Bed Bugs  in Schools
                            Guidance for Parents
          Bedbugs can hitchhike from different locations into homes and schools. Education and
     preparation are the formula for success in dealing with bedbugs. Here are things you can do as a
                   parent to keep bed bugs out of your child's school and your home.

   Prevent Bed Bugs from Coming Home              If You Have Bed Bugs at Home
  Limit the items your child brings home from
  Inspect items as they arrive from school.
  Keep school items like backpacks, books, and
  jackets in a single area of the home that is separate
  from the sleeping areas. If the school has reported
  problems with bed bugs, isolate them in a sealed
  plastic container.
 A school is not an ideal place for bed bugs,
  but it can serve as a hub for their travel to
     other locations, including homes.
         Keep Them Out of School

  Limit the items your child takes to school.
  Because backpacks and coats are the most
  common way for a bed bug to get a ride to school,
  put them in a dryer on high heat for 30 minutes
  Store freshly laundered clothing in sealed
  plastic bags or boxes until they are put on
  if you have problems with bed bugs in your
           If You Spot a Bed Bug
  Catch the suspected bed bug in a zip top bag or
  contain it under clear tape for identification.
  Many universities and pest management firms
  offer identification services.
  Arrange for an inspection by a pest management
  Contact your school nurse so they can investigate
  within the school.
 Bed bugs are not a sign of unhealthy living
conditions. We can unknowingly bring them
 home from infested areas in clothes, shoes,
        backpacks and other items.
Put clothing, backpacks, shoes, bedding, and
similar objects in a dryer at high temperature for
30 minutes.
Vacuum bed bugs from cracks and crevices in
furniture, equipment, walls, and floors.
Eliminate clutter to reduce hiding places.
Use a protective cover that encases mattresses and
box springs and eliminates bed bug hiding spots.
Install bed bug interceptors (devices placed under
the legs of furniture to catch bed bugs and keep
them from climbing the legs).
Talk with a professional pest control company
about non-chemical methods like heat treatment
of rooms, furniture and other large items.
If needed, use pesticides made specifically for bed
bugs carefully according the label directions or hire
a pest management professional.
         Identification is Key!