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                       Do you ship consumer products?
        SmartWay delivers  the goods  with  great efficiency.
1. What is SmartWay?
SmartWay is an EPA voluntary partnership
that helps companies improve freight
transportation efficiency throughout their
supply chains - to move more ton-miles of
freight with lower emissions and less energy,
and at a lower cost. Over 3,000 shippers,
logistics companies, truck, rail, barge and
multimodal carriers (including many Fortune
500 companies) have registered with
SmartWay si nee 2 004.
2. Why is freight transportation efficiency
In the U.S., freight transport accounts for
16 percent of greenhouse gas emissions,
making it one of the largest carbon
footprint contributors. And by 2040, U.S.        -jj
freight transport emissions are on track to   J^,,,    V,
increase nearly 40 percent.
                                    REDUCE THIS...
                                                                5. What results have SmartWay
                                                                partners achieved?

                                                                Since 2004, SmartWay partners have
                                                                eliminated 72.8 million metrictons of C02,
                                                                1,458,000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 59,000
                                                                tons of particulate matter. They've saved
                                                                170.3 million barrels of oil and $24.9 billion
                                                                in fuel costs. This is equivalent to eliminating
                                                                annual energy use in over 6 million homes.
6. How do SmartWay consumer products partners
make a difference for customers and stakeholders?

SmartWay registration demonstrates a public commitment to
corporate social responsibility and sustainable business
practices. Registered SmartWay consumer products partners like
Canon, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark and HP show
customers, clients and investors that they are mitigating risk,
reducing their carbon footprint and taking responsibility for
emissions associated with moving goods.
        Supply Chain
3. How does SmartWay work?
                         SmartWay gives its partners
                         an integrated set of EPA-tested
                         tools to make informed
                         transportation choices. These
                         tools help companies
                         measure, benchmarkand
                         report carbon emissions, and
                         improve freight efficiency and
                         environmental performance
                         across theirsupply chain.
7. How do consumer products
companies benefit from
registering with SmartWay?
SmartWay partners are part of an alliance that
includes Canada and a global network of Green
Freight programs. Partners can network with
their peers to share best practices and success
stories, and participate in industry forums
and recognition ceremonies to showcase their
4. Why do consumer products companies register
with SmartWay?
Consumer products companies are increasingly concerned with
addressing their Scope 3 carbon emissions from transportation.
SmartWay gives these companies the high-quality data they
need for Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Global Reporting
Initiative (GRI) requirements. Participation in SmartWay also
gives partners a competitive edge and enhances their corporate
                                                   8. How can my consumer products
                                                   company register with SmartWay?
                                                   It's easy. Simply enter your freight activity data in a free,
                                                   downloadable tracking and assessment tool, and submit it
                                                   to EPA. Registration is renewed annually.

                                          learn more.

              When you join  Smart Way,
                you're  in good company.
                   Some of SmartWay's consumer products shipper partners.
                        Here's what our partners say about SmartWay:
"One of SmartWay's strong points isthatshippersand carriers have to
 becodependent-thatone has to rely on the other within the program.
 SmartWay tools are easy to use and get you the desired results."

 Mark Servido, Vice President, Logistics and Supply Chain
 Planning, Sharp Electronics Corporation

"Oursuccess in measuring, and then shaving, energy demand and
 resultant Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions associated with our brick-
 and-mortar operations has allowed us to apply the same productivity
 lens to reducing Scope 3 tailpipe emissions from vehicles that
 transportourfinished goodsand ouremployees. OurSmartWay
 Transport Partnership is the most well-established of our Scope 3
 emissions reduction initiatives and has stimulated parallel efforts
 around the globe."

 Deborah Patterson, Vice President of Environment, Health, and
 Safety, Stanley Black & Decker          stanteyBtKk&Decker
                      "At Kimberly-Clark, we see SmartWay as both good environmental
                       policy and good business. The transportation strategies that
                       SmartWay recommends are saving us fuel, lessening our carbon
                       footprint, and making a big difference in bringing usclosertoour
                       sustainability goals."

                       Stelios Chrysandreas, Transportation Manager,
                                                 Q Kimberly-Clark

                      "As a sales organization, we realize that shipment transportation is one
                       of the largest areas of opportunity where we can make a positive
                       impact on carbon emissions reduction. As a SmartWay Charter
                       Partner, we have seen our internal C02 reduction goals being further
                       supported by ourtransportation partners seeking similar
                       improvements. We are proud of our longstanding involvement in this
                       Atsuo Sudo, Vice President, Logistics,
                       Canon U.S.A.
                                   MENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY^
                      Any way you ship it, move it the SmartWay.
                                                         May 2016