Water Health and Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT)
            BOOST  YOUR  CASE
                     WITH  NUMBERS
                            THAT  COUNT
                                 Can you quantify the dollars and public health
                                 impact of a loss of service?
                                 EPA's free Water Health and Economic Analysis
                                 Tool (WHEAT) uses localized, zip code-specific
                                 information to provide you with hard numbers
                                 and quantifiable projections for your disaster
                                 planning scenarios. By enabling utilities to easily
                                 demonstrate the dotlars-and-cents consequences
                                 of a loss-of-service event, WHEAT helps you
                                 make a convincing case for funding infrastructure
                                 upgrades and preparedness activities.

                                 WHEAT  Your Friendly Disaster Planning Tool
                  Office of Water MC 140) EPA 817 F 15-017 April 2015