OMB No. 2060-0663
            Approval Expires 07/31/2017
2014/2015 SmartWay
    Affiliate Challenge
            Thank you for participating in the SmartWay 2014/2015 Affiliate Challenge. The
            Challenge provides EPA with the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the important
            contributions of SmartWay Affiliates. To participate, complete the activities listed below.
            These activities must be performed within the time frame of March 1, 2014 through
            March 1,2015.

            Completed checklist and supporting documentation such as sample materials,
            descriptions, pictures, etc. must be postmarked by March 13, 2015. Mail to:

                        SmartWay Transport Affiliate Challenge
                        Attn: Patrice Thornton
                        USEPA Office of Transportation  and Air Quality
                        2565  Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, Ml 48105

            Supporting materials may also be e-mailed to: thornton.patrice@epa.gov by March 13,
            2015. Place "Affiliate Challenge" in the subject line.


            E-mail address

            Affiliates that complete the following six activities within the Challenge time period will be
            publically recognized as SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Honorees
                      Place the SmartWay Affiliate logo on your marketing materials that reference

                      Disseminate SmartWay PSAs and or article internally, i.e., to your members and
                      stakeholders (website, internal newsletter)

                      Host at least one briefing, workshop orwebinarto educate and inform internal or
                      external stakeholders about a component of the SmartWay program

                      Co-Host with SmartWay HQ or Regions at least one SmartWay overview webinar
                      targeted to  your membership/stakeholders/business partners

                      Develop and distribute joint letter to membership/stakeholders/business partners
                      asking them to engage in  SmartWay

OMB No. 2060-0663
Approval Expires 07/31/2017
                                         2014/2015 SmartWay
                                            Affiliate Challenge
          Share SmartWay information on your social media sites
Choose one or more extra credit activities for special recognition:

      Place PSA in external commercial publication
      Write op-ed article about SmartWay and your organization's participation with the

      SmartWay program for an external publication

      Identify champion(s) at member organization for joint follow up

      Assist partners with tool completion

      Recruit a Partner or Affiliate into the program
Note:  Acknowledgement by EPA SmartWay does not imply endorsement of the Affiliate
or of Affiliate's products or services.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SmartWay Affiliate Challenge?
The challenge is an opportunity for EPA to publically acknowledge SmartWay Affiliates
who have initiated and executed exceptional recruiting, promotional and marketing
activities in support of our shared goals. These Affiliates serve as role models for other

How do I participate in the 2014/2015 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge?
Complete the activities listed on the 2014/2015 Affiliate Challenge application. These
activities must be performed and completed during the time frame of March 1, 2014
through March 1, 2015. The completed form and supplemental materials must be sent to
Patrice Thornton. (Package must be postmarked by March 13, 2015).

Package may be sent to:
Patrice Thornton
US EPA SmartWay Affiliate Challenge
2565 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, Ml  48105

OMB No. 2060-0663
Approval Expires 07/31/2017
                                            2014/2015 SmartWay
                                                Affiliate  Challenge
Package can also be e-mailed to thornton. patrice@epa.gov Receipt of package will
occur via e-mail.

What should I submit to EPA?
Complete the Affiliate Challenge application by checking off the marketing activities
achieved between March 1, 2014 and March 1, 2015. Supporting documentation such
as pictures, names of recruited partners, copies of articles, etc. must be included in the

Will there be opportunities for more than one organization to be recognized?
Yes, there may be multiple recipients.

When and how will nominees be notified of EPA's SmartWay Challenge decision?
EPA will contact all participants via e-mail regarding award decisions by March 31, 2015.

What will the recognition consist of?
      Awardees will be recognized on the SmartWay website in time for Earth Day,
      EPA will develop a press release template for Challenge participants to use in
       their own Earth Day activities.
      EPA will send a congratulatory letter to the organization's Board of Directors.
      EPA will publicize the Affiliate Challenge and the honorees in a special  Earth
       Day edition of the SmartWay E-update.
Burden Statement: The public reporting and recordkeeping burden for this collection of information is estimated to
average 2.90 hours to review, compile and submit the SmartWay Affiliate Challenge application. This is a one-time
submittal. Send comments on the Agency's need for this information, the accuracy of the provided burden estimates, and
any suggested methods for minimizing respondent burden, including through the use of automated collection techniques
to the Director, Collection Strategies Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2822T), 1200 Pennsylvania Ave.,
NW, Washington, D.C. 20460 and to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget,
Washington, DC 20503. Include the OMB control number in any correspondence. Do not send the completed [form or
survey] to this address.