Read the Label  First!       PROTECT YOUR GARDEN
      Sooner or later, an insect or disease could attack your houseplants, garden vegetables, lawn, shrubs,
     or flowers. If you use a pesticide or other garden product, you need to know that some garden products
                   can harm plants, people, or the environment if not used correctly.
    Follow These Tips When Selecting and Using A Garden Product
 Know Your Pest
 Pay Attention to Warnings
Follow directions about wearing gloves or protective
clothing. Understand when and how to apply the
product and when it is safe for people or pets to reenter
treated areas. Note how long to wait before picking fruits
and vegetables.

 Use the Product the Right Way
Product labels tell you how to safely use products for
best results. Use only the amount indicated on the label.
More is not better and can even harm plants and lawns. If
the label tells you to mix a product in another container,
use all  of the mixture. If you can't use all the mixture, label
the new container for use in the future.
 Prevent Harm to the Environment
Outdoor lawn and garden products that run
into ponds, creeks, or other water supplies can
contaminate drinking water and kill fish and birds.
Apply products according to label directions to prevent
harm to the environment. Never pour lawn and garden
products down a drain. If you can't use all of the mixture,
pass it  on, with the label instructions, to someone who
can. If disposal is your only option, contact your local
solid waste authority for safe disposal information.
Knowing the problem is the first step toward solving
it. Not all bugs are bad - some are harmless and others
help fight pests. Identifying the problem lets you find
the best way to prevent and manage pests.

 Find the Product that Solves the Problem
All products do not work on every pest. Labels tell
you what a product is meant to do and how it should
be applied.  Choose a product that is labeled for your
specific pest and consider EPA-registered biopesticides.
 Buy the Right Amount for Your Needs
The product label tells you  how much to use to treat
a problem. Buy only what you need. Some products
might not work as well if stored for long periods of time.
A larger size is not a good value if you can't use it.
 Know Where to Call for Help

 Many labels contain a phone number to call in an
 Have the phone number for your doctor and local
 poison control center by the phone.
 Have the product with you when you call.The
 label contains important information about the