What Health Care Providers Should  Know About
      Particle Pollution and Cardiovascular Risk
             pollution can trigger
            heart attacks, stroke,
          irregular heart rhythms
         and cause other serious
        heart problems at any
       time of the year.

      An estimated 130,000
     premature deaths and
    180,000 non-fatal
    heart attacks occur in
    the U.S. each year due
    to particle pollution.t

     92% of cardiac patients are
    not informed of health risks
    related to air pollution.*
                                   your patients
                                  understand risks
                                   from air pollution
                                          and how to
                                          reduce them.

                                           Use the daily air
                                          quality forecast on
                                             AirNow.gov and
                                           on weather reports

                                               Read the "Heart
                                                 Disease, Stroke,
                                                   and Outdoor
                                                   Air Pollution"
                                                    handout at:


                                   Learn more at:  AirNow.gov and
United States
Environmental Protection
                    Contact: Dr. Wayne Cascio
               EPA Environmental Public Health Division
                 919-966-0617 cascio.wayne@epa.gov

  t Fann, Neal, et al. "Estimating the national public health burden associated with
     exposure to ambient PM2. 5 and ozone." Risk analysis 32.1 (2012): 81-95.
* Nowka, Matthew R., et al. "Patient awareness of the risks for heart disease posed by
       air pollution." Progress in cardiovascular diseases 53.5 (2011): 379-384.

                     EPA/601/F-15/003 September 2015