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       Environmental Protection
An EPA Grant Program
What are Environmental Finance Centers?
What is Environmental Finance?
EPA   supports   a   network   of   eight
environmental   finance   centers   (EFCs)
located  across  the  country.    EFCs  are
university-based organizations that provide
innovative solutions to communities to help
manage   the   costs  of   environmental
protection  programs  and activities.    EPA
leverages funding provided through its grant
program, which combines with other non-
EPA funding sources to support the various
EFCs.  EFCs provide government officials and
small  businesses with  a number of services,
  Analyses on environmental financing alter-
  Technical assistance
  Education through  short courses for state
  and local officials  and graduate courses
  through traditional  university curricula
  Development  and  publication of  case
  studies  about innovative financing tech-
  Serving as clearinghouses for regional and
  state   information  on   environmental
  financing and program management
  Outreach  services  such  as  financial
  management  tools,  training  courses,
  lecture   series,   or    education   for
  communities  and  relevant  stakeholders
  about financing issues


  EPA's Center for Environmental Finance
  within the Office of the Chief Financial
  Officer manages the cooperative
  agreement with the EFCs.
Knowledge about how to fund environmental programs is often
limited. But financing mechanisms are essential to successfully
implementing  environmental programs  at  local,  state,  and
federal levels.  There is a  significant need to educate  public
officials, currently on the front lines of financing environmental
facilities and services, about options and tools available to help
them  meet  their  regulatory  requirements  and  individual
program goals.

        Locations of Environmental  Finance Centers
          Currently Serving 7 of EPA's 10 Regions
    Serving EPA Region 1
    University of Southern Maine
    Jack Kartez, Director
    tel: (207) 780-5389

    Serving EPA Region 2
    Syracuse Center of Excellence in
    Environmental and Energy
    Mark Lichenstein, Director
    tel: (315) 443-5678

    Serving EPA Region 3
    University of Maryland
    Joanne Throwe, Director
    tel: (301) 405-5036

    Serving EPA Region 4
    University of Louisville
    Lauren Heberle, PhD, Director
    tel: (502) 852-4749
Serving EPA Region 4
University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
Jeff Hughes, Director
tel: (919) 843-4956

Serving EPA Region 5
Cleveland State University
Kevin O'Brien, Director
tel: (216) 687-2188
Serving EPA Region 7
Wichita State University
Angela Buzard, Director
tel: (316) 978-3401

Serving EPA Region 9
Dominican University of California
Sarah Diefendorf, Director
tel: (415) 494-5422
                                                                        October 2014   EPA-190-F-14-001