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Interim Process for New Logistics
Companies Joining SmartWay
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Interim Process for New Logistics
Companies Joining SmartWay
Transportation and Climate Division
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
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       United States                  Office ofTransportation and Air Quality
       Environmental Protection                      pp/\ /ion R 11 
Interim  Process for  New
Logistics  Companies  Joining
Smart Way
EPA has released the beta version of its new Logistics Tool. Following testing and comment by SmartWay
Logistics Partners, EPA expects to release a final Smart Way Logistics Tool this winter.

Meanwhile, any Logistics wishing to join SmartWay as a new Partner can do so by reviewing and signing
the Logistics Partnership Agreement on page 2 of this document, completing the company information
on page 3 and sending the Agreement to SmartWay via email or fax:

                     Fax: 734-214-4906

SmartWay will then review and approve the Agreement, thereby making the applicant a SmartWay
Logistics Partner. Soon thereafter, the new Partner's company name will be posted in the Partner roster
on the SmartWay website. New Partners will be expected to quickly familiarize themselves with the beta
version of its new Logistics Tool.

After the final SmartWay Logistics Tool is available this winter, o//_SmartWay Logistics Partners (new and
old) must complete and submit the final Logistics Tool with 2010 data.

Once you become a SmartWay Logistics Partner, EPA invites you to participate in our beta testing
period and become more familiar with the new Logistics Tool. We encourage you to explore all of our
Logistics resources and provide your feedback to EPA as we finalize this and other components of our
new suite of SmartWay partner tools.
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Logistics Partnership Agreement
With this agreement, your company joins EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership and commits to:

    1.   Measure and report to EPA on an annual basis the emissions performance of your company using EPA's
        SmartWay Logistics tool. (Existing companies must report the 12 months of data for the prior year ending
        December 31. Newly formed companies require a minimum of 3 months of operational data.)
    2.   Have performance results posted on the EPA SmartWay website/database.
    3.   Agree to submit supporting documentation to EPA for any data used to complete this tool and agree to
        EPA audit of this data upon request by EPA.

In return, EPA commits to:

    1.   Promote company participation in the Partnership by posting Partner names on the EPA SmartWay
        Website and in related educational, promotional, and media materials. EPA will obtain express written
        consent from the Partner before using the Partner's name other than in the context of increasing public
        awareness of its participation as described here.
    2.   Provide companies with industry-wide performance benchmark data as this data becomes available to
    3.   Assist Partners in achieving emission and fuel  usage reduction goals (subject to Federal Government

General Terms

    1.   If the Partner or EPA defaults upon this agreement at any point, the agreement shall be considered null
        and void.
    2.   Either party can terminate the agreement at any time without prior notification or penalties or any
        further obligation.
    3.   EPA agrees not to comment publicly regarding the withdrawal of specific partners.
    4.   EPA reserves the right to suspend or revoke Partner status for any Partner that fails to accomplish the
        specific actions to which it committed in the SmartWay Transport Partnership Agreement and subsequent
    5.   The Partner agrees that it will not claim or imply that its participation in the SmartWay Transport
        Partnership constitutes EPA approval or endorsement of anything other than the Partner's commitment
        to the program. The Partner will not make statements or imply that EPA endorses the purchase or sale of
        the Partner's products and services or the views of the organization.
    6.   Submittal of this SmartWay Logistics Tool constitutes agreement to all terms in this Partnership
        Agreement. No separate agreement need be  submitted.

By signing the line below, I declare that the information submitted  via this tool is, to the best of my knowledge,
accurate. I  understand that any person who, in the course of negotiating or performing underthis Agreement,
makes, presents or submits a false or misleading statement to the government, or any person who makes a
material omission in the course of negotiating or performing underthis Agreement, may be subject to liability
under all applicable civil and criminal  statutes including 18 U.S.C. 1001 (criminal liability for false statements), 31
U.S.C. 3801 - 3812 (civil liability for false statements)  and 31 U.S.C. 3729-33 (The False Claims Act).
Signature                                          Date
Name of Signatory (please print)                   Title of Signatory

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