics:  A New
Generation of Motor Vehicles
Fact Sheet

Developed by New Hampshire, this
fact sheet describes OBD, including
how it works; its benefits to  the
environment, the consumer, and the
repair technician; new testing
requirements; and how to service
OBD-related problems.

Fact Sheet: On-Board

This fact sheet, developed by
the  Oregon Department of
Environmental Quality, includes gen-
eral background on the state's OBD
testing program, as well as the link
between OBD and cleaner air.
Facts About On-Board
Diagnostic II Systems (OBD II)

This fact sheet, developed by the
California Air Resources Board,
includes general information about
OBD in a simple question-and-
answer format.

Understanding On-Board
Diagnostics (OBD)

This fact sheet, developed by the
Illinois Environmental Protection
Agency's Air Team, describes the
OBD system, how it works, its  rela-
tion to vehicle emissions, and the
basics of the OBD check. The  fact
sheet also provides answers to
questions about warranty coverage
and what to do if a vehicle doesn't
pass the OBD check, as well as
resources for more information.

"OBD": What is it and What
Does it Mean to You?

This fact sheet by Fred Bordoff,
president of the New York State
Association of Service Stations and
Repair Shops, includes a brief histo-
ry of OBD and how it works.
Web Sites

OBD Clearinghouse, Weber
State University's Center for
Automotive Science and
< obdclearinghouse.com >
Aims to facilitate communication
between public officials and the
automotive industry by gathering
and sharing information on
OBD technology and regulatory

OBDII Research Center,
Colorado State University
< www.obdiicsu.com>
Offers a central location for infor-
mation on OBD, and provides a
forum for I/M administrators to
raise and discuss important OBD-
related issues.

Alliance of Automotive
Service Providers
< www.autoserviceproviders.com>
Offers a variety of OBD outreach
materials targeting repair shop
owners and technicians.

Car Care Council
< carcarecouncil.org >
A non-profit organization
dedicated to educating motorists
about the importance of vehicle
maintenance and repair.
Web site: www.epa.gov/otaq/obd.htm
E-mail: obd@epa.gov

 Printed on paper that contains at least 50 percent postconsumer fiber.
                                     Office of Transportation and Air Quality
                                                       August 2002
                                                       (Rev 9/2012)

International Automotive
Technicians Network

Organized as a bulletin board, this
network allows technicians to
exchange information on everything
from repair shop management to
emissions-related issues.

On-Board Diagnostics
Program, California  Air
Resources Board

Offers a range of consumer-oriented
and technical information on

The OBDII Home Page, B&B
< www.obdii.com/obdii.html>
Designed to help consumers and
independent technicians understand
and use OBDII technology.

Frequently Asked Questions
About On-Board Diagnostics
(OBD), Woman Motorist (cour-
tesy of the Car Care Council)

Provides the basics of OBD, includ-
ing how it helps consumers ensure
proper emissions controls in their

OBD Q&A, Massachusetts
Department of Environmental

Offers a thorough review of OBD,
including how it can save consumers

What Does My Check Engine
Light Mean?
On-Board Diagnostics II
Developed by the Colorado
Department of Public Health and
the Environment, this 2-page
brochure explains OBD and how it
works, how OBD will lead to cleaner
air, and what consumers should do if
their OBD system detects a problem.
For a copy of this brochure, call the
Air Care Colorado Hotline at

Understanding  On-Board
Diagnostics Testing

The Illinois Environmental
Protection Agency's Air Team
developed this 2-page brochure on
the basics of OBD testing.

New Hampshire's Enhanced
Vehicle Safety Inspection
Program: On-Board

Produced by the New Hampshire
Department of Safety and New
Hampshire Department of
Environmental Services, this 2-page
brochure introduces OBD and how
it works, the new vehicle testing
requirements, and how to service
OBD-related problems.

Air Pollution Control in
Vermont: On-Board

The Vermont Agency of Natural
Resources developed this 2-page
brochure that explains OBD and
how it works, the link between
OBD and vehicle air emissions, how
OBD can help consumers, how
motorists should respond to the
"Check Engine" light, and service
and repair issues.
Tool Kits

Communications Tool Kit

Contains materials to help states
implement an effective OBD out-
reach program, including a primer
for states on developing an effective
public outreach plan; and
CD-ROMs containing OBD logos,
outdoor billboard designs, magazine
and newspaper ads, press release let-
terhead, sample press release,
owner's manual page layouts, and
eight finished radio commercials.
Produced by the Center for Auto-
motive Science and Technology at
Weber State University.

