WASHINGTON, D.C. 20460
                          DEC  13 1996
                                                     OFFICE OF

                                                SOLID WASTE AND EMERGENCY


Headquarters Consultation  for  Dioxin Sites
Stephen D
Office of
,  Luftig,  Director /s/
 Emergency and Remedial Response
Director, Office of  Site  Remediation and Restoration
     EPA New England
Director, Emergency  and Remedial  Response Division
     Region II
Director, Hazardous  Waste Management Division
     Regions III, IX
Director, Waste Management Division
     Region IV
Director, Superfund  Division
     Regions V, VI, VII
Assistant Regional Administrator,  Office of Ecosystems
Protection and Remediation
     Region VIII
Director, Environmental Cleanup Office
     Region X
     The purpose of this memorandum  is  to  request that Regions
consult with Headquarters  on  sites  where remediation goals are
to be developed  for dioxin in soil.  This request is being made
as a result of the discussion on dioxin with Superfund
National Policy  Managers at the  Lead,  Dioxin and PCB meeting
in Chicago on November  22,  1996.  The Office of Emergency and
Remedial Response, the  Office of Site Remediation Enforcement
and the Office of Federal  Facilities Restoration and Reuse
Office have agreed that this  consultation policy for dioxin
sites is applicable to  all Fund  and potentially responsible
party(PRP) - lead sites, including  other Federal agency-lead
and State-lead sites,  for  which  a Record of Decision  (ROD) or
ROD Amendment is being  developed, or for Explanation of
Significant Differences (ESD)  in those  cases where cleanup
levels are altered by  an ESD.
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cc:  David Bennett,  OERR
     Dave Evans, OERR
     Betsy Shaw, OERR
     Paul Nadeau,  OERR
     Tom Sheckells,  OERR
     John Cunningham, OERR
     Murray Newton,  OERR
     Gershon Bergeisen,  OERR
     Elmer Akin, Region  4
     Dwain Winters,  OPPTS
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