Transport Partnership
          2O16  SmartWay
          Affiliate Challenge Honorees!
            The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to recognize seven top-
            performing SmartWay Affiliates as 2016 SmartWay Challenge Honorees for their
          commitment and efforts to advance supply chain sustainability and the SmartWay
          Transport Partnership.

          SmartWay Affiliates represent nonprofit organizations such as trade and professional
          associations, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, and governmental
          agencies; truck and trailer dealerships and leasing companies; and truck stops.

          The SmartWay Affiliate Challenge provides EPA with the opportunity to publicly
          recognize Affiliates' exceptional outreach and educational activities and implementation
          of policies and practices to reduce pollution and improve efficiency in the goods
          movement industry. The SmartWay Affiliate Challenge also reinforces the importance of
          the SmartWay brand to the industry.

          Working together through SmartWay, Affiliates participating in this year's SmartWay
          Affiliate Challenge have done outstanding work reaching out to inform and educate their
          communities, local businesses, truck drivers, and other stakeholders about steps they can
          take to reduce freight emissions and freight's other environmental impacts.This year's
          honorees were selected through a competitive process based on accomplishments in the
          areas of SmartWay outreach,enrollment, collaboration, and the promotion of efficient
          freight supply chain practices.

          EPA recognized the 2016 Affiliate Challenge Honorees on April 21,2016, at a virtual
          recognition ceremony.
       U.S. EPA SmartWay |  EPA-420-F-16-017 | April 2016  | www.epa.gov/smartway

        SmartWay®                  2O16 SmartWay Affiliate
Transport Partnership      Challenge  Honorees
American Trucking Associations (ATA)
Educated ATA's Technical Advisory Group and Technology and Maintenance
Council Study Groups about SmartWay. Briefed 37 state trucking associations
about SmartWay-a group that has been hard to engage. Also collaborated and
educated other trucking-related associations.
Promoted SmartWay and sustainable supply chains to a wide audience via social
media and articles in ATA's Transport Topics.
Hosted the 2015 SmartWay Excellence Award Ceremony for Carriers. Invited SmartWay to participate in the opening
plenary session with 1,000 trucking industry representatives in attendance.
Showcased new fuel efficiency products, as well as technologies and solutions for saving fuel and reducing emissions
Environmental Defense Fund (£DF)-
  Discussed and encouraged the use of SmartWay strategies in publications,
  including the Green Freight Handbook and the Clean Air Guide for Ports and
  Recruited two major organizations to join SmartWay. Also presented SmartWay to
  EOF business partners to promote understanding of how SmartWay helps reduce
  emissions and cut costs.
                                                                 DEFENSE FUND'
                                                                 Finding the ways that work
  Supported local and regional air quality initiatives, such as the Drayage Truck Bridge Loan Program in collaboration
  with the Houston-Galveston Area Council.
  Incorporated SmartWay and sustainable freight logistics into EDF's Climate Corps.
North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)_
  Launched the Saving Money and Reducing Truck Emissions (SMARTE) program,
  which is committed to providing small trucking fleets and owner operators with the
  technical advice, support, and funds necessary to operate long-haul freight more
  Connected with local community colleges, resulting in the use of the FleetSmart
  Driver Training program, an initiative by EPA SmartWay and Natural Resources
                                                                    North Central Texas
                                                                  Council of Governments
  Conducted outreach about SmartWay light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles through multiple channels. Created flyers
  promoting the benefits of SmartWay certified light-duty vehicles and presented to more than 200 car dealerships.
  Developed a network of regional vendors that carry SmartWay-verified technologies and provided a listing of these
  businesses to fleets.

                                              2O16 SmartWay Affiliate
Transport Partnership      Challenge  Honorees  Hi
U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY      V^lldlldlgC        lUl^t^   I l
Penske Truck Leasing
  Increased visibility of SmartWay to Penske consumers by adding a link to the
  SmartWay website from its consumer rental website, offering nearly 350,000
  page views annually. Also communicated to customers via the Transportation          ^^^^^^^^^^^J
  Insights newsletter,which reaches more than 1,000 fleets.
                                                                    Rental  Leasing  Logistics
  Conducted sales team training sessions on the environmental and fuel saving
  benefits of SmartWay designated tractors, providing increased ability for effective dissemination of information to
  Penske customers.
  Worked with Natural Resources Canada to introduce Canadian customers to the Canadian SmartWay program.
  Encouraged multiple fleets to join SmartWay and helped three new Carrier partners complete their data submissions.
Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)
  Produced a video series with SmartWay about the benefits that the freight
  transportation sector gains from improving supply chain efficiency.
  _,,             ,           .  ,              L  • c-   4-iAi  •               RETAIL INDUSTRY LEADERS ASSOCIATION
  Offered members a forum to share information about their SmartWay involvement      Educate Collaborate Advocate
  and the benefits that arise from adopting emerging technologies and operational
  best practices that drive supply chain sustainability.

  Incorporated SmartWay participation into RILA's Retail Sustainability Management Maturity Matrix, causing a
  number of member companies to utilize more sustainable shipping and transportation methods.
Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA)_
•  Featured SmartWay at the annual SGIA Expo.
•  Authored an article for Sign Media about the environmental benefits of SmartWay,
  which reached several hundred printing executives.
•  Conducted three webinars for members, each encouraging members to incorporate sustainability into their shipping
•  Recommended that SmartWay participation be added as a "Best Practice" to the Sustainable Green Printing
  Partnership Program.

Wisconsin Clean Cities	

•  Spread the SmartWay message in multiple ways. Developed co-branded promotional
  materials for distribution at air quality conferences and hosted a webinar to foster
  understanding regarding SmartWay and how it helps to reduce emissions and save fuel.
•  Promoted SmartWay certified vehicles, resulting in brand awareness for the consumer

•  Identified opportunities for fleets across the state to implement alternative fuels and
  SmartWay strategies through the Wisconsin SmartReet program.
•  Created awareness of the SmartWay program with numerous state, local, and nonprofit organizations. Promoted clean
  diesel practices with the American Lung Association in Wisconsin and worked with Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air.