Why is it important to protect
our families from pesticides?
   Children are more vulnerable.
   Children are more easily exposed to
    pesticides because of their small bodies and
   Sometimes, without realizing it, a parent
    can expose his or her child to pesticides.
     Pesticides are dangerous.
   Pesticides are chemicals that are used to kill
    insects and weeds.
   Pesticides are used in the fields and also in
    our homes.
   These chemicals can make us sick, even kill
       Exposure is constant.
   Contact with pesticides can occur through-
    out the day.
   Exposure to pesticides sometimes happens
    without us realizing.
   You can be exposed at work or at home
    with the family.
            Do your part!
   Everyone at home can be affected by
    pesticide residue.
   Parents, teachers, and children can all help
    to reduce the risk of pesticide exposure
    around families.
    Another tip to protect your family from
    pesticides...Write your own!
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                                                  How can  we protect
                                                     our families from
         Limiting Exposures Around Families
                                            Limiting Exposures Around Families

                        Clean thoroughly the
                        places where pesticide
                        residues can be found.

Bathe with shampoo and
soap directly after
  Mark the box when
  the step has become
  part of your family's
  routine.         .J

                        Remove work boots
                        before entering the
                       Wash your work clothes
                       separately from the
                       family's clothes.      I
     Protect  your family
      from pesticides
              It's easy!
                                                    Wash fruits and
                                                    vegetables before
                                                    eating them.
Have the whole family
wash their hands before
eating, drinking, or going to
the bathroom.
Prevent insects from
entering your home by
sealing cracks and
keeping the house clean
and dry.
                                               Do not bring agricultural
                                               pesticides home.
Avoid areas where
pesticides are being
                                                                       Keep all cleaning and
                                                                       pesticide products
                                                                       outside of children's
                       Close windows, turn off
                       ventilators, and cover
                       outside equipment when
                       pesticides are being
                       sprayed near your    .
                       house.             I