Pathway Screening Tool
for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Program Version 1.0
To receive tailored information on whether and how to proceed with a new pathway petition, parties who are
considering a petition are strongly encouraged to use this Pathway Screening Tool. Doing so will generally result in a
quicker and more streamlined petition process.
	Users should start by saving a copy of this document to their local computer, as this will prevent the loss of
entered data. Drafts can then be shared with colleagues for input.
	When the document is complete, it can be sent to the EPA by clicking "Submit by Email" at the bottom.
	All of the required fields, outlined in red, must be completed or an error message will appear (mark blank
fields "N/A" as appropriate).
	The EPA will review the information provided and respond regarding any questions or next steps, such as
scheduling a follow-up call.
1.	Organization Information
la. Organization name:
lb. Location of headquarters:
lc. Locations of biofuel
production facilities (enter
up to three, if applicable):
2.	Primary Point of Contact
2 a. Name:
2b.	Title:
2 c.	Organization:
2d.	Phone:
2e.	Email Address:
United States
Environmental Protection
** Agency
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
September 2014

3. Pathway Summary
Enter the components of the proposed pathway in the following table. Previously evaluated components can be selected from the drop-
down menus. If the pathway includes any new components, select "Other" in the corresponding menu and follow the prompts.
Add Pathway

Fuel Type
Production Process
Requested RIN D-Code




4.	Description of New Pathway Elements
4a. New Fuel Types
4b. New Feedstocks
4c. New Production Processes
5.	Other Requested Information
5a. List significant co-products resulting from the fuel pathway(s) and their primary uses:

Primary Uses

5b. Has the California Air and Resources Board [CARB] designated a carbon intensity (CI) for your pathway pursuant to
the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program or have you applied for one?
(T Yes C No
i. If so, provide a brief explanation:
ii. Provide links to public documentation:

6. If you have any additional questions or comments related to the new fuel pathway please enter them here:
7.	Confirm agreement with the following statement:
"As [TITLE] of [ORGANIZATION], I am providing to EPA information about a potential new fuel pathway on behalf of
[ORGANIZATION NAME], I have reviewed the information provided above. To the best of my knowledge, the
information provided is accurate and complete. I hereby waive any claim that the above information is confidential
business information. I understand that EPA may make this information publicly available."
~ Confirm
8.	Submit Pathway Screening Tool
a.	The information you entered in this Pathway Screening Tool will be saved and emailed to the EPA.
b.	Click the submit button to send the Pathway Screening Tool to EPA.
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