Ryder Collaborates with SmartWay    on
Overall Emission Reduction Strategy
                                                                                    . Partner Profile
  Company Profile
  Ryder System, Inc. is
  a commercial fleet
  management and supply
  chain solutions company.
  The Fleet Management
  Solutions side of the
  business provides leasing,
  rental and preventive
  maintenance of trucks,
  tractors and trailers to
  commercial customers,
  as well as used vehicle
  sales. Ryder's Supply Chain
  Solutions business manages
  the movement of freight
  and related information
  from the acquisition of raw
  materials to the delivery
  of finished  products to
  end-users. Supply Chain
  Solutions also provides a
  turn-key transportation
  service that combines
  vehicles, maintenance,
  drivers, routing and other
  value-added services. Ryder
  serves customer needs
  throughout North America
  and in Europe and Asia. For
  more information on Ryder,
  visit: www.ryder.com/supply-
       Ever better.
                              Why Ryder Supports SmartWay
                              Ryder has been a SmartWay partner since 2004 and this
                              commitment enforces the company's role in advancing
the sustainability of commercial transportation and logistics. "When a customer opts to outsource
their fleet management and supply chain operations to us, they not only get cost efficiency, but
also the benefits of our sustainability expertise, infrastructure, and industry leading partnerships,"

    Robert Sanchez, Ryder System, Inc.
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

SmartWay Focus
The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a key element to Ryder's overall emission reduction
strategy and an important sustainability initiative to promote energy efficiency and reduce
greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in their customers' operations. Ryder based its transportation
sustainability model on the SmartWay Tracking and Assessment Tool as the tool is credible and
universally recognized for modeling transportation sector greenhouse gas emissions. Ryder's
Transportation Management program  has integrated the model to provide customers with data
on existing emissions, establishing carbon footprint performance metrics, developing strategies to
maximize the efficiency of the transportation network, and reporting on efficiency gains and GHG
reductions. Ryder's RydeSmart technology, which monitors and helps reduce idling time, engine
revving and monitors speed, is also part of their SmartWay philosophy.
Ryder's RydeGreen line of tractors and trailers includes both  conventional and alternative
technology vehicles. RydeGreen conventional tractors are equipped with SmartWay® Verified
Technologies designed to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and thereby improve operating costs
and reduce emissions. The RydeGreen hybrid  medium duty straight truck can deliver up to
40% better fuel efficiency than conventional vehicles in standard in-city pickup and delivery
applications.  Lower fuel consumption avoids carbon emissions and the hybrid's battery power
mode dramatically reduces diesel emissions when the vehicle is operating.

Benefits and Results
SmartWay carriers account for 89% of all freight miles managed by Ryder. Ryder has invested
$95 million into natural gas vehicles, retrofitting maintenance facilities, fueling stations, training
     and awareness. The company's focus on sustainability gave employees a sense of pride
       and  purpose - Ryder was making big investments in its sustainability program. Ryder
        employees see the connection of sustainability with the company's strategic and
        revenue goals and feel empowered to make a difference.

               What's  Ahead?
                Using optimization technology, Ryder aims to continuously evaluate
                customers' transportation networks to seek greater efficiencies, including
                reducing carbon footprints. Ryder's Transportation Standard Operating
                Practice monitors and  assess the "health" of transportation networks,
                including understanding shipment/load consolidation, issues of weight and
                  equipment use  and many other factors to be able to decrease the number
                    of loads and trucks  used, and miles driven.
                        Ryder will continue to be a strong advocate of SmartWay. Through
                          ongoing efforts, Ryder will  be a driving force in building a clean
                           energy infrastructure.

                                              U.S. EPA SmartWay | EPA-420-F-I4-048 | www.epa.gov/smartway