OBDII Outreach Materials
< www.obdiicsu.com>
A variety of outreach materials
available to order (for a fee) includ-
ing two customizable brochures for
drivers, a 16-page service writer's
reference guide, a Check Engine
light fact sheet for consumers, a
poster, and a laminated service
writer's counter pad. Produced by
Colorado State University's National
Center for Vehicle Emissions
Control and Safety.

Easy Breathers
< www.easybreathers.org>
Developed with support from the
Wisconsin Department of Natural
Resources,  this project was produced
entirely by students and explains the
importance of proper vehicle main-
tenance to young adults, including
information on the OBD system and
its relationship to the Check Engine
light. It includes a video, brochure,
and companion Web site with
online activities related to car care
and clean air.

Radio and TV

OBDII Public Service
EPA developed a public service
announcement on OBD. The theme
is "Emission control...we have a
problem" and links a space shuttle
launch (and its associated advanced
technologies) with starting up a
vehicle with a sophisticated OBD
system. E-mail obd@epa.gov for
more information.

Air Pollution Control in
Vermont: On-Board
Diagnostics Radio and TV

The Vermont Agency of Natural
Resources partnered with the Lung
Association of Vermont to develop
a radio and TV announcement,
which can be  reviewed on the
Weber State Web site.

On-Board Diagnostics
Sample Radio
Developed by New Hampshire, these
radio announcements introduce the
concept of OBD to young adults.


OBD Training Video
Working with the  Service
Technicians Society (STS), EPA
sponsored the development of an
OBD training video directed at
automotive repair technicians.
Shadetree Mechanic:
OBD II Engine
Troubleshooting & Repair
EPA and General Motors co-spon-
sored an episode of this syndicated
television show. The show's hosts
explain OBD and how to use scan
tools and other OBD-equipment to
diagnose and repair automobiles.
Use of the video is restricted by
Scripps Productions. The video can
be used for in-house training and
trade show booths. Any questions
about the show should be directed
to Scripps Productions at

Technician Training
Materials and  Course
Various training options provided by
numerous types of organizations are
available for technicians. Some pro-
grams have courses specifically on
OBD, and other programs incorpo-
rate information on OBD into  relat-
ed coursework (e.g., as part of certi-
fication programs on automotive
powertrain systems). Training mate-
rials and programs specifically focus-
ing on OBD include:

 The Center for Automotive
  Science & Technology at
  Weber State University is  a
  nationally recognized center for
  OBD training. The Center offers
  a 3-day training course that famil-
  iarizes each participant with OBD
  regulations as they currently
  apply to all vehicle manufactur-
  ers. The course is based on a 70-
  page manual produced by Weber
  State. A Quick Reference Guide
  includes more than 100 technical
  terms and frequently used EPA
  acronyms. You can register for the
  course or request a copy of the
  manual online at
 The National Center for
  Vehicle Emissions Control
  and Safety (NCVECS) at
  Colorado State University
  offers OBD training on campus
  or at a client's preferred site.
  NCVECS training sessions are
  customized for each audience,
  including repair technicians,
  automotive instructors, program
  administrators and staff, and
  the public. "Train-the-Trainer"
  programs are available for
  automotive instructors. Costs
  vary depending on the level of
  training provided. More informa-
  tion is available at

 On-Board Diagnostics II
  Systems Inspection and
  Diagnostics. Developed for
  Vermont, this inspector reference
  guide provides an overview of
  OBD and the state's plans for OBD
  testing as well as  an introduction
  to scan tools and system monitors,
  inspection procedures, laboratory
  exercises, and a glossary of terms.
  It also includes an accompanying
  training video. For more informa-
  tion, contact the agency's Air
  Pollution Control Division at

 On-Board Diagnostics II
  Inspection Training
  Materials. Oregon has devel-
  oped training materials on OBD
  for emissions inspectors  in the
  state. For more information,
  contact the Oregon Department
  of Environmental Quality at

Other similar courses are offered at
institutions such as colleges and
universities, automotive and techni-
cal training institutes and profes-
sional organizations, vehicle manu-
facturers, manufacturers of automo-
tive repair equipment, and state
training programs.

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