Transport Partnership
             Affiliate Challene  Honorees!
                Seven top performing SmartWay Affiliates were recognized as 2015 SmartWay Challenge
                Honorees for exceptional promotion and education of the mission, goals and program
             requirements for the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

             SmartWay Affiliates represent non-prof it entities such as professional associations, nongovern-
             mental organizations, academic institutions and governmental agencies; truck and trailer dealer-
             ships and leasing companies; and truck stops.

             Affiliates commit to support EPA's goal for SmartWay: to achieve more sustainable freight supply
             chains. This goal is more important today than ever because freight transportation is the lifeblood
             of our economy. We depend upon it for the delivery of many products that contribute to every day
             quality of life. Our challenge is to reconcile these benefits of goods movement with the environ-
             mental and public health impacts.

             The SmartWay Affiliate Challenge provides EPA with the opportunity to publicly acknowledge and
             recognize affiliates that integrate policies and practices to improve environmental efficiency and
             reduce pollution in  the goods movement industry. Affiliates can utilize tips highlighted in the EPA
             guidance document entitled Create More Value for Your Members: Best Practices for SmartWay
             Affiliates to carry out this work.

             In order to participate in the SmartWay Affiliate Challenge,Affiliates document everything that
             they've accomplished to promote and support the goals of the Partnership overthe past year,
             including additional activities which merit special recognition. These "above and beyond"
             merit achievements include placing SmartWay public service announcements and articles in
             external publications and assisting partners in completing their data submissions.

             EPA was honored to recognize this year's seven top-performing organizations as the 2015 Affiliate
             Challenge Honorees at the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Aprilivth Capital Ideas
             and Exhibition Conference in Orlando, Florida.

             The first three Honorees mentioned merit special recognition as they completed additional
             activities that required  considerable thought and innovation or involved the commitment of
             substantial resources.
             U.S. EPA SmartWay |  EPA-420-F-15-018 |

Transport Partnership
                                          2O15 SmartWay Affiliate
                                                   Challenge Honorees
^American Trucking Associations (ATA).
Produced a short video, which resides on YouTube,with America's Road
Team congratulating EPA on SmartWay's 10th Anniversary.
Briefed/presented SmartWay program components to six state trucking
associations - a group that has been hard to engage.
Placement of articles and public service announcements in trade journals
that describe SmartWay program benefits as well as program enhance-
ments. Reached large numbers in the carrier industry.
Promoted SmartWay via their social media channels.
Hosted the 2015 SmartWay Excellence Award Ceremony for Carriers. Provided a spot during their opening plenary
session allowing SmartWay to reach over iooo attendees in the trucking industry.
*North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)-

   NCTCOG was Instrumental in developing and adopting a new Clean Fleet
   Policy for the Dallas Fort Worth region.  Eligible organizations with fleet
   operations must adopt this policy to compete for funding. NCTCOG incorpo-
   rated SmartWay designated vehicles and SmartWay verified technologies in
   the reducing petroleum consumption section.
   Launched a Freight Outreach Center that prominently features information
   about SmartWay designated tractors and trailers and SmartWay verified
   technologies, creating greater accessibility for Texas carriers.
   Hosted two SmartWay webinars which fostered greater understanding of
   environmental benefits.
                                                                  North Central Texas
                                                                Council of Governments
   Produced numerous promotional materials featuring the benefits of implementing fuel efficient strategies.
*Penske Truck Leasing.
   Sponsored a major conference and offered SmartWay exhibiting and
   presentation opportunities during large plenary sessions.
   Promoted SmartWay announcements, events and program changes
   via their social media channels reaching a large number of potential
   Conducted sales team training sessions on the environmental and
   fuel saving benefits of SmartWay Designated tractors, providing
   increased ability for effective dissemination of information to
   Penske customers.

                                                          Rental   Leasing |  Logistics
   Assisted partners with completion of the SmartWay tracking and assessment tool.
   Participated in significant co-branding efforts.
   Recruited four new companies as SmartWay partners.
   Established a SmartWay launcher in Penske's Shop Diagnostic Systems.
   Registered as an Affiliate with SmartWay Canada.
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Transport Partnership
                                           2O15 SmartWay Affiliate
                                                   Challenge Honorees
Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA).
                                                              COLORADO MOTOR CARRIERS ASSOCIATION
   Authored an op-ed article about the benefits of being a SmartWay partner
   which was successfully published in three newspapers: one of which is read
   by all of the legislators, Colorado Congressional delegation, lobbyists, and
   many key policymakers in the state.
   Presented to the Regional Air Quality Council regarding Colorado environ-
   mental programs for the industry, of which a key focus is SmartWay.
   Promoted the benefits of SmartWay to the energy sector via coordination
   with counterparts at the Regional Air Quality Council.
   Hosted ceremony in which CMCA members of SmartWay were recognized. Presented the CMCA Award.
   Prepared a workshop flyer for a CNG workshop supported by CMCA in which the SmartWay program was discussed.

Environmental Defense Fund (EOF)	
   Produced a Green Freight Handbook targeted toward businesses which
   provides practical steps for developing a sustainable freight transpor-
   tation strategy. The handbook recommends that businesses participate in
   the SmartWay program and has received tremendous visibility on blogs,
   You Tube and social media sites.
   Presented SmartWay to EOF business partners to promote understanding
   of how SmartWay helps reduce emissions and cut costs.

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).

   Hosted a SmartWay webinar regarding how strategies help improve
   energy and environmental efficiency of freight operations. The webinar
   recording was distributed to over 4000 members.
   Promoted SmartWay via their social media channels, including a blog
   describing SmartWay program benefits and encouraging members to
   register/enroll with SmartWay.
   Assisted in planning 2015 Affiliate Challenge Ceremony.
                                                              DEFENSE FUND'
                                                              Finding the ways that work
Wisconsin Clean Cities (WCC).
   Promoted significant co-branding on numerous educational materials that
   are disseminated at air quality conferences.
   Hosted a webinar to promote member understanding regarding how
   SmartWay helps to reduce emissions and save fuel.
   Produced flyers touting SmartWay program benefits and components.
   Disseminated SmartWay information on their website and at conferences,
   providing easily accessible program  information.
   Actively promoted SmartWay certified vehicles, which provides brand
   visibility to consumer/public.
   Encouraged two major corporations  via letter campaign to register/enroll
   with SmartWay.
